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Forms & Documents

There is no "download" button.  Instead, just click on the desired form,
and when it opens (in a separate window), use the File menu to either
print it or save it.

Be sure to date the Dough Transmittal form when it is submitted with a payment. The form should be mailed to the address on the form, which is usually:  Mountain High Snowsport Club, PO Box 2182, Portland, OR 97208,  or deliver to the club treasurer at one of our meetings. Make checks payable to "Mountain High Snowsport Club".

NOTE:  PDF files are a bit larger because they contain all the needed fonts. If you can't open the Word document properly, try the PDF file.  To open PDF files, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 4.0 or higher on your computer. The latest version, named simply Adobe Reader 9.0, is available by clicking here:  Adobe Reader.  



1. Membership Signup Form.  Use this form to apply for or renew your membership. Also, to send in your PACRAT racing dues.  You may also use this form to pay for trips at the same time.

   Membership signup form (to join, or renew) - (PDF file)
   Membership signup form (to join, or renew) - (Word doc).

   If you wish, especially if you are paying online, you can email us the filled form to: Forms@mthigh.org 

2. Dough Transmittal Form is used for sending in payments for upcoming activities, trips, etc. You can use it for renewing your membership too.  In fact, this form is exactly the same as the Membership Signup From.

    Dough Transmittal Form  - (PDF file)
    Dough Transmittal Form  - (Word document)

    If you wish, especially if you are paying online, you can email us the filled form to: Forms@mthigh.org 


3. Mt. High Liability Release Form is required for all club activities.  Signing it just once each year is enough. This form is already included as page 2 of the Dough Transmittal Form, but if you need it by itself, here it is:

    Liaiblity Release Form  - (PDF file)
    Liability Release Form  - (Word document)

4.  Incident / Injury Report - If you get injured during a club activity, a trip, or event, please fill out this report and send it to the trip or event leader.

    Incident / Injury Report - Fillable PDF form

    Incident / Injury Report - Word document


5. Custom Printed shirts Order Form. Use this to place an order for any of the main logos (Mt. High club, or Ski Oregon Challenge logo, or Ski Washington Challenge logo) printed on a T-shirt, polo, or sweatshirt.

    a) Garment Order Form - PDF version (136 KB)

    b) Garment Order Form - Word document (746 KB)  Very large file.



All PACRAT racers need to fill out, sign, and send in these 4 forms. Send them to your team captain.
Team captains, please submit the complete forms for your team to our Racing Director, Racing@mthigh.org

NOTE: These are OLD forms from several years ago. Since 2020, all these forms reside on the PACRAT Racing website, www.pacrats.org.  Please find them there.  Also, pay the PACRAT Racing fee on that same website.

1. Team Entry form 
     Racers fill out one line and send to team.captain.
Team captains: Please fill out just one form for the whole team, save it on your computer and email it to our Racing Director: Racing@mthigh.org

2. Liability Release form (PDF)   

This form is needed for the ski areas. Each racer, sign on one line.

3. Insurance Waiver (PDF)   

This form is needed for our insurance.. Each racer, sign at the bottom.

4. NASTAR Registration form (PDF)  
    This form is used for our internal PACRAT records, while the online registration is used for NASTAR's records. We need your signature on this one.




1. Mountain High Brochure - Tri-fold brochure about our club. Print or email it to someone interested in our club.


2. Mountain High - Outstanding Club 2015 - A PDF file containing a 10-page description of our club, with photos. This was our club's entry for the Far West Outstanding Club competition. You can send this to friends too!

Click here for the original editable Open Office Drawing document that was used to produce the PDF file.


3. Mt. High Wall Calendar. A 15-month calendar with picture of our club activities. Large 9 MB PDF file. Save it on your computer and print it (using the "Fit to Page" option) 2-sided on either letter-sized or tabloid size paper.


4. Mt. High Calendar of Events  Ongoing Calendar - A list of our annual events and their approximate timing.

     PDF  |  Word


5. Trip Cancellation Policy  A policy for all Mountain High trips, unless specified differently for a particular trip.

     PDF  |   Word


6. Mt. High Elections Ballot  Mail it, email it, or bring it to our Elections Pizza Party, Oct. 24, 2022.

     PDF  |   Word   


7. North American ski areas  - A spreadsheet set up by John and Jewel Andrew, and later customized for our club. There are two columns in it that you can use for keeping track of your own ski areas visited. Please let Emilio know if you spot any need for corrections or updates.





(Trip leaders, event organizers, etc.)

Mountain High Bylaws.  The club's bylaws will be corrected when the Mt. High Board votes on it at the end of October 2014, just to correct the accidentally incorrect name of our club, changing it from:

the incorrect ."Mountain High Ski & Snow Sports Club"  to      

the correct:  "Mountain High Snowsport Club"

   Mt. High Bylaws  (PDF file)     -- with the corrected name.                   
   Mt. High Bylaws  (Word document).   -- with the corrected name.  





All the documents below describe some aspect of our Standard Operating Procedures


SOP - Board decisions: Membership issues, Cost of printing, Children on trips, and more.  We'll add to this document when the Board makes any important decisions that need to be preserved.

   SOP - Board decisions  (PDF file).

   SOP - Board decisions  (Word document).

Board Members' Job Descriptions: This document describes what each member of our club's Board is expected to do.

   Board Members' Job Descriptions  (PDF file).

   Board Members' Job Descriptions  (Word document).


FWSA Athletic Scholarship Agreement: Our Mountain High club has agreed to sponsor a young skier athlete, preferably from the Northwest, with a regular annual donation to the Scholarship Fund, and for a period of 3 years

   FWSA - Mt. High Athletic Scholarship Agreement  (PDF file).


Check Request Form.  Use this form to request re-imbursement of your own expenses (incurred for the benefit of the club), or to request direct payments from the club to ski areas, hotels or airlines.

   Check Request Form  (PDF file)
   Check Request Form  (Word document).


Elections Ballot.  Voting form for club officers and for any other issues that need to be voted on.

    Election day ballot:  Word   PDF

    Proxy ballot:             Word   PDF

    Provisional ballot.:   Word   PDF


Trip Planning Form.  Use this form to plan trips, estimate expenses, keep track of deposits,  and provide a simple overview of all trip expenses.

   Trip Planning Form  (PDF file)
   Trip Planning Form  (Word document).


Bus trip spreadsheet.  Use to estimate trip expenses. Designed for bus trips, but could be adapted to other forms of transportation too. Enter trip costs, and the spreadsheet will calculate the cost per person.

   Bus Trip Spreadsheet  (Excel file)


Liability Release Form for club events.  This is the same form as our regular Liability Release, but it has room for more signatures at the bottom. Ask everyone participating in an event to sign.

   Event Liability Release Form (PDF file)

   Event Liability Release Form (Word document)

Tips for Trip Leaders.  How to organize a ski trip.

   Tips for Trip Leaders  (PDF file)
   Tips for Trip Leaders  (Word document).


Tips for Party Organizers.  How to organize a club function or party, including: Membership Party, Chocolate Party, Seafood Party, Summer Picnic, and the Highway Clean up

   Tips for Party Organizers  (PDF file)
   Tips for Party Organizers  (Word document).


Summer Picnic.  Information about organizing a summer picnic. This includes a mpa of Sellwood Park..

   Summer-Picnic.pdf    (PDF file)

   Summer-Picnic.doc   (Word document)



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