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The articles below have appeared in previous newsletters or on our web site, and have been archived here due to their popularity and/or usefulness, for future reference.

This should be called our "RESOURCES" page.



Far West Skiers' Guide - Summer supplement.

Click on the image here to see this ver colorful magazine. Learn all about e upcoming Far West Convention in Reno.

Also read about summer fun at ski resorts.

Learn about our Scuba diving trips.

Click on each 2-page spread to thumb through the rest of the pages. 



1. First Aid for unconscious person - Advice from medical experts.

2. Vision for 21st Century (PDF: 186K) Word, 775 KB Letter to ski areas. Promoting Turning skills.

3. Six Slices of Safety Hexagon - or - Safety Hexagon condensed version - The 6 facets of safety.

4. Avalanches - learn about them, learn to recognize the conditions that put you at risk.

5. Safety in powder - Powder skiing precautions, + Call for more trees at ski areas.

6. Orange cones for practicing turning skills - What we've learned by trying it.

7. Obstacle courses for turning skills - a variety of approaches to encourage controlled turns.

8. Reckless skiing - Mt. Hood Meadows spreads awareness & gets tough on reckless skiing.

9. Safety bar on chairlifts - Lower the bar. Stay safe.

10. Danger: Slick Rain Bags - Real examples of injuries from plastic bags on the slopes.

11. Fit to Ski:  ACL Protection - Chapter from a book by Carl Petersen, physiotherapist and fitness coach for the Canadian Olympic ski team.  More info at: www.fit2ski.com.

12. Knee Treatments and Protection. A series of articles on a variety of knee treatments.

13. Safety Boundary Signs on Mt. Hood - Safety signs west of Timberline, including article, pictures, and maps.



1.  Picking the Best Line - How to carve the quickest line through racing gates.

2.  How to slip the course - Diagram showing how to slip the race course correctly.



1. How Global Warming Affects Ski Areas - Which ski areas have closed due to climate change? Which ones are next?

2. Oregon Ski areas - (Ski Oregon Challenge) The 12 main Oregon ski areas, photos, descriptions.

3. Washington Ski areas - (Ski Washington Challenge). Photos, descriptions, diary.

4. NW Ski Challenge - Oregon, Washington, & Idaho. David Schor's diary of visiting them all!

5. Powder Alliance - Buy the Fusion Pass and get free skiing at 11 other ski areas. Since 2013/14 Silver Star was added in 2014/15.

6. North American Ski Areas - A list of all the ski areas in North America (the US and Canada).

7. Season passes comparison - A comparison of various ski passes.  This page is updated annually.



1. Passports - How to get one.

2. Carpooling guidelines - How to share the cost of gas fairly and equally. Also in Word dcoument.

3. Packing for bus ski trips. -  Advice for how to pack for club ski trips by bus.

5. Skiing North America - The story of John & Jewel Andrew spending their retirement skiing all of North America.

6. Ski Safaris - Road trips. See & ski the world! 60 ski areas within driving distance! Map included.

7. Canada Ski Safari 1 counter-clockwise  - Okanagan. Detailed trip guide, based on the 2004, 2006, and 2010 trips.
8. Canada Ski Safari 1 clockwise  - Okanagan. Detailed trip guide, based on the 2003, 2005, and 2009 trips, with optional extension to Red Mt., 49 Degrees North, and Mt. Spokane.

9. Canada Ski Safari 2 Columbia - Kootenays, the Columbia River valley. The longer trip, including Revelstoke, Kicking Horse, Panorama, Kimberley, Fernie.

10. Canada Ski Safari 2005/06 - Photos from the 6-day road trip, December 2005.

11. Canada Ski Safari 2006/07 - Experiences and impressions of the Dec. 2006 ski safari.

12. Tips for Skiing in Canada - Some useful tips and ideas, re. passport, money matters, & skiing.

13. French Alps 2006: Val d'Isere - A week in the French Alps. Ooh-la-la!

14. Idaho Adventure bus trip (2006) - Tamarack and Brundage Mt. (ID), plus Anthony Lakes (OR).

15. Crystal Mountain, WA bus trip (2005). Photos and description of the trip.

16. Whitefish Mountain Ski Challenge game.  A challenge we posed to our club members on a 2015 trip.

17. Big Mountain Train trip (2005). Our 4-day trip via AMTRAK to the slopes of Big Mountain.

18. High on Adventure - Collection of interesting first-hand account articles on Western ski areas.


1. Mt Hood Trivia - Did you know all this about Mt. Hood?

2. Mt. Hood Express bus - Description, map, and schedule.

3. Safety Boundary Signs on Mt. Hood - Safety signs west of Timberline, including article, pictures, and maps.

4. Trail Skiing on Mt. Hood - a long standing tradition. Alpine trail, Glade trail. By Lloyd Musser, curator of the Mt. Hood Museum.

5. Mt. Hood Trails Maps and Glade Trail DayCompare old and new map of Mt. Hood ski trails.

6. Timberline side-country with pictures. Detailed description of Timberline to Government Camp trails, canyons, and more.

7. NW Snowsport Advocates - Get involved. Help you local ski area!

8. Forest Service proposal to decommission roads around Mt. Hood (maps included).

9. Mt. Hood National Park. Introduction, overview, and what it could be like.

10. Mt. Hood Loop Highway at Laurel Hill - Map of the area, suggested pedestrian bridges to reconnect old highway.

11. Preserve the old Mt. Hood Highway as a Trail - Build 2 pedestrian bridges to reconnect Laurel Hill.


1. Shaped Skis Hype - Were skis ever straight?

2. In Search of the Perfect Ski Watch - Compare features and prices. Contact manufacturers.

3. Radios - Is anyone out there - Tips for using radios on the slopes.

4. Chains and Traction Tires - Will you have to chain up or not?

5. Ski pole Inclinometers - Attach this simple device to your ski pole and use it to measure the slope steepness.

6. STOLT BootSki - A fun little ski that doesn't need safety bindings and fits in your backpack.



1. Mt. Hood south side, with safety boundaries.

2. Old Forest Service Map from 1941 - showing where skiers get lost on Mt. Hood.

3. Mt. Hood roadmap A1 : Government Camp - Summit Meadow - Barlow Pass.

4. Mt. Hood roadmap A2 : Barlow Pass

5. Mt. Hood roadmap A3:  Laurel Hill

6. Mt. Hood roadmap A3:  Laurel Hill with location of two desired pedestrian bridges indicated as black lines.

7. Mt. Hood roadmap A4:  Kiwanis Camp Road and Map turn.


TECHNOLOGY (Photos, Videos, Cameras, Computers, the Internet)

1. Web Search Engines - Finding a ski club using an internet search.

2. How to Prepare/Post Photos & Videos for our web site / newsletter. Same in Word .DOC.


1. Drinks and Personalities - A bit of humor. What your drink reveals about you.

2. Snow Shoveling Scam - beware of this pair of scammers!

3. Vail Resorts Buy Mars - After purchasing almost all the Colorado ski areas, Vail Resorts moves on to Mars!




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