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The old "Plaza" ski club logo.

About Us                  “The club that really skis!”                  About Us
Mountain High Snowsport Club
  PO Box 2182, Portland, OR 97208


The old "Edgeset" ski club logo.


Mountain High's roots go back to the 1970s with the formation of the "Plaza" (1975) and "Edgeset" (early 1970s) ski clubs in Portland, Oregon. In the Fall of 2000, the two clubs merged, forming the best of both worlds. The club was renamed: Mountain High in November 2003.



We are a friendly group of about 300 skiers and snowboarders in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area. We are known as "the  club that REALLY skis & rides". We have day outings to Mt. Hood, and longer ski trips. We also have year-round social activities! It's a warm & friendly club. Click for more detailed information about the club and a personal invitation to join.


Mt. High club members (Portland, Oregon) at Mt. Shasta 2002

"Mystery Trip," 2003. It turned out to be Mt. Shasta


Meetings and Activities

The club has general meetings/parties about once per quarter, including a yearly Kick-Off Party in November at the start of the new ski season. Also, their is at least one social activity each month. Our main activities are:

1. Day-trips to Mt. Hood,

2. Longer winter trips to throughout the U.S. and Canada,

3. Recreational PACRAT racing program,

4. Social events throughout the year such as TGIFs, Wine tours, Chocolate Dessert competition/tasting, Pizza parties, etc..

5. Summer activities include golfing, rafting, bowling, and hiking. Families are included in the activities whenever possible.


Club info

The current club directors are shown on the contacts page. The all-volunteer board meets on the last Monday of every month to handle the affairs and planning for the club.

All members receive a  monthly newsletter with detailed information on upcoming trips, events, and meetings, as well as write-ups and photos of recent club activities.


Mountain High Brochure - A tri-fold brochure about our club that you can print or simply forward to someone who might be interested in joining our club.


Mountain High - Outstanding Club 2006 - A PDF file containing a 3-page description of our club, with photos. This was our club's entry for the Far West Outstanding Club competition.


More detailed info about the club.   


List of Membership Benefits. Click here for a list.

Mountain High, Portland, Oregon, the club that really skis

Composite photo of Nick Veroske skiing in the Cariboos


We ski, we snowboard, we have fun, both on and off the mountain!
We do mainly alpine, downhill skiing, we have a few snowboarders, a few cross-country skiers, but also a bit of golf, bowling, hiking, biking, rafting, wine-tasting, barbequing, and  chocolate dessert contests!

Check out our new vision for the 21st century: Safer slopes, more fun on the trails, less speeding, shorter lift lines, attracting new people to the sport! It's on our "Vision" page.

 Get on our email list; send an email to info@mthigh.org.


Use our public Forum to communicate with other club members for questions, ideas, offers, news, etc. The Bulletin Board has more colorful ads, news, skis for sale, etc.


We welcome new members, so be sure to check us out. See the Membership page to see a list of membership benefits (which change from year to year), and for instructions on how to join.


Our club is affiliated with:

   NWSCC - Northwest Ski Club Council

   FWSA    - Far West Ski Association

   NSCF     - National Ski Council Federation

   PACRAT - Recreational racing league


Our club has been involved for many years with the following charitable endeavors: 

  1. Highway 26 Cleanup. We adopted 2 miles of highway west of Government Camp, on the slopes of Mt. Hood.
  2. FWSA Athletic Scholarship. We sponsor one of the racers.
  3. Oregon Cancer Ski Out.
  4. Hope on the Slopes.
  5. Mount Hood Museum in Government Camp.

Note: Mountain High is a non-profit, private membership organization with a Section 501(c)(7) federal tax exemption status.


Membership Signup form (to join the club, or renew membership) - (PDF file, 86 KB).

Membership Signup form (to join the club, or renew membership) - (Word document, 23 KB).


Sample Trip Photos

Below are some typical ski trip photos. For the most recent photos see our Photos page.
For older photos, go to the Photos page and click on any previous year.
Also, go to complete Photo Albums on Snapfish, where you can also order your own prints.


MtAshland-A2a.jpg (65446 bytes)
Mystery Trip to Ashland -- a fun 2-day bus trip

Mt-Shasta-A2a.jpg (90411 bytes)
"Mystery Trip" to Mt. Shasta - a 2-day bus trip


Drooling-Moose-team-2004wa.jpg (80929 bytes)
Recreational PACRAT racing at Meadows.
Anyone can join a 10-person team. It's fun!

SchwBlaise-Lunch2-wa.jpg (96834 bytes)
Greg, Violet, Alice and Blaise having lunch at
Schweitzer Mtn., Idaho.


AlpineMeadows2004-Groupa.jpg (90816 bytes)
Club Trip to Alpine Meadows, Lake Tahoe, CA

Hoodoo-2004-(01)wa.jpg (77989 bytes)
Hoodoo ski area trip, Mt Washington in
background. This was another fun bus trip!


SpringFling04-Human-slaloma.jpg (100457 bytes)
Club members enjoying a human slalom (a club tradition)
at Mt. Hood Meadows, during our annual Spring Fling.


Sample Social Events Photos

Here are photos from some of our regular annual social events.

Tempest-Winery-wa.jpg (78793 bytes)
Winery Tour -- Another Annual Tradition!

Membership-Party-2003-beera.jpg (64519 bytes)
We brew our own beer for the annual
Membership Party -- Debbi "Kor's Light"


SkiFair2003-Lynn-Terrya.jpg (71446 bytes)
Lynn and Terry are all smiles at the
annual Ski Fair.

EOS-Party-2003-Diane-Debbi-a.jpg (76434 bytes)
Diane, Debbie, and Kurt enjoying the
End of the Season summer barbecue.


Choc-Party-2004-tablea.jpg (128021 bytes)
Valentine's Chocolate Party --
another annual club tradition!


==> For most recent photos go to Photos <==

==> Click here for complete Photo Albums! <==

For older photos, start with our Photos page, and then click on a previous year.


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