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2011/2012 Mountain High Photos

2011 / 2012 Photos


Oct. 13, 2012: Highway cleanup (Fall)

Sep. 29, 2012: Seafood Party

Aug. 25-26, 2012: Barlow Road Ride

Aug. 17-19, 2012: Raftng on the Deschutes

Aug. 11, 2012: Picnic and Bike ride

July 13-15, 2012:  Cycle Oregon (weekend)

June 30, 2012:  Highway Cleanup (Spring)

Apr. 28 - May 26, 2012: Timberline canyons

Apr. 13,2012:  PACRAT Rat Attack party

May 19, 2012:  Newton canyon

May 10, 2012:  Mt. St. Helens

May 14, 2012: Pizza Party & Elections

May 7, 2012:  Mt. Hood Meadows last day

Apr. 19-23, 2012: Whistler/Blackcomb trip

Apr. 9, 2012: ISHA at Timberline

Apr. 6-8, 2012: Bachelor Blast

Mar. 16-18: Mystery trip - Shasta, Ashland

Feb. 29, 2012: Movie & pizza night

Feb. 18-24: Utah: Powder Mt., Snowbasin

Feb. 12, 2012: PACRAT Race 2 - Meadows

Feb. 11, 2012: Chocolate Party

Jan. 28-Feb. 4, 2012: FWSA Jackson Hole

Jan. 29, 2012: PACRAT Race 1

Jan. 20-22,2012: Anthony Lakes bus trip

Dec. 2011:  Bib decorating party

Nov. 13, 2011:  Washington Park hike

Nov.   7, 2011:  Ski Fair

Nov. 4-6, 2011: Portland Ski Show








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More photos


Photo Albums,

There are two photo storage services we use to save ALL our photos, more than can fit on our own web site. The two are:

Snapfish - where you can also order prints, mugs, CDs, etc..

Photobucket - where you can find a mix of still images & short videos.

Click on the words "Photo Albums" above to visit either of these.


Older Photos

Ski trips & Social events  Selected past trip and event photos.


2004 photos 2nd Canada Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social;

2005 photos 3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt., Crystal Mt.;

2006 photos Next Adventure, Idaho trip, Val d'Isere, Timberline summer, Picnic & bike ride.

2007 photos 4th Canada safari, Powder Mt., Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass, Ski the Glade Trail, Timberline new trails, Far West races at Bachelor, River Cruise.

2008 photos Ski Fair, Timberline new lift inauguration, 5th Canadian Ski Safari, PACRAT races, Sunny South Oregon bus trip, Mystery trip to White Pass, 1st Heavenly/Tahoe trip, Rat Attack Awards party, Pizza Party, Rafting weekend, Seafood Spectacular at Blaise and Alice's, Salmon River canyon hike, Friend of the Forest cleanup at Meadows

2009 photos, Seafood, Golf, Rafting, Ski pole rescue, Steve & Quinn's Wedding, Pond skimming, Heavenly, Crystal, Schweitzer, Bowling, Canada Safari. Hillcrest Race Night.

2010 photos. Hope on the Slopes, Fernie trip, Mystery trip to Willaemette Pass and Mt. Bachelor, Picnic, Rafting, Hikes, Highway cleanup, NWSCC 30th Anniversary, etc..

2011 photos. Hikes, Golf, Rafting, Cycle Oregon, Cycle Idaho, Highway cleanup, Seafood party, Chocolate party, Life Flight, Scotty & Mer'a wedding, Movie Night, Leavenworth trip, Crystal Mt. trip, Bib decorating party, Rat Attack party.


See a 6-minute video highlighting almost everything the club has done this year. The video is now posted on our Videos page, under the title: "Mountain High Club 2011-2012".



Mountain High Fall

Highway Cleanup

and a bit of Oregon's history

October 13, 2012.  (Saturday)

This was our second cleanup of the year, and our 5th cleanup overall, since we adopted the highway about 2.5 years ago  Despite some rain the preceding day (Friday), 12 people showed up and collected 22 large bags of garbage from our adopted 2 miles of Highway 26, just west of government Camp, between mileposts 51-53.   The participants were:  Terry White, Jack Milner, Jan Siverts-Smith, Elaine Bock, Sandra Volk, Michelle Gunness, Lonny Schiller, Jim Karsten, John A. Davis, Walt Blomberg, Kay Kinyon, and Emilio Trampuz.


After the cleanup, we had lunch at the Ice Axe brew pub in Government Camp.  Then, after lunch, a few of us went on a little historical tour of the area, visiting the Pioneer Woman's grave, and the Pioneers' Cemetery at Summit Prairie (now known as Summit Meadows) where Perry Vikers is buried.  Perry Vickers was a tollgate operator on the original Barlow Road.  He was deputized by the local sheriff to help catch a thief who had stolen a rifle.  In the pursuit, the thief shot Perry Vickers, who died the next day and was buried at Summit Prairie. You can hear the whole story very vividly told in a recording by dialing: 503-342-3597, and then hitting 21#.   If you want to hear more stories, try entering different numbers.

Approaching the Government Camp exit on Hwy 26.

Elaine Bock in full gear!


Terry White

Terry White


Jack Milner found a belt of some sort

Jack Milner


Jan Siverts-Smith

Jan Siverts-Smith


Jan Siverts-Smith

Our 2 miles end near the blue Best Western motel sign

on the left side of the picture.


Perry Vickers is buried in this Pioneer's cemetery.

Hear his story. Dial 503-342-3597, and then 21#.

Summit Prairie, where the Pioneers had camped.

This is between Government Camp and Trillium Lake.



Mountain High annual

Seafood Extravaganza

September 29, 2012.  (Saturday)

About 60 - 70 people participated in our annual Seafood party.  The seafood offerings were amazing, everything from sushi, shellfish, prawns, to three kinds of salmon (smoked, baked, and grilled).  There were also numerous side-dishes contributed by those attending.  The desserts were great too,  Only, there were not quite enough of them.   Last year, there were too many desserts, so this year we asked that only people whole last names begin with R - Z bring a dessert.  Maybe we should expand that a little next year.  There was also hot, fresh coffee!  Yum!!!


Best of all, this party gave us a chance to meet, to talk about things, to see who got injured this summer and won't be able to ski right away, etc.  We also welcomed several new people who might join the ski club.

These were just the appetizers!!!

Doesn't this look mouth-watering?!!!!



Sushi !!!!


More sushi !!!!

Ellen (a guest) enjoying the company of Alice (our former Treasurer and former newsletter editor),  Blaise (former club President), and our Black Diamond Debbie, who coined the phrase: "We are the club that really skis!".


Kurt (our current club President) gave a brief speech.

Yes, notice the Mountain High banner!


Colleen Hankins surprised Gordy with a gift.

Alas! It was a bit of a gag gift. An umbrella and a beer.


Gordy shows off the umbrella.

Colleen Hankins watches in the background.

Scotty and Mera. Mera had surgery on her foot and can't put any weight on the foot for a while. So, she moves around using the little scooter on which she rests her knee and lower leg. Hopefully, she'll be able to ski soon!



Mt. Hood Museum & Cultural Center

1st historic

Barlow Road Ride

August 25 - 26, 2012.  (Saturday-Sunday)

This was the first ever bicycle ride following the Oregon pioneers' Barlow Trail, the first road around Mt. Hood, originally build from Hood River to Oregon City.  The ride was organized by Gene Grant as a fundraiser for the Mt. Hood Museum in Government Camp.  See video summarizing the ride.


The bike ride was between Oregon City and Government Camp, with an optional extension to Timberline Lodge. On Saturday, most participants rode 57.5 miles from Oregon City to Government Camp.  The next day, it was back to Oregon City.  A few people did the whole round trip in one day.  Some people did only the "downhill" trip on Sunday, only to discover that it is not all downhill.  In fact, there are some serious hills in the downhill direction, especially on Marmot ridge and on Ten Eyck Road just before Sandy.


Many participants stayed the night at the Cascade Lodge in Government Camp.  The atmosphere there was festive. There was a mini fair set up in the parking lot, including a massage service, some arts and crafts, some jewlery, a Littleford custom bicycles, the Ice Axe brewery, Kevin Bastin's Taco Shoppe (serving wild salmon tacos, among other things) and a Mt. Hood Meadows booth. There was a live band, and a spaghetti, salad and dessert dinner was served.


Barlow Road Ride 2012 options


1. Trail Scout:  120 miles and 7,000 feet up and down in one day

2. Trail Boss:  50 miles each day, one uphill and one downhill.

3. Pioneer:   25 miles uphill from Sandy on day one,
                    50 miles downhill on day two.

4. Junior and Senior:  50 miles downhill -- the no training option.

Starting the ride in Oregon City


Loading up Gene Grant's sag wagon with luggage for the overnight stay in Government Camp

Barlow Road Ride 2012.

Stefan Lanker (Cascade Ski Club president) and his son


Gene Grant gives directions at the Sandy rest stop

A mobile bike shop provided assistance.


Arriving at the Marmot  rest stop.

Lloyd Musser helping to refill the riders' water bottles


The band playing at the Cascade Lodge

Mt. Hood Meadows booth


Massage booth

Lisa Miller purchasing a painting.


The Littleford Custom Bicycles booth

The "Ice Axe" beer booth


The Taco Shoppe booth and Kevin Bastin (on right)

Relaxing in the Cascade Lodge living room


Young ladies staffing the Meadows booth

Lots of Skiyente club ladies among the volunteers.


Lloyd Musser taking a photo of the volunteers

Lloyd Musser, Mt. Hood Museum curator


Participants resting by the fireplace at the Cascade Lodge

Lloyd Musser staffing the Marmot rest stop,

pumping water into water bottles.


Gene Grant (the organizer) in green, and Wyatt (a boy-scout participant) with his mom.

Several participants at the rest stop in Sandy,

which was at the Sandy Museum.


At a viewpoint near Sandy

Emilio Trampuz next to a Barlow Road Route sign.


See more Barlow Road Ride pictures in our Photobucket album at


See professionally done video of the Barlow Road Ride on You Tube:




Mt. High

Rafting and camping

on the Deschutes River

August 17 - 19, 2012.  (Friday-Sunday)

Our annual rafting trip each August has become one of the most successful, most fun, and most well attended club outings. We camp out for 2 or 3 nights at the Maupin City Park, and raft section of the Deschutes River both above and below the town of Maupin.  In addition to the rafting, there is also always an opportunity to swim, either in calm water or in the rapids. There's also an excellent barbeque on Saturday evening. Thanks to Bruce Kuper for all the photos.

Getting started at Maupin

Our ladies in inflatable canoes


Pat and Nancy, cooling their heels.

Just one of our several rafts


Smiles all around!  Are we having fun?!

This raft is moving!!!


All photos are from Bruce Kuper. For more rafting photos, click on the following links:

Slide show:  2012_Mt_High_Rafting_Slide_Show  or  http://youtu.be/P49fY45eAgE

Individual photos and videos:        http://photobucket.com/2012_Mt_High_Rafting



Mt. High annual

Picnic & Bicycle ride

August 11, 2012.  (Saturday)

Our annual picnic was held at Sellwood Park, as usual.  We started the day with a one-hour bicycle ride along the Willamette River, from Sellwood Park to the Steel bridge, along the west bank of the river, and returning to Sellwood Park following the paved bike path along the east side of the river. Only 13 people participated this year (fewr than in past years), even though the weather was perfect.

The picnic itself was much better attended and a very pleasant day was had by all.  Thanks to Debbi Kor for organizing it. Thanks to Jan Siverts-Smith for bringing her BBQ grill.  Thanks to Steve Royce for being our grill master.  And thanks to everyone who brought all the good food, including some delicious desserts!   What a club!!!!

Chuck, John, Cal, and Emilio.  Photo: Bruce McGavin

Jackie Bonillo leads the pack.


Bruce McGavin        Photo: Emilio Trampuz

Part of our group near OMSI


Linda McGavin

At the picnic


Eddie Martinelli and Debbi Kor

Steve Royce serving the sausages (spicy or bland?)


The line for the sausages!

Regular or spicy?   Yummm!   Delicious!


Linda and Bruce McGavin

Nancy Pratt and Bruce McGavin


Nancy Pratt and Jackie Bonillo

Partial view of our picnic area


See larger versions and more Picnic & bike ride photos at: http://photobucket.com/2012-Picnic



Cycle Oregon (Weekend ride)

July 13 - 15, 2012.  (Saturday)

Several Mountain High club members participate in this year's Cycle Oregon.  The weekend ride happened in Corvallis, Oregon, starting at Oregon State University.

From left to right: Greg, Haley, Lynn, Brenda, Stevie, Jeff, Colin, and Violet.



Mt. High Spring

Highway Cleanup

June 30, 2012.  (Saturday)

Ten of us showed up for the "Spring" cleanup of our adopted 2 miles of Highway 26, just west of Government Camp, from milepost 51 to milepost 53.   We met at 10 am at the Mt. Hood Skibowl parking lot and spent the next 2 hours finding and removing all kinds of trash along the highway.  We placed it in bright yellow plastic bags, which we left along the highway for later removal.

At noon, we had lnch at the Mt. Hood Brew Pub in Government Camp.  Debbi Kor was our fearless leader, arranging for our safety vests, trash bags, and trash pickers. We all earned some good karma and had fun too!

Some fencing to warm up first!!!

Debbi tell us where to go..


Pay attention to safety!

Our little group + Emilio behind the camera.



Timberline canyons

Out-of-bounds adventures

April 28 - May 26, 2012.   Find the Kruser trail below. Everything to the left of it is out of bounds, but accessible.

Timberline ski area doesn't encourage people skiing out of bounds, because there is no ski patrol there, but they don't disallow it either. In fact, there are specific gates set up where you can leave the ski area's boundaries, either to ski down to Government Camp, or to just ski to the west of the ski lifts, enter the Zig Zag and Little Zig Zag canyons briefly and still return to the lifts.


As a general rule, get out of Zig Zag canyon after just a few turns, long before the tree line.  And exit Little Zig Zag canyon right around the tree line (or before). In and around Sand canyon, you can ski below the tree line, especially if you are heading for Government Camp.  But, this is where people get lost.  So, Emilio has marked some of the safety boundaries between Sand canyon and the Glade trail.  Yellow ribbons on trees indicate that this is your last chance to turn left to return to the ski lifts.  Red and orange ribbons indicate your last chance to turn left and join the Glade trail, which will lead you to Govenrment Camp. Going beyond the red/orange boundary will result in many hours of hiking, but you will eventually hit Kiwanis Camp Road if you just keep going down the hill.


On the upper mountain, above tree-line, a typical route would be the one indicated in blue on the map.  From the top of Palmer, traverse west to the top of Zig Zag canyon.  Take a few turns there, then traverse back east to the top of Little Zig Zag canon.  Several of us did it recently.  Check out some of the pictures below.   Click on the map to enlarge it.


May 26, 2012: Cloudy in the valley, sunny on Mt. Hood. Chuck Westergren, Bob Burns, Tom Rodrigues, Dan Lane just above the top of the Palmer lift.

May 26: Chuck exiting Little Zig Zag canyon. The ridges are starting to melt, so we had to pick our way through the rocks (but only at this one spot).


May 26, 2012:  Just out of Little Zig Zag canyon

May 26: Emilio, Tom, Bob, Chuck, Dan.


May 26, 2012

This was the first real classic Spring day.  The snow was frozen in the morning and it got mushy and grabby shortly after noon. The window of good snow in between those two extremes was very short this time.


The highlight of the day was when Chuck spotted two marmots, emerging out of their snow caves. Not everyone saw them, and we didn't get a picture of them.

May 26: Tom, Bob, Chuck, Dan.


May 19, 2012

A larger group than usual came up to ski the canyons. About 16 or 17 of us.  Unfortunately, some had to leave early, before the snow softened up enough to ski out of bounds.

May 19:The morning was sunny. Chris Brooks and Emilio


Susan McNulty, Buck Schafer and Chas Westergren.

Little Zig Zag ain't so little!

Susan, Buck and Chas in Little Zig Zag canyon.

It was getting a bit cloudier.


Chas exits Little Zig Zag canyon.

We had to pick our wa out among the rocks.

Susan exits  Little Zig Zag canyon

with a big smile on her face.


Chas Westergren and Phil Mant on the ridge between the 2 branches of Zig Zag canyon

Chas Westergren and Phil Mant

with Mississippi Head in the background.


George Yun enters Little Zig Zag canyon
with flair!

Close-up of George Yun
entering Little Zig Zag canyon


May 6:  Tom Rodrigues, Sue Tjernlund, Emilio Trampuz

entering Little Zig Zag canyon. Photo: Chas Westergren.

Little Zig Zag canyon

The start of the canyon, looking up at Mt. Hood.


May 6:  Emilio entering Little Zig Zag canyon. Photo by Chas Westergren

May 6:  Emilio & Tom Rodrigues in Little Zig Zag.

Photo by Chas Westergren


May 6:  Emilio in Little Zig Zag. Tom & Sue below.

Photographer:  Chas Westergren

May 6: Emilio, Sue, and Tom in Little Zig Zag canyon.

Photographer: Chas Westergren.


May 6:  Emilio takes picture of Sue

in Little Zig Zag canyon.

Emilio Trampuz, Tom Rodrigues, Sue Tjernlund

half way between Little Zig Zag and Sand canyons.


To return to the lifts, let Mt. Jefferson be your guide. Follow the yellow ribbons in the direction of Mt. Jefferson.

The yellow markings are difficult to see from a distance. If you don't see them, head toward Mt. Jefferson.


May 6:  Sue Tjernlund between Sand canyon and the Stormin' Norman lift.  Emilio is the small figure ahead.

Just a little out of bounds, west of the Kruser trail. We met a few people here, bu they turned back to the lifts.


Tom and Emilio about to enter Sand canyon

The start of Sand canyon


May 6:  Sand canyon.  The 3 tracks are from

Emilio, Sue, and Tom.  Photo by Chas Westergren.

Start of Sand canyon, looking up to Mt. Hood.

Photographer: Chas Westergren.


May 6: Sand Canyon.   Sue has skied away.

Emilio watches Tom skiing.

May 6:  Sue and Tom are ahead.

Emilio follows them in Sand canyon.


Sand canyon gets a bit narrower in places.

Sue and Emilio in Sand canyon.   May 6.


Sue Tjernlund and Tom Rodrigues in Sand canyon

Photographer: Chas Westergren.

Emilio and Tom in Sand canyon.  May 6.

Photographer: Chas Westergren.


Chas Westergren in Sand canyon.

May 6, 2012.

Emilio, Sue, and Tom in Sand canyon

at the red sign marking the place to exit the canyon.


Red sign suspended above Sand canyon

alerts everyone to exit the canyon and go to Glade trail

Emilio traversing out of Sand canyon.

Sue Tjernlund picking up speed.


Emilio and Sue climbing out of Sand canyon.

Tom Rodrigues picking up speed.

Photographer: Chas Westergren.

May 6, 2012

Sue Tjernlund exiting Sand canyon.  May 6.


Sue Tjernlund in Little Zig Zag canyon

Photographer: Tom Rodrigues.

May 6, 2012

Chas Westergren and Sue Tjernlund exiting Sand canyon.  May 6, 2012.

Photographer: Tom Rodrigues


Emilio showing orange ribbons marking the boundary

between Sand canyon and Glade Trail.  Skiing beyond this boundary will result in hours of hiking out to Hwy 26.

Instead, stay on this traverse to the Glade trail. Nobody had skied it that day.  Pristine snow ahead of us!

Emilio answering a phone call about half way down the Glade trail.  Just another mile to Government Camp.

We had lunch at Huckleberry Inn.   May 6, 2012.

Nobody else had skied here that day. Those are snowshoe tracks from someone climbing uphill.


Kurt Wilke (far away) and Kenny Brundidge in Little Zig Zag canyon (which starts at top of the white area in photo)

Kenny Brundidge and Kurt Wilke near the top of the Magic Mile, ready to traverse to Little Zig Zag canyon.


Emilio and Kurt Wilke above Zig Zag canyon, and below Illumination Rock (in the background).  April 28, 2012.

Kurt Wilke and Kenny Brundidge on the ridge separating the two branches of Zig Zag canyon.

Mississippi Head cliff in the background.


Emilio, Kurt, and Kenny above Mississippi Head.

We are standing on the ridge separating the 2 branches of Zig Zag canyon.   April 28, 2012.

Little Zig Zag River falls, just a 5-minute hike from the end of Kiwanis Camp Road, at the bottom of Little Zig Zag and Sand canyons (after they both merge).



Newton Canyon (Mt. Hood, OR)

May 19, 2012. 

Have you ever skied Newton Canyon? It is the next canyon beyond Clark (North-East of Mt. Hood Meadows) and last weekend it was amazing. Mike Ferrell and Violet Anderson climbed up the ridge between Clark and Newton then skied mostly Newton and crossed back into the bottom of Heather.

Long hike up the ridge

Photographer: Violet Anderson


Mike Ferrell skiing into Newton canyon.

Violet Anderson, heading back into Clark canyon,

which then merges with Heather canyon,

with Mt. Hood in the background.

Photographer: Mike Ferrell



Mt. St. Helens (WA)

May 10, 2012. 

Bruce McGavin, Mike Ferrell and Violet Anderson climbed and skied St Helens in advance of the Mother's Day weekend crowd. It was perfect unskied corn snow. They all agreed it was the best ski we've had on Saint Helens on May 10th.

Bruce McGavin, Violet Anderson, Mike Ferrell

Photographer: Violet Anderson

(Well, actually a member of the Mazamas using Violet's camera!)

Bruce McGavin on the slopes of Mt. St. Helens

Photographer: Violet Anderson


Violet Anderson on the slopes of Mt. St. Helens

with Mt. Adams in the background.

May 10, 2012.

Photographer: Bruce McGavin


Mike Ferrell on the slopes of Mt. St. Helens, May 10th.

Photographer: Violet Anderson



PACRAT Rat Attack Party

April 13, 2012.  (Friday)

We celebrated the end of the racing season with the annual "Rat Attack" awards party. at The Refectory restarant.

First place was won by the Ruttin' Rats team (Schnee Vogeli Ski Club).

In second place was the Chilled Brewskis team (Mountain High club) led by Brenda Becerra.

In third place was the Rat Racers team (Mountain High Club) wiht Lynn Norbury as team captain.

The Queen and King Rats (the two individuals who imporved the most during the season) were: Jeannie Nyquist (Chilled Brewskis team, Mountain High club, improved by 29%) and Alan Bean (Lab Rats team, Mountain High, improved by 45%).

The PACRAT Board

Interior of the Refectory restaurant


Chilled Brewskis members in bib decorating contest

Bib decorating contest


Stevie Viaene & Nancy Pratt (Frosted Flakes)

The Chilled Brewskis with Lynn Norbury


And Hobart announces the Chilled Brewskis as winners.

The bib decorating contest with LLynn norbury


Frosted Flakes team bibs.

Pat Savage and Stevie Viaene


Karen and Gary Gunderson.

Gary Gunderson and Dale Parshall


Colleen Walter arranges the prizes

Gary Gunderson and Dale Parshall


The trophies

Frosted Flakes team in 8th place


Mixed Nuts in 7th place

Tasmanian Ski Devils in 6th place


Gary Gunderson and Dale Parshall

Queen Rat:  Jeannie Nyquist  (with Gordy and Dale)


King Rat:  Alan Bean

King & Queen Rat:  Alan Bean & Jeannie Nyquist


Kiss My Wax team in 5th place.

Rattitudes team in 4th place


Rat Racers team in 3rd place

Chilled Brewskis team in 2nd place


Chilled Brewskis team in 2nd place

Ruttin' Rats team in 1st place


Chilled Brewskis team in 2nd place

Ruttin' Rats team in 1st place


Ruttin' Rats team in 1st place

Frosted Flakes tea table centerpiece

See more Rat Attack photos in our Photobucket album at:




Mt. High quarterly social

Pizza Party & Club elections

May 14, 2012.  (Monday)

Our annual elections were held during the quarterly pizza party at Round Table Pizza.  Most of the Board stays the same, but we now have a new Treasurer: Nancy Pratt.

The pizza was good, as usual, and we enjoyed each other's company. There were also some door prizes, and Emilio showed a 5-minute video summarizing most of our club's activities and trips during this past winter.  All photos published here are from Emilio's camera.

Nancy Pratt - our new Treasurer

Chris Brooks - our club's Secretary


A lively table!

Another lively table!


Jan says: "I voted!"

The pizza was good!


Terry White and Debbi Kor distribute door prizes

Linda McGavin won a T-shirt!




Mt. Hood Meadows

Last day of the season, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012.  (Sunday)

Bruce Kuper sent in these photos taken on the last day of operations at Mt. Hood Meadows. He says: "It was a stellar day at Meadows. Some of the Frosted Flakes team went up and took advantage of the sunshine!" Bruce also put together this great panorama shot from the parking lot. The original is even wider than this, but it had to be cropped a bit so the details in the picture wouldn't be too small:


Mt. Hood Meadows, May 7, 2012.

Potographer: Bruce Kuper

Mt. Hood Meadows, May 7, 2012.

Potographer: Bruce Kuper


Mt. Hood Meadows, May 7, 2012.

Potographer: Bruce Kuper

Mt. Hood Meadows, May 7, 2012.

Potographer: Bruce Kuper



Whistler/Blackcomb trip

April 19-23, 2012. 

About a dozen people had a great time on the slopes of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, and in Whistler village. They had ski-in/ski-out accommodations, and good weather to boot!  Debbi Kor was the trip leader.

Diane Girard, Debbi Kor, Steve Kingsbury, John Davis.

Photographer: John Davis


Keith Debanerich & Jody Savara, Diane Girard & Steve Kingsbury, Sandra Volk, Ron & Terri Best, Joanne Taylor, Carl Schnoor, and John Davis.
Photographer: Debbi Kor

Debbi Kor

Photographer: John Davis


The group on the slopes

Photographer: John Davis

The group at a Whistler restaurant

Photographer: John Davis



Shot from John's "Go Pro" camera

Photographer: John Davis





International Skiing History Association Week

Timberline, Glade Trail, Mt. Hood Museum, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012.  (Monday)

This year ISHA's annual ski heritage week was held in the Northwest. The participants visited a number of ski areas, including Timberline, Mt. Hood meadows, White Pass, Crystal Mt., Snoqualmie, and Stevens Pass.  The day they skied at Timberline (Monday, April 9) included a run down the Glade trail. At the bottom, a shuttle transported the participants to the Mt. Hood Museum for a reception there, and then back to Timberline Lodge, where a dinner was enahnced with 3 or 4 history presentations. 

* Jeff Kohnstamm, Timbeline's manager, presented a slide show about the history of Timberline Lodge.

* Lloyd Musser, curator of the Mt. Hood Museum, talked about the history of skiing in the Northwest.

* Kirby Gilbert, Ski Historian, talked about the founding of Ski Magazine in 1936.

The whole Timberline day, including skiing the Glade Trail, the Mt. Hood Museum visit, the Timberline Lodge dinner, and the history presentations was open to local skiers. The day event cost $60.


Jon Tullis, Timberline's Public Affairs Director, addresses the ISHA Ski Heritage Week participants, April 9, 2012.

Photographer: Emilio Trampuz

Skiing the Glade Trail started at Timberline Lodge.

ISHA Ski Heritage Week, April 9, 2012.

Photographer: Emilio Trampuz


Glade Trail: 
Jon Tullis is on the far right (in black)

 ISHA Ski Heritage Week participants, April 9, 2012.

Photographer: Emilio Trampuz

Skiing the Glade Trail down to Government Camp.

ISHA Ski Heritage Week, April 9, 2012.

Photographer: Emilio Trampuz


Glade Trail with view of Skibowl. Dale Crockatt is on the far left, wearing a bright green bib.

ISHA Ski Heritage Week participants, April 9, 2012.

Photographer: Emilio Trampuz

Shuttle bus picked up participants at the end of the Glade Trail to transport them to the Mt. Hood Museum.

ISHA Ski Heritage Week, April 9, 2012.

Photographer: Emilio Trampuz


Mike Barmache, Linda McGavin, Lesli Bekins, Lloyd Musser, and Emilio Trampuz at the Mt. Hood Museum.
ISHA Ski Heritage Week participants, April 9, 2012.

Photographer: Emilio Trampuz

Friends of Timberline and Linda McGavin (on the right)

at Timberline Lodge.

ISHA Ski Heritage Week, April 9, 2012.

Photographer: Emilio Trampuz



Bachelor Blast

An NWSCC multi-club trip to Mt. Bachelor

April 6 - 8, 2012. 

If you missed this year’s Bachelor Blast you missed a GREAT trip! Wonderful weather, great skiing (Summit was open every day - what does THAT tell you?), a fantastic fine dining lasagne buffet lunch served in Scapolo’s; the opportunity to meet and ski with former Olympian ballet skiers from the ‘80s, a costume contest, and a Gourmet Hot Dog party at GoodLife Brewing, with live music! Mt.Bachelor did an excellent job with a welcome packet and goodie bag for everyone, and Mt. Bachelor Village provided excellent service and fine accommodations.


It was SO MUCH FUN to meet and ski with the “Legends” - Bob Howard, Thom Brisson, Steve Youngerman, Dan Herby, Mike Dayton, Dan Schindler, and Tracy Livingston - and to watch them perform ballet tricks that they may not have tried in decades.


They were the judges of the costume contest, and added a twist to the contest by asking the participants to ski down and attempt some tricks as well! The winner was a shoe-in: Bruce Kuper sewed an amazing costume that was a one-piece psychedelic black-and-white pattern (shown skiing backwards)! Richard Horner was second with a “Bad Hare Day,” and Janet (“Zippy”) Siverts-Smith came in third, wearing an old colorful one-piece suit and showing a lot of effort in her skiing.


Among our skiers were Sally Niedermeyer, Moniquea Degan, Janet Siverts-Smith, Lynn Norbury (bunny ears), Rich Horner and Bruce Kuper.

Hot-dog tricks at
Bachelor Blast

Photographer: Linda & Bruce McGavin

Hot dog tricks at Bachelor Blast

Photographer: Linda & Bruce McGavin


Hot dog tricks at
Bachelor Blast

Photographer: Linda & Bruce McGavin

Lynn Norbury (bunny ears) tries some tricks

Photographer: Linda & Bruce McGavin


Moniquea Degan

Photographer: Linda & Bruce McGavin

Richard Horner ("Bad Hare Day")

Photographer: Linda & Bruce McGavin


Jan "Zippy" Siverts-Smith

Photographer: Linda & Bruce McGavin

Bruce Kuper skiing backwards

Photographer: Linda & Bruce McGavin



Mystery trip

Mt. Shasta & Mt. Ashland

March 16-18, 2012.  

This year's mystery bus trip went to Mt. Shasta (CA) and Mt. Ashland (OR).  Mt. Shasta is only about an hour and a quarter south of the Oregon/Califronis border. We stayed at the Stratford Inn in Ashland both nights and made a day trip to Mt. Shasta. We were blessed with two of the best kind of days. At Mt. Shasta, we were greeted with a bluebird day. Great visibility and perfect day to take pictures of the enormous 14,000 foot mountain in the background.  By evening, it got cloudy and it snowed overnight.  The next morning, at Mt. Ashland, we were greeted with 6 inches of the most delightfully powdery snow, and it kept snowing much of the day. But, by late afternoon, it got sunny again.  Photos from Emilio Trampuz and Linda & Bruce McGavin.

Mt. Shasta: Only 26 of us (out of a total of 40) are in this picture in front of Mt. Shasta on early Saturday morning.


Mt. Ashland:  Composite of 3 pictures of Bruce McGavin in the Cirque Bowl at Mt. Ashland.  Deep powder!


Walt, the leprechaun at Mt. Shasta

Rich Horner, on the bus. It was St. Patrick's Day.


We kept ourselves busy with our smart phones!

John Davis and Steve Royce comparing notes.


Jan enjoyed the conversation

Rich played and many joined in the singing.


Kevin Bastin and Sally Niedermeyer

Bruce Kuper, Harry & Lisa Scribner, Emilio Trampuz


Rich entertaining the troops.

All together now!


Nancy Pratt tells a joke

Moniquea Degan telling a good one.


Jack Folliard has a whole database of jokes!

Sally Niedermeyer and Kristine Canham at Ashland


Mer'a and Scott Stepan in the Cirque Bowl

Mer'a's first ungroomed black diamond descent


"I did it!!!" says Mer'a

The steepest part of the Cirque Bowl at Mt. Ashland


Phil Mant gives a thumbs up, while Harry Scribner takes photos at Mt. Ashland.

This was a ski-in / ski-out bus ! That's Kurt Krueger about to ski down to the bus. Moniquea taking photos!


We all agreed that this was a great
powder day at Mt. Ashland.


Several locals confirmed that this was
the best day of the season!


The powder was so light that even when the slopes were all carved up, it didn't matter where you made your turn, the snow simply got out of your way.  Our skis just sliced though it like it was powdered sugar.

Bruce McGavin in the Cirque Bowl. Photo by Linda McG.


Bruce McGavin's "face shot" in the Bowl (Mt. Ashland)

Bruce McGavin emerges out of the snow.


See more Mystery trip photos in our Photobucket album at:




Movie & Pizza night

February 29, 2012.   (Wednesday)

A little over 51 club members brought in 65 pounds of non-perishable food as donation for the Oregon Food Bank. The blub provided the pizza.  Fred Noble spoke about the upcoming "Ski to Defeat ALS" event (April 14) and showed a short video about his recent experience learning to ski on a sit-ski.  After that, we reloaded on the pizza and watched the movie "Winter" - produced by The Ski Channel, and focusing on a number of different athletes who acheived difficult or seemingly impossible feats.  Thanks to John Davis for these photos.

John Orefice and Sylvia Kearns-Orefice

Terri Best and Patty Ignatowski


Fred Noble (in the center, with a microphone)

Meagan Lancaster ALS Association representative


Emilio hands Meagan a flyer

Debbi Kor and Terry White


Randy Les (FWSA President) speaks while Kenny Brundidge, Chris Moon and Kurt Krueger enjoy the pizza

Debbi Kor and Emilio Trampuz



Utah trip

Powder Mt. and Snowbasin

February 18-24, 2012. 

This trip, just like the previous one some 5 or 6 years ago, offered two options:  a 4 day trip or a 7 day trip. Seven people chose the shorter option, while about a dozen others chose the longer option.  We all stayed in the Moose Hollow condos in Eden, UT (not far from Ogden), and we skied together during the first 4 days, mostly at Powder Mt. and Snowbasin.  Day 3 was set aside as a free day, so people could choose to visit one of the many other ski areas around Salt Lake City.  Most people chose to stay at Powder Mt. (the closest ski area, only 10 - 15 minutes away). Only 3 people chose to visit a different ski area that day.  Colin Brandt went to the Canyons, while Kurt Krueger and Emilio Trampuz went to Sundance ski area (not far from Provo, UT).


Powder Mt. lived up to its name, greeting us with 6 inches of fresh snow on the first day. We skied lots of fresh tracks and lots of trees.

Snowbasin was a bit foggy early in the morning, but the fog dispersed, and we had a good time.

Sundance turned out to be bigger than expected and with at least 2 or 3 totally ungroomed bowls, steeper and more challenging than expected.  See video.

During the drive to and from Utah, 4 of us (Kurt Krueger, Kurt Wilke, Walt Blomberg, and Emilio Trampuz) also visited Anthony Lakes (Oregon) and Soldier Mt. (Idaho).  See a few pictures at the bottom of this trip.

A welcoming pizza party at one of the condos

Pizza party at one of the condos


Kenny, Bruce, and Walt examine the trail map.

Kurt Wilke and Lauren Brundidge look at the trail map


Powder Mountain (UT)


Powder Mt. -- Bruce McGavin

Powder Mt. - Who is this masked man?  Walt?


Powder Mt. -- Kenny Brundidge

Powder Mt -- Linda McGavin


Powder Mt. -- Ann Gormley

Powder Mt. -- Scott Rich


Powder Mt.  -- Emilio points at his fresh tracks

Emilio's fresh tracks


More fresh tracks!  What a day!

The one on the right is mine.


No crowds on Powder Mt.  Just the 3 people ahead.

"Richard's" glades at Powder Mt.


More fresh tracks on Powder Mt.!  Nobody was here yet!

Great sunset, as seen from our condos in Eden.


Snowbasin (UT)


Kurt Krueger celebrates his birthday at the Gray Cliff lodge, an excellent place to eat in Ogden Canyon.

Snowbasin - riding the chairlift

Linda McG, Pete Troy, Ann Gormley, Bruce McG.


Snowbasin - the two Kurts with a moose at the base area

Emilio Trampuz, Kurt Krueger, Kurt Wilke


Gordy Lusk carves his way down at Snowbasin

Gordy at Snowbasin


Jeannie Nyquist at Snowbasin

Kurt Wilke at Snowbasin


Part of our group at the top of Snowbasin, at the top of the gondola near the start of the men's Olympic downhill.

Gordy, Linda and Bruce

near the top of the highest gondola.

See more Utah photos in the Photobucket Album




Sundance (UT)

A very nice surprise!  Bigger, steeper, more challenging, and more powdery than expected.

Sundance (Utah) -- Kurt and Emilio

Kurt Krueger at Sundance


Kurt Krueger in the Canyon at the bottom of Bishop Bowl

Sundance, Utah.

Bishop Bowl and Grizzly Ridge

at Sundance, Utah.


Bishop Bowl and Far East ridge, at Sundance.

Several black and double-black descents there!

Emilio goes from Grizzly Ridge into the Badlands,
at Sundance, Utah.


Emilio enters the Badlands  (Sundance, UT)

Kurt in the "No Excuses" glades, at Sundance.


See video Kurt and Emilio recorded at Sundance

High definition video on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/39954705

Standard resolution video on YouTube:




Anthony Lakes (OR) and Soldier Mt (ID)

Visited by 4 of us on the way to Utah (A-Lakes) and back from Utah (Soldier Mt.).

Soldier Mt. is owned by actor Bruce WIllis, who is about to donate it to a non-profit organization.

Kurt Wilke, Kurt Krueger, Walt Blomberg

at Anthony Lakes (OR) on the way to Utah.

Kurt Wilke, Kurt Krueger, Walt Blomberg

at Soldier Mt (ID) on the way back from Utah.


Kurt Krueger, Kurt Wilke, and Emilio Trampuz

at the bottom of Soldier Mt. (ID)

Walt Blomberg, Kurt Krueger, Kurt Wilke

on top of Soldier Mt. (ID)


Panorama at the top of Soldier Mt. (ID)

Emilio and the gang on the Wang Dang Doodle trail.


Emilio on the Braveheart trail, Soldier Mt. (UT)

Walt, Kurt, and Kurt, on Braveheart trail, Soldier Mt.


See more Utah photos in the Photobucket Album




PACRAT Race #2

February 12, 2012.   (Sunday)

Our second race of the year was at Mt. Hood Meadows, on the Middle Fork trail, in beautiful sunny conditions.

Mt. Hoodlums team

Glenn Iaccovetta and Chas Westergren


Nicole Rufner

Kaitlyn Karsten - Lab Rats team


Frosted Flakes team

near the starting gate

Madison Chandler


Terry Becerra and Mike Mecham

David Schor


Glenn Iacovetta

Chuck Westergen


John Yoo

Phil Mant


Nicole Rufner

Farzin Ghezel, Jerry Barnes, Gary Gunderson


Jerry Barnes, Dave Cascadden, Gary Gunderson

Kristine Canham & Glenn Iacovetta. One beer too many!


Kristine Canham & Glenn Iacovetta. Sweet dreams!

Kristine and Glenn -- woke up for the photo!


Terry Becerra and Mike Mecham


Jill Trulsen and David Larson




Chocolate Party

February 11, 2012.   (Saturday)

We started with appetizers and drinks. Several people brought wine. The we played a game inspired by Valentine's Day.  The winning couple were Colleen and Dave.  A total of 17 poeple brought a chocolate dessert for the contest to find the most creative, the most chocolaty, and the lightest chocolate dessert.

Thanks for Eddie Martinelli and Steve Royce for hosting our annual Chocolate party this year.

Debbi Kor introduces the Valentine's game

Winners of the game: Colleen and Dave


The wine tasting department!


The chocolate contest judges

Chas Westergren, Steve Royce, and John Davis


The Chocolate Demise cake - one of the winners

Stevie Viaene's dessert got honorable mention


Emilio's flourless walnut cake got the prize for the lightest. The walnuts actually made it quite a rich cake, but it had the least amount of chocolate.



Suzanne Tyler's cake was the most creative

Chris Moon and Kurt Krueger won the prize for the most chocolaty cake - the "Chocolate Demise"!


OK, time to dig in!

Yes, let's sweeten our lives!



FWSA Ski Week at Jackon Hole, WY

January 28 - February 4, 2012. 

This is a huge annual ski trip organized by the Far West Ski Association each winter, but each time to a different resort. It is attended by hundreds of skiers from dozens of ski clubs throughout the American West. This year, several Mountain High members attended the Jackson Hole trip.  Among them were Barbara Bousum (the organizer for the Northwest clubs), Bill Matarazzi, Harry and Lisa Scribner, Edie Martinelli and Steve Royce.

Thanks to Harry Scribner for the photos.

Lisa and Harry Scribner at Jackson Hole

Steve, Edie, Lisa, Harry


Steve Royce, Edie Martinelli, Lisa & Harry Scribner

Sue (far left) and Alfredo (far right) from the Altair ski club


Lisa nad Harry, Sue & Alfredo, Edie and Steve

Jackson Hole panorama




Anthony Lakes bus trip

January 20-22, 2012. 

Our bus trips are always fun, but this one was a special adventure just getting to the mountain, due to an accident ahead of us on an iced up I-84 in the Columbia River Gorge, and the slippery access road to Anthony Lakes. Other than that, everyone had fun. It kept snowing on and off, so there was fresh powder, lots of tree skiing, and long groomers. Everyone had fun.  The sky was overcast and with the snow falling, conditions were not so good for taking photos. Also, some people were so bundled up that it is hard to tell who is who.  Thanks to Mike Boyd for almost all the pictures taken on the slopes.

A sander truck trying to help us get up the hill

Shoveling sand under the tires


That's a real man: short sleeves in freezing temperatures

A tow truck lent a helping hand.


A grader finally pulled us out of the slippery spot

Tightening the chain


Everybody on the bus was relaxed. Photo:Chris Brooks

Mike Boyd helping to chain up.  Photo Chris Brooks


Fantastic sky over Anthony Lakes.  Photo: Mike Boyd.

Chris Brooks.   Photo: Mike Boyd


   John Davis and Emilio Trampuz.  Photo: Mike Boyd

   Emilio fires back


Chris Brooks &
 Mike Boyd.  Photo by Emilio

   Chris Brooks & Mike Boyd.   Photo by Emilio


   Sandra Volk.    Photo: Mike Boyd

Scott and Mer'a Stepan.    Photo: Mike Boyd


 Linda McGavin,  Pete Troy, and Ann Gormley.

   Photo: Mike Boyd


   Kurt Krueger & others on Holiday trail.  Photo: Mike Boyd

 Holiday trail.    Photo: Mike Boyd.


Bob Burns and Emilio Trampuz.
   Photo: Mike Boyd

   Photo: Mike Boyd


   Photo: Mike Boyd

   Photo: Mike Boyd


   Photo: Mike Boyd

   Photo: Mike Boyd


   Photo: Mike Boyd

   Photo: Mike Boyd


Kurt Krueger skiing the trees
   Photo: Emilio

   John Davis skiing the trees.  Photo: Emilio


   John Davis & Kurt Krueger.    Photo: Emilio

Chris Brooks & Mike Boyd.     Photo: Emilio


The second day was sunnier. 
   Photo: Mike Boyd

Anthony Lakes from the chairlift.    Photo: Mike Boyd


   Photo: Mike Boyd

   Photo: Mike Boyd


 Terry Swan.       Photo: Mike Boyd

Terry Swan     Photo: Mike Boyd



Chris Brooks    Photo: Mike Boyd

Chris Brooks.    Photo: Mike Boyd


  Terry Swan & Chris Brooks.   Photo: Mike Boyd

Dinner at Haines Steakhouse.    Photo: Emilio


 Dinner at Haines Steakhouse.    Photo: Emilio

Cute cowgirl waitress w/ Sandra Volk and Dick Bonillo


Dinner at Haines Steakhouse.    Photo: Emilio

Dinner at Haines Steakhouse.    Photo: Emilio




January 29, 2012. 

Our first race of the season was held at Mt. Hood Skibowl.  The party after the race was held at the Mt. Hood useum and Cutural Center in Government Camp.

Colleen Walter and Gary Gunderson

announcing a door prize winner.

The winner was Dave Cascadden.

Dave Cascadden won a door prize.

Dave and the Sherwood Valley Juice Co. are our main sponsors this year.


Walt Stanton watches as Collen and Gary draw prizes.

A door prize being drawn.  Food in the background.


And the next winner is ....

Hey, hhere are the race results!


Looking at the results

Lark offers cookies for dessert




Bib decorating party

December, 2011. 

Here are a few photos of the "Frosted Flakes" PACRAT team gathering to decorate their racing bibs.  Note that the Sherwood Valley Juice Company is our new sponsor this year.  That's why their logo is on one sie of the racing bib.  the other side is out usual racing rat.  (Photos from Bruce Kuper)

Frosted Flakes: Julie , Kay , Kevin

Frosted flakes: Kurt , Stevie , Nancy, Bryan


Kurt Krueger's bib

Patty's bib



Washington Park hike

November 13, 2011.  (Sunday)

This was an urban hike, Washington Part to Arlington Heights loop, for a total of 3.5 miles, led by Elisabeth Fontaine. There were some stairs to climb - a good preparation for the upcoming ski season. 10 people and a dog participated.

The hikers

The statue


Colorful Fall foliage

A view of Portland


The picnic

A race up the stairs



Ski Fair

November 7, 2011 (Monday). 

The Ski Fair was held at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas for the first time after a 2 year break when it was held at the Holiday Inn by the airport. This is a NW Ski Club Council event, organized by skiers for skiers.


As usual, our Mt. High booth was one of the most well attended booths. Lots of new people showed up, as well as existing club members who renewed their membership, signed up for trips, or racing, or both.


The theme of the Ski Fair was "Ski the Volcano", and our President, Kurt Krueger managed not only to make a volcano for our booth, but also to make smoke come out of it (using dry ice).


Kristine Canham picking up some trip flyers

Kurt Krueger and Terry Swan


Debbi Kor and Chas Westergren

Terry Swan and Diane Zhitlovsky staffing our booth


Kurt made the volcano smoke!


This was harder than it looks.  We discovered that dry ice vapor is heavier than air, so it sinks to the bottom rather than rise up the volcano. It looked more like fog around the bottom of the volcano than hot smoke rising from the volcano.  We had to devise a way to force the smoke to go up. 

This is the moment when it finally worked!

Chris Brooks decorating the volcano

Marie and Pete Melin with Steve Coxen in the middle.


Randy Lew and Gary Gunderson at the PACRAT booth

PACRAT leaders: Gary Gunderson and Bruce Parshall


Subaru representative: Vijay Chitnis of CARR Subaru

Robert Brockmeyer, Sandra Kaufman, Jan Siverts-Smith


Dave Tragethon (Mt. Hood Meadows),  with

Mary Olhausen and Bruce Ellison (Our Racing Director)

Mary Olhausen, and Debbi Kor with

Todd Strickland (Vail Resorts)


Marcia Brighton and Sheri Parshall (NWSCC booth)

The blonde is Samy Fouts. The others ... hmmm...


Colleen Walter and Steve Coxen work the Silent Auction

Colleen Walter and her daughter.



Portland Ski Fever & Snowboard Show


November 4 - 6, 2011 (Friday - Sunday). 

The annual Portland Ski Show at the Expo Center.


This is a more commercial event. The big attractions are the many ski shops selling off last year's inventory at discounted prices.


Also, many ski areas are represented.


Our ski club did not have a booth here, but the NWSCC had a booth, shared by all the local ski clubs.

Emilio Trampuz and Chas Westergren, NWSCC booth


Chas Westergren and Gary Gunderson - NWSCC booth

Rick Saul, the Mt. Ashland representative.


Nancy Chinn at the Oregon Cancer Ski Out booth.

Emilio also volunteered at the Hope on the Slopes booth



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