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Recent Issues:


282. June 2024. FWSA Reno Convention, Mahre Brothers Training, Bike ride, Columbia Gorge, Barlow Trail, Mt. Hood Volcano, Hwy Cleanup, We Want You, Indy and IKON passes, Trips.

281. May 2024-5. Three events in May. Cabin in the Sky, NWSCC Meeting with Dave Tragethon, Mt. HIgh Happy Hour.

280. April 2024. Indy Pass, IKON, Epic, Happy Hour, Rat Attack, PMR Search & Rescue, Laura Green Memorial Race, Season Ender Bender, Mahre Brothers Training Camp, Summer Fun Nationals, Timberline side-country tours, Low snow year, FWSA Convention.

279. March 2024.  Spring Passes, Indy Pass, Ski Fashion, Forest Service, Safety boundaries, AirFlare, Demo Day, Club ID, FWSA Convention,Sandra Kaufman, Volunteer of the Year.

278. February 2024. Safety, Mountain Safety Guide, AirFlare, Big Sky, Jackson Hole, Skiing in jeans, Corporate Duopoly Ruined Skiing, IKON, EPIC, Glade Trail, Ski & Ride for the Cure, Oregon Cancer Ski Out, Ski ALS.

277. January 2024. Ski together, Happy Hour, Chocolate Party, Pizza Party, Glade Trail Day, Ski & Ride for a Cure, Oregon Cancer Ski Out, Ski ALS, Ideas ofor the Season, Mc Call trip, Washington Ski Safari, Bachelor Blast, Deals for Seniors, Vintage Skiing.


276. December 2023. Christmas Ships, Forums, Facebook, Communications, McCall trip, Washington ski safari, Indy Pass, Bachelor Blast, PACRAT Racing, Jackson Hole.

275. November 2023. Heritage Night, Happy HOur, PACRAT 101, Tyler Howell, Scholarship, Ski Swap at Lloyd Center, Lee Rinderknecht,  PNSAA Platinum Ski Pass, Indy Pass, McCall trip, Brundage, Tamarack, Washington ski safari, Bluewood, 49º North, Mission Ridge, zippers, Johann's Upholstery, Skiijng in NAzi Austria, Otto LAng - How Skiing came to the US.

274. October 2023.  Ski area news, Kickoff party, Happy Hour, Trivia Night, Heritage Night, Warren Miller "Alltime", Snowvana, Indy Pass, Fusion Pass, McCall, Brundage, Tamarack, Washington Ski Safari, Bluewood, 49º North, Mission Ridge, Bachelor Blast, Reload, Refresh, Zippers at Johann's Upholstery,

273. September 2023. Bike rides, Fire Lookouts, Race Night, Snowvana, Heritage Night, Season Passes, Indy Pass, Brundage, Tamarack, Bluewood, 49 Degrees North, Mission Ridge, Bachelor Blast, FWSA trips, PNSAA PNW Platinum Powder Pass, Industry News.

271-272. July-Aug. 2023.  All year photos, FWSA Convention, Bike rides, Hwy. cleanup, New 6-pack at Meadows, Indy Pass, Crystal Mt.

270. June 2023. Bike rides, Portugal tours, Backpacking in Jefferson Wilderness, Schweitzer Mtn.

269. May 2023. Five bike rides, Happy Hour, House party & BBQ, Idaho ski safari, Indy Pass.

268. April 2023. - Shortest so far. Spring skiing, Canyons, Rat Attack, Laura Green Ski Patrol race Bowling, BBQ with Raj & Tanika, Bachelor Blast.

266-267. Feb.-March 2023.  COVID, Buses. Chocolate Party, Spring skiing, Glade Trail Day, Franz Klammer Chasing the Line, Bachelor Blast, PACRAT Racing.

265. January 2023.  First aid to unconscious person, Happy Hour, Chocolate Party, Glade Trail Day, Bachelor Blast, PACRAT Racing.


264. December 2022.  Club Forums, Christmas Ships, Ski Boots Walking mode, Lighter Gear, AT Gear, PACRAT Racing, Shasta & Ashland trip, FWSA trips

263. November 2022.  Warren Miller, Heritage Night, Pray for Snow, Happy Hour, Snowvana, Ski area news.

262. October 2022. Kickoff party, bike rides, Happy hour, Ballot, Pray for Snow, PACRAT, Ski area news, Fusion, Mountain High ski area, Snowvana.

261. September 2022. Vail Resorts causes grief, Bike rides, Ski trips, Season Passes, Website, Membership renewal, Mountain High ski area. Indy Pass.

260. August 2022. Summer activities. Canada Red White and Blue trip, Idaho Brundage Tamrack trip, Multi-area season passes.

258-259. June-July 2022. Social, Early trip signups, History bike ride, Barlow Road. Picnic, Elections.

257. May 2022. - So Edgy, King Winter Linda McGavin, History Happy Hour, Season Ender Bender, Madras Scenic Bikeway, FWSA Convention.

256. April 2020. Winter is back. So Edgy team. Glade Trail. Whitefish, Blacktail, Bachelor Blast. 2-way radios, FWSA Convention.

255. March 2022 - Spring passes, Glade Trail Day, Mission Mt. Mangart movie, Whitefish, Blacktail, Cancer, ALS, Cure, FWSA Convention, Snow-related terms, New high-speed chairlifts,

254. Feb. 2022 - Chocolate party, how to connect, West Leg Rd., Glade Trail, Defeat ALS, Ski & Ride for the Cure, Oregon Cancer Ski Out, Bachelor Blast, Farewell to Jon Tullis.

253. Jan. 2022 - Skiing together, How to connect, Alpine Trail, Chocolate party, Weekend parking, Trips, etc.


252. Dec. 2021 - Forum, Knees, Snowvana, History Happy Hour, NWSCC, Weekend, Midweek, Ski areas closing, Rising cost, Bachelor Fast Tracks, Schweitzer, Whitefish, Scholarship, In Pursuit of Soul,

251. Nov. 2021 - Faction skis Roots, Snow depth on Mt. Hood, Schweitzer trip, In Pursuit of Soul, Indy ski areas, Mt. Bachelor Fast Tracks, Snowvana, Pizza Party, Heritage Night auvtion at the Mt. Hood Museum, Pray for Snow.

250. October 2021. Kayaking, McMenamin's Edgefield, Snowvana, Squaw, Palisades, Manning PArk, Frnaklin Drake, Schweitzer Mt. trip, Season Passes comparison.

248-249. Aug.-Sept. 2021. McMenamins, Whitefish, Adopt Barlow Road, First Wagon Train, Convention, Snowvana, Canada open,

247. July 2021. - Burnt Bridge greenway, BBQ, Salmon River West Hike, McMenamins Edgefield, Meadows 6-pack, Steiner cabins, Snowvana, Whitefish trip, Season passes comparison

245-246. May-June 2021. Hiking, biking, social, TGIF, kayaking, Japan, Whitefish, ski trips, tree well safety, season passes.

244. April 2021 - Zoom meeting, FWSA trips, FWSA Awards. Race results, Safety signs, Mt. Hood canyons, News

243. March 2021 - Mission Ridge trip, Virtual Glade Trail, Spring skiing, Deals, Wedding proposal, Planning.

241-242. Jan.-Feb. 2021 - Bucket List, Meadows, Timberline, Chair falls from lift, Glade Trail, Mission Ridge, PACRAT, Lee Perry.


240. Dec. 2020 - Face mask winter, mask guidelines, Christmas ships, Ugly sweater contest, Mission Ridge trip.

238-239. Oct.-Nov. 2020. Ski areas' plans to deal with COVID.  Season Passes. Easy COVID test.

236-237. Aug.-Sept. 2020. COVID-19, How to cope, Summer bike rides, Winter trips, Season Passes compared.

234-235. June-July 2020 - Skiing Mt. Everest, COVID-19 Tracing App, Season Passes Comparison Chart.

232-233. April-May 2020 - COVID-19 virus, How we cope, Recent trips, Glade Trail Day, PACRAT info, Club info.

231. Mar. 2020 - Spring Passes, Canada Powder Hwy. trip, Silver Star, Whitefish, Glade Trail, Chocolate, Website, Timberline, Pucci, Shuttle bus, Turner Mountain, Bachelor Blast, FWSA Convention

230. Feb. 2020 - Knee treatments booklet, Forums, Pizza, Chocolate, Eastern Washington, Charitable, Find vs Search, Navigating website,Racing, Town Challenge Series, Bachelor trip, Shred Hood.

229. Jan. 2020 - What do you think about the club?, Rhododendron, Pizza, Chocolate, Stem Cell treatment, Bachelor.


228. Dec. 2019 - SkiFever Show, Snowvana, Kickoff party, NWSCC 40th Anniversary, STOLT BootSki, Schweitzer, Big Sky, Baldy.

227. Nov. 2019 - Communications, Volunteers, Ski Fever Show, Kickoff party, NWSCC 40th Anniversary, Prayer flags, John Denver skiing, George Jedenoff 102.

226. Oct. 2019 - Membership, Hillcrest location, Picnic photos, Seafood, Pacrat 101, Kickoff Party, SkiFever, Host a student, Season Passes compared

225. Sept. 2019 - Mt. Hood cleanup, Happy Hour, Kayaking, Tom Dick hike, Picnic, Seafood, WM Timeless, Season Passes Comparison Chart

224. Aug. 2019 - Burnt Lek, Kayak, The Dalles, Mosier, Salmon Butte, TGIM,Delta, OMC, Mountain Shop, Silver Star

223. July 2019 - Trip signups, Hikes, Bike rides, Burnt Lake, The Dalles, Mountain Shop, FWSA Convention.

222. June 2019 - Winter recap, Blog, Video, Summers, Hikes, Bike rides, Ski trips, Laura Green, Early signups, Survey.

221. May 2019 - Early trip signups, Elections, Ride the Willapa,Hokkaido Japan, Knee replacement, 2020 trips.

220. April 2019 - President elections, Shasta, Ashland, Bachelor Blast, Local wildlife, trips survey, early signups

219. Mar. 2019 - Spring, Trips summary, Parties, Glade Trail, Kenny Brundidge, Tree wells, Waxing, Canada Road trip, Bachelor Blast, Danube River Cruise, Mt. High Race Cup.

218. Feb. 2019 - Mt. Shasta / Ashland snow, Chocolate & wine, Worst Day, Glade Trail, Find vs Search, Knees, Challenge, East Europe, Danube cruise

217. Jan. 2019 - Join us, Find us, Forums, DPS Phantom, Flying buses, Ski Challenge, 2-way radios, Charitable events, NASTAR,


215-216. Nov-Dec. 2018 - First day at Meadows, Knee Bindings, History Happy Hour, Christmas Ships, Signup & Pay by Credit card

214. Oct. 2018 - Idaho bike trip, Picnic, Seafood, Snowvana, SkiFever, Kickoff, Membership, Pray for snow, Trips, Race schedule

213. Sept.2018 - Barlow Road, Picnic, Warren Miller, Seafood, Snowvana, SkiFever, Kickoff, Welcoming Party, Season Passes, Vail

212. Aug. 2018 - Barlow Road Cleanup Day, Picnic, Warren Miller movie, Timberline Buys Summit, Ski Passes, Trips, Africa Safari

211. July 2018 Season pass, IKON, EPIC, Vail, Alterra, Fusion, Powder Alliance, Food Cart Pod, Barlow Road, Summer Fun Nationals

210. June 2018 - Salem Minto-Brown park, Barlow Rd, Idaho CDA Trail, Big White, Silver Star, Bogus Basin, A-Lakes, Mt. Shasta, Knee

209. May 2018 - Trips Cancellation policy, Elections, Total Knee Replacement, Ski & Ride Challenge, Season Pass comparison

208. April 2018 - Connect with others, Spring skiing, Rat Attack, History Hapy Hour, Highway cleanup, Bruno, Meadows Pass,

205-207. Jan.-March 2018 - Ski together, Timberline Adventures, Bachelor Blast, Knee Treatments less expensive, Town Challenge,



204. Dec. 2017 - Cookbook, Man & Woman, Ski together, Winter Fair, Timberline Shuttle, Knee Treatments, Christmas Ships, Films

203. Nov. 2017 - Cookbook, Season Passes, SkiFever Show, Brunch Cruise, Welcoming party, PACRAT, Winter Fair, Cassell Lefevre

202. Oct. 2017 - Mt. High Racing Cup, Season Passes compared, Timothy Lake bike, Warren Miller,Snowvana, SkiFever, Membership

201. Sept. 2017 - Timothy, Tillium, Flying buses, Seafood, Kickoff, Welcoming parties, Mt. Hood Railroad, Snowvana, SkiFever, Trips

200: Aug. 2017 - Membership fee, Timberline to Zig Zag, Skiing History, Highway Cleanup, Eclipse, Bike rides, Trips, Ashley Lodmell

189-199. June-July. Boise Convention, Cartopia, Summer Fun Nationals,Timberline to Zig Zag, Shasta, Ashland, Okanagan, Brundage

197. May 2017 - Safety boundaries on Mt. Hood, Quarterly Social & Elections, Solar eclipse, Storing skis, FWSA trip Les Trois Valles

196. April 2017 - Leavenworth trip, Mt. Hood tivia, Social & Elections, Rat Attack, Nastar, Photos, Man & Woman of the Year, Bruno.

195. March 2017 - Timberline adventures, Powder Alliance trip, Spring Passes, Mt. Hood Trivia, Solar Eclipse, FWSA Convention

194. Feb. 2017 - Timberline adventures, Mystery trip, Walt Stanton, Chicago ski club, Glade Trail Day 2.0, Radios, NASTAR, Masters

193. Jan. 2017 - Evolution, Mid-week, weekend, Heli, Hidden gems Eastern Oregon, Master Mania races, Ski Challenge, Glade Trail Day.



192. Dec. 2016 - Prayer flags, Forums (Google Groups), Weekend, Mid-week, Hosting, Race dates, Oregon's small gems, Largest resort

191. Nov. 2016 - Seafood, Columbia The Dalles, Pacrat 101, SkiFever, Hosting Sanctuary club, Small gems, Hwy 26, Trips, Passports

190. Oct. 2016 - Seafood party, Columbia Gorge bike ride, Pacrat 101, Warren Miller, History of skiing, Snowvana, SkiFever, Kickoff

189. Sept. 2016 - Bike rides, Picnic, Hillcrest, Seafood party, Snowvana, SkiFever Show, Warren Miller, Season Passes, Eclipse, Trips

188. Aug. 2016 - No Ski Fair, First wagon, Mt. Hood History bike ride, Rafting, Picnic, Fusion Pass cost & benefits, Winter trips

187: July 2016 - Idaho bike, Debbi Kor wins Hans Georg award, Linda McGavin wins Bill Berry award, Ashley Lodmell, 2017 ski trips

185-185. May-June 2016. Timberline adventures, Club, Council, and PACRAT elections, Summer. Bike rides, Idaho bike trip. Winter trips

184. April 2016 - Timberline adventures, Crystal Mt., Elections, Idaho bike trip, Safety tips, GPS, Rat Attack, FWSA Convention

183. March 2016 - Mt. High Mt. Hood day trips, When to wax, Montana trip photos, Chocolate party photos, Race results, Crystal Mt.

182. Feb. 2016 - Canada trip impressions, Stein Ericksen, Bill Johnson, History Happy Hour, Mt. High Ski Days, Speed Racers Corner

181. Jan. 2016 - Mt. High ski days, Timberline, Chocolate Party, Alan Bean new Racing director, Forum mistakes, Cherry Peak, ...



180. Dec. 2015 - Strong El Nino, Club Forum, Facebook page, Day trip to Mt. Hood, Mt. Hood Express, Canada, Montana, Crystal Mt.

178-179. Oct.-Nov. 2015 - Mt. Hood Museum display case, Season passes, El Niño vs. storms, Henry Bendinelli, Ski Kats, Ski Fair

177. Sept. 2015 - Dale Croockatt, Shred Hood, 40th Anniv. picnic, Trillium & Timothy Lake bike rides, Season passes, Forecast, Ski areas

175-176. July-Aug. 2015 - Naked bike ride, Ski Patrol dogs, Big Mt. Jesus, Picnic, Rafting, Canada, Montana, Crystal Mt. trips

173-174. May-June 2015 - Big & uncrowded, Cookbook, Hikes, Bike rides, Quarterly Social, Elections, Joe Pollock, Convention, Trips.

171-172. March-April 2015 - Chocolate, Pizza, Whitefish, Cancer, ALS, King Winter, Marsha, Cookbook, Powder Alliance, Montana trip. 

170. Feb. 2015 - Warm weather, Greenhouse, White Pass, Beginners, Spring, PACRAT, Awards, Challenge, Clinometer, Glade trail.

169. Jan. 2015 - 14th Anniversary, Ski Challenge winner, FWSA Recognition Awards, Chocolate and Photo parties, Mt.Hood Express



168. Dec. 2014 - Ski Fair, Christmas Ships, Mt.Hood Passport, Ashley Lodmell scholarship, White Pass, Treasure hunt, Pole Clinometer

167. Nov. 2014 - Ski buddies/mentors, Whitefish & Fernie details, NWSCC Utah trip, Season Passes, Go Pro Accident, GOPro, helmet, Articles,

166. Oct. 2014 - Salmon Headwaters, Seafood party photos, Season Passes compared, Ski watches, FWSA/NWSCC, John Andrew

164-165 Aug.-Sept. 2014 - Bike rides, Picnic, Rafting photos, Awards, Web site Tips, Trips, Whitefish, Crystal, John Andrew, Sno-park

162-163 June-July 2014 - Debbi Kor. FWSA Convention Bend OR, Hwy. cleanup, Champoeg, Row River, History, Elections, Whitefish

160-161 April-May 2014 - Bachelor, Leavenworth, Dave Myers, Stevie Viaene, Nancy Pratt, Fred Noble, Ski areas, FWSA Convention

158-159  Feb.-March 2014.- North Idaho trip, Pizza, Chocolate party, North America - Alabama, Pajama party, Ski the Glade Trail,

157. Jan. 2014 - Mt. Hood Express bus, Chocolate party, Racing, Infinite variety of skiing North America, Monarch parking, Coffee,



156. Dec. 2013 Ski Fair, Kickoff, Wine Tour, Christmas Ships, Brock Hannibal, Cascade Lodge, Inclinometer Ski Challenge, Bachelor

155. Nov. 2013 - WM Ticket to Ride, Ski Fair, Kickoff Party, Wine Tour, Mt.Hood videos, Skiing America, Inclinometer, Trips.

154. Oct. 2013 - Sno-park permit, Mt. Hood History videos, Skiing America, John & Jewel Andrew, New racers, Mountain Express bus

153. Sept. 2013. - ODOT & Forest Service improvements, Global warming, Season Passes comparison, trips, seafood, kickoff party.

152. August 2013 - Barlow trail, History bike ride, ODOT & Forest Service road and trail improvements, Powder Alliance, Ski trips.

151. July 2013 - Frosted Flakes girls, Ramona Falls, Highway cleanup, Safety Person Gordon Lusk, Barlow Trail, biking, hiking, Awards.

149-150: May-June 2013 - Trips: Utah, White Pass, Timberline side-country, Canada (Red Mt, Whitewater), Ski Chalet, Boots & More

147-148. Mar-Apr. 2013 - MWOY: Bruce Kuper, Chris Brooks, Something new trips, Pond skimming, Thanks for Snow, Bylaws, Elections

146. Feb. 2013 - Feb. and March ski days, Day trips, Where have all the skiers gone, Feedback, Glade trail, How to get the most

145. Jan. 2013 - New day trips, Hoodoo, White Pass, NASTAR, Training, Why I Love to Ski, What can kill you, Don't be like me.



144. Dec. 2012 - Kickoff party, Jordan Schweitzer, Christmas Ships, Idaho, Utah, Hoodoo trips, PACRAT, NASTAR, Sno-Park

143. Nov. 2012 - Hwy. cleanp, Warren Miller movie, Ski Fair, Ski Show, Ski trip prices compared, Make the most of your membership.

142. Oct. 2012 - Membership, Rich Rizk, Don McPherson, Geroge Carlin, Lift tickets,Trip signups, Day trips, Hoodoo, White Pass

141. Sept.2012 - Biking, Picnic, Barlow Road Ride, Rafting, Show Me Something New trips, Winter trips, PACRAT, Lift pass prices.

139-140. July-Aug. 2012 - FWSA Convention, Spelunking, Picnic, Rafting, New winter trips announced,

138. June 2012 - New Board, Backcountry adventures: St. Helens, Newton, Zig Zag canyons, Whistler trip, Sarah Burke, Facebook.

135-137. March-May 2012 - Review of most club trips: Utah, Powder Mt. Sundance, Soldier Mt., Mystery trip, Mt. Shasta, Ashland.

134. Feb. 2012 - Sherwood Juice Co, PACRAT racing, Choc.party photos, A-Lakes photos, Trips, cartoons.

132. Jan. 2012 - Canada Ski Safari wrap-up, Colin Gadler, Infra-Rats team, Charities kickoff events, Glade Trail, Masters Mania races.



132. Dec. 2011 - Ski Fair, About our club, Forum, Waxing and Tuneups, Winter trips, A-Lakes, Utah, Whistler, Rab NeoShell vs Goretex

130-131 Oct-Nov. 2011 - Hwy. cleanup, Seafood party, Season passes, Bachelor 4-Pack, How to renew, Trips.

129. Sept. 2011: Photos from Rafting, Picnic, Idaho bike trip, Upcoming events Sept, Oct. Nov., PACRAT 101, Season passes.

128: August 2011: Mt.Hood Historic Trails bike ride, Rafting, Picnic, Idaho bike ride, Seafood party, Winter trips, Good karma. News.

126-127: June-July 2011 - Mt. High, NWSCC, PACRAT and FWSA leaders' photos, Members' adventures. History & Idaho bike rides.

124-125. April-May 2011: Meadows Day, Glade Trail, Crystal Mt, Elections, Whistler Summer Fun, Fred Noble ALS, Whale hits sail boat

123. March 2011 - Tree wells, pirates, La Niña, Mt. High Fun Day at Meadows, Gyroplanes, Man & Woman of the Year.

122. Feb. 2011 - Leavenworth, Scott & Mer'a wedding, Les Davenport, Mt. Hood Historcl trails.Blossom. Mike Cullen, Corky Kosko.

121. Jan. 2011. - Ski films, Wine tour, Canada Ski Safari, NASTAR race, Skiing together, PACRAT Bylaws change,



119-120. Nov-Dec. 2010 - Kickoff party, PACRAT Phoenix Microgate timing, NASTAR, Waxing, Member benefits, Trips.

118. Oct. 2010 - Seafood party, Cycle Oregon, Bachelor & Schweitzer club discounts, PACRAT racing, Trips

117. Sept. 2010 - Timberline bike ride into History, Rafting photos, Ski movies, Next season's winter trips.

115-116. July-Aug. 2010 - Highway cleanup, Wyeast adventure, Goodbye to Charlie, Club Reunion Picnic, Rafting, FWSA Awards.

114. June 2010 -Opal Creek hike, New videos, Club growth, PACRAT Racing Future, Lift Lines size.

113. May 2010 - Aaron Anderson's story, George Yun in Little Zig-Zag, Hike, Social, Hwy.cleanup

112. April 2010 - Hope on the Slopes photos, Whitefish, Fernie, Ski Mt. St. Helens on Mother's Day, Hiking, Golf, Man& Woman,

111. March 2010: Learning from trips, Glade trail memories, Helmets, Membership, Man & Woman

110. Feb. 2010: Protective gear, AT boots, Mystery trip, Official vs. personal views, Glade Trail day

109. Jan. 2010: Radios. AT bindings, Ski area news, Fee skiing deals, PACRAT videos, parties.



108. Dec. 2009: Canada Safari, Whitewater, Ski with your head, Ski area news,

107. Nov. 2009: Trips, Racing, Cancer fundraisers, NWSCC new logo, Bachelor Club card.

106. Oct. 2009 - Membership, NWSCC 30th, Golf, Seafood, Warren Miller, Trips, Season Pass

105. Sept. 2009 - Winter planning. Trips. Racing, Seafood party, NWSCC 30th Anniv.

104. August 2009 - Picnic, Rafting, Yakima Wine Tour, Ski Pole Rescue Hike.

103. July 2009 - More backcountry (Wy'East, Mt. Adams), Trips survey, Ski review.

102. June 2009 - The Backcountry issue! Dale Crockatt's accident.

101. May 2009 - Pond-skimming, Dancing, Golf, Rat Attack, David's Knee injury, New terrain

100. April 2009 - Crystal Mt., Tahoe trip, Hope on the Slopes, Tuning clinic, Elections.

99. March 2009 - Schweitzer trip, Chocolate Party, Ski to the store, Man & Woman of the Year

98. Feb. 2009 - Whistler Cabin, Bowl for Terry, Lift ticket prices, Membership

97. Jan. 2009 - Canada Ski Safari, Vancouver, Reasons for Tahoe, Cancellation Policy



96. Dec. 2008 - Memb.Party, Ski Fair & Wine tour photos, Bowl for Terry

95. Nov. 2008 - Membership, Cancer, Reasons for Schweitzer, Lift Prices, NW Ski Challenge,

94. Oct. 2008 - Free skiing, Reasons for Canada, PACRAT update, Trips, Weddings, Calendar

93. Sept. 2008 - Picnic, Rafting, Seafood Spectacular, Children of Winter, Trips, Membership

92. August 2008 - Trips (Schweitzer, Crystal, Heavenly), Picnic, Rafting, Alta altimeter watch,

91. July 2008 - New Board, new leaders, Neck Injuries and helmets, Picnic, Rafting, new videos.

90. June 2008 - Ski & Volleyball on top of Mt. Hood, FWSA Convention, Ski with a Ranger

89. May 2008 - Hike, Golf, Raft, PACRAT results, Timberline Secret, Fright Woods, Safety Hex

88. April 2008 - Mystery trip photos, Heavenly trip photos, Fun & Safety, Candlelighters, Golf, etc.

87. March 2008 - FWSA Ski Week photos, Sunny South trip photos, Playing with Cones,

86. February 2008 - New members, Man of the year, Safety in powder, PACRAT charts, videos

85. January 2008 - Timberline new lift, Fusion 8, Free skiing, Google Groups, PACRAT racing.


84. December 2007 - Debbi in New York, Ski shirts, Turkey slalom, Weather, Mid-week skiers.

83. November 2007 - Ski Fair & Membership party photos, Racing, Tree skiing, Car deals.

82. October 2007 - River cruise photos, About out club, Warren Miller, Trips, Pacrat, Flyers.

81. September 2007 - Sternwheeler, Perfect ski watch, Join a race team, Yellow chairs on sale.

80. August 2007 - Picnic, Golf, Timberline & Meadows news, Mt. High Calendar, Season Passes.

78/79. June/July 2007 - FWSA Convention photos, Skate, Hike, Golf, Raft, Winter trips, Carving

77. May 2007 - Past season photos, Next season preview, Fuel efficient cars, Avalanche Dangers

76. April 2007 - New Timberline trails, Leavenworth trip, Rat Attack, Posting photos, Plastic bags.

75. March 2007 - Photos of Choc.Party, Pizza Party, Ski the Glade, Utah trip, Lower Safety Bar.

74. February 2007 - Chocolate party, Pizza party, Why Wax, Safety at Meadows, Turning Skills.

73. January 2007 - Washington Challenge, Rope tows, PACRAT races, Bend/Bachelor weekend


72. December 2006 - Canada Safari photos, Ski Washington Challenge, Christmas Ships Parade

71. November 2006 - Ski area opening dates, Hwy 35 closed, Sonnet for 2007 (weather)

70. October 2006 - Halloween party, Ski Fair, Pray for Snow, Birth, Death, Wedding,

69. September 2006 - Bike & Picnic photos, Warren Miller, Canada Ski Safari, Season passes, ...

68. August 2006 - Rafting, Summer Skiing, Picnic, Ski Patrol, Golf, FWSA,Winter Trips, New lifts!

67. July 2006 - Ski OR, Ski WA Challenge, Hawk Mt.hike, Winter Trips, Photos of past season.

66. June 2006 - Pizza Party, Elections, Survey, Gillette Lake hike, Web site growth, Ski Oregon.

65. May 2006 - Spring Skiing, Heli-skiing, Departed Champions, Mt. Hood climbing lies, etc.

64. April 2006 - Val d'Isere trip, Race & Ace, Golden Rose, Man & Woman of the Year, etc.

63. March 2006 - Pizza Party, Spring Fling, Idaho trip photos, Choc.Party photos, Meadows closing

62. Feb. 2006 - Man/Woman of the Year, Chocolate Party, Red Mt., Warner Canyon, SnoPark

61. January 2006 - Canada safari photos, Ski Oregon Challenge, Buying skis, PACRAT teams.



60. December 2005 - Anniversary, Contributors, Race Clinic, Mission Ridge, Schweitzer

59. November 2005 - Membership Party, Member Benefits, Armonica, Safaris, Ski Oregon

58. October 2005 - Freeskiing, hiking, Dinner + movie, Cancer Ski-Out, Ski Fair, Membership

57. Sept. 2005 - More Trips, 4Buy4 pass, Warren Miller, PACRAT photos, Whisker gates ...

55/56. July/Aug. 05 - FWSA Convention, Raft, Hike, Picnic, TRIPS, Vision (Turning), Jaxine

54. June 2005 - Election results, Find a Portland ski club, PACRAT dates, Debbi & Randy
53. May 2005 - Skiers Live a Long Time, Summer activities, Winter trips, Golden Rose.
52. April 2005 - Janet at Tamarack, the club at Bachelor, Bob & Gail in California, Patty,...
51. March 2005 - Ski safari (Kicking Horse, Panorama, Kimberley); Mt.Bachelor, Big Mt.

50. February 2005 - Club statistics, Bionic bindings, Anniversaries 100-50-30, Mt.Bailey

49. January 2005 - Tamarack area, Deb Armstrong, Photos, Free skiing, Special Olympics


48. December 2004  - Buying a Subaru, Snowsport Advocates, Mt.Ashland, Ski Heritage.
47. November 2004  - Canada ski safari, Membership, Day trips, Remember 1984 (Nick)

46. October 2004  - Skier types, Beer, Pray for Snow, Hike, Remembering 1984 (Emilio)

45. September 2004  - Meet the President, Meadows 4Buy4, Warren Miller movie, Shirts.

44. August,2004 - Seafood Social, Rafting trip, Mt. Hood Heritage Day, PACRAT racing.

43. July,2004 - Golden Rose race, Far West Ski Assoc. Convention, Bike ride, Golf.

42. June, 2004 - Mt. High logo selection, Summer activities, Dinner cruise, Future trips.

41. May, 2004 - Club Election results, PACRAT Awards, Origin of "Oregon" name.

40. April, 2004 - Spring Fling 2004, Willamette Pass & Hoodoo trip photos, Safety tips.

39. March, 2004 - Chocolate party, PACRAT racing photos, Racing tips, Helmets.

38. February, 2004 - Tahoe, Alpine Meadows, Homewood, Winter Games, Ski clothing.

37. January, 2004 - Pizza party, Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, Cancer Ski-out, Ski the Glade Day



36. December, 2003 - Our first Canada ski safari, PACRAT teams, New Club Name,  Christmas ships parade, Blame it on Warren Miller, and more ...

33. September 2003 - Trail Skates, Waterfront Classic, Marrakesh dinner, Alpine Meadows trip.



 7. June/July, 2001 - Wolf sighting near Timberline Lodge, Club Board meeting photo, Night Golf.



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