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2005 Photos

This page shows club events and trips from the 2005 calendar year. If you wish to save it for posterity, you could print the whole page, or save individual photos (by right-clicking on them and selecting "Save photo as)" or save the whole web page as an HTM file. Higher resolution versions of these photos are available in the Photo Albums at Snapfish.com. 
1. For selected trip photos, go to ski trips.
2. For selected social events, go to: social events.
3. For older photos, go to: 2004 photos (2nd Canada Ski Safari).
4. For complete set of photos, go to the Photo Albums, where you can also order your own prints.

Canada Ski Safari

December 12-18, 2005.  Seven of us went on a road trip through Washington and British Columbia, in three separate cars: Mike and Diane in one car, Kurt and Emilio in another, and Janet, Sheridan and Julie in another. The weather was calm, mostly sunny, ... but cold, preserving the snow magnificently.


We shared the cost of gas and lodging. The total cost per person for Kurt and Emilio turned out to be  $355 for 6 days and 6 nights, including all lodging, transportation and lift tickets. That's an average of only $59 per person per day! And it was even less expensive for the women's car, because all expenses were divided by 3.  The only additional expense was for food.  For comparison, note that on any average ski trip, you will probably spend $100 - $150 per person per day.


We skied a different area each day:  Steven Pass (WA), Apex, Big White, Silver Star, Sun Peaks (British Columbia), and Mt. Baker (WA).


Jan, Julie, Kurt, Sheridan and Emilio, on day 1 at Skykomish, WA

Santa says Sheridan and Emilio have been good this year.


Mike, Diane, and Emilio at Big White

Mike finds the new glades at Big White!


Mike and Diane playing at Big White

Mike, Julie, Kurt and Diane at Big White


Nearly full moon sets over Sun Peaks early in the morning.

In the afternoon, Mike has an accident on a bumpy black diamond


It was steep. That's the Sun Peaks village below.

Mike gives a victory sign as 3 patrollers work on him.


Kurt finds a friendly tree, among all that powder at Silver Star!

Kids remove rocks off the slopes with hockey-sticks (Silver Star).

Emilio gets to ride the chairlift with Santa (at Mt. Baker)!


Come to Santa, Kurt!  Mt. Shuksan towers in the back (at Mt. Baker)

Kurt skis the canyon at Mt. Baker.


Kurt, half-way down the canyon at Mt. Baker

Kurt, Julie, Sheridan, Janet and Emilio at Mt. Baker.


Kurt at Mt. Baker





Club Night at the Next Adventure

October 11, 2005. (Tuesday).  Over 30 people had signed up, but only 22 showed up, and had a great time!  The pizza was excellent, the ski wax and tune-up clinic was informative, and the Next Adventure staff were helpful with all kinds of advice. A couple of us bought skis, some got boots, helmets, clothing, and even snorkeling gear (for that REALLY DEEP powder!).  And most of us walked away with some free wax samples!


The prices in the store are amazing, even without the discount we received. The Next Adventure specializes in overstocked items, closeouts, last year's gear, etc, ... and there are many great bargains. For example, some of the ski boots were as low as $35 - $69 -- but mainly in smaller, women's sizes. No, it's not a mis-print. And these are new boots!  Sure maybe a year or two old, but ski boots don't change. These boots are as good as they were the day they were made! Even the most expensive ski boots in the store were under $200.  More gear is coming within the next week!


During the meeting, Greg asked about snow-park permits, ... and the Next Adventure staff told us they will soon have the snow-park permits available in their store, just as a convenience to their customers - with no extra surcharge.


Deek and Bryan's Next Adventure store (SE Stark and Grand Ave.)

Brand new boots for 69 bucks!  And some for $35.  Wow!


Jeff demonstrating how to drip wax on your skis.

Bob and Gordy listen and observe.


Stevie - in the Mountain Maiden's department!

Barbara and Bill enjoy some shopping.


Steve, Gary and Suzanne on candid camera!

Doug's new pair of skis matches his hat color!


Old skis on display high up on the wall.

New skis . Eric shows some of the models to Steve and Bruce.



Mt. High Picnic

August 13, 2005. (Saturday). The day started at 9:00 am, when a group of about 10 of us went on a leisurely bike ride up and down the Willamette River.  By 11 am, people started gathering at the picnic site. Sellwood Park was a great choice, as there was plenty of shade under the tall trees.  Approximately 40 people showed up.  The wieners didn't take long to cook, and Gordy's corn on the cob didn't take long either.  So, we decided to eat first and play later. After savoring all the salads and pies, and sharing some great conversation, we played a lively game of softball. We should do this more often!  See the 10 photos below. More photos are in our Snapfish Photo Albums .


Christina, Diane, Mike and Deirdre.

Sandy, Gordy and Gary preparing the corn on the cob.


Sue watches as Kurt checks on the wieners.

Let's eat!  Steve, Linda, Kurt, Chris, and Denny.


Deirdre, Alice and Gerry, with Phil & Sylvia in the back.

Alice, Crystal, Larry, Denny, Paul, and Terry.


Bob as catcher, with Diane at bat.

Let's get serious now!  Gordy and Suzanne.


Suzanne pitches to Gary!

Suzanne pitches to Diane.  Gordy in the back.






Rafting and Camping on the Deschutes River

July 15 - 16, 2005. (Fri./Sat.). Two days of rafting and two days of camping went by too quickly. What a weekend! Perfect weather. Even the river seemed warmer than usual. We rafted, kayaked, swam (not always intentionally!). Saturday evening, Louís BBQ dinner was excellent!
You can find more photos on the Snapfish site, where you can order your own prints. Just follow the link to our Photo Albums .


Phil Mant, Alan Robins (rowing), Emilio Trampuz in Boxcar rapids

Louis, Sue, Jack, Gerry, Bob & Emilio in Oak Springs rapid


Emilio, Alan (rowing), and Phil in Boxcar

Diane, Emilio, Mike, and Dan enjoying a break.


Jack, Diane, Mike, Emilio, Marlene and Elaine at breakfast.

Gordy celebrates with a toast!


Skipper Gary in a canoe!

Bob, Tim and Mike taking a dip! Brrrr!!!


Phil and Alan (in back) and the Hawaiian beach babes (Patty, Diane and Alice) at Elevator rapids.

Suzanne letting go in the White River water slide!


Blaise letting go in the White River water slide.

Blaise getting sucked into the water slide.





Big Mountain train trip

February 16-20, 2005.  About 30 of us boarded the AMTRAK train in Portland, on our way to Whitefish, Montana, for 4 days on the slopes.  The trip was pleasant. We enjoyed great views of the Columbia River gorge from the comfort of the lounge car. Many of us paid an extra $112 for a sleeper car in both directions (only $56 per person per night).  The sleeping berths were rather small, but we were glad to be able to stretch out and sleep in comfort, especially on the way back! The sleeper car fee included dinner and breakfast on the train, plus unlimited amounts of coffee, orange juice and apple juice!

We had 3 excellent, sunny days at Big Mountain, plus a bit of fresh snow on Saturday morning,  There was plenty of snow for some tree skiing. Some of us also participated in a racing clinic, and everyone had an opportunity to try a NASTAR racing course for free. Also, we did some synchronized formation skiing.

The views from the top of Big Mountain were stunning!  Below are just some sample photos. See the rest in our Photo Albums. The first 100 photos there were taken directly with a digital still camera. The other 42 are lower resolution stills taken off of the video-tape, and are lower resolution images, added mainly to show our synchronized skiing, which was done on the "Jesus" trail. We nicknamed it that because of the statue of Jesus at the top. The trail's real name is: "Ed's Run".


Tom, Deirdre & Wally on top of Big Mountain, on day 1.

Diane, with Whitefish Lake in the background.


Suzanne & Gary during lunch at the Summit House.

Deirdre at the start of the racing clinic.


Randy, Diane, Linda (plus Wally & Deirdre) at the start of the race.

Wally on a rock on the "Moose" trail. Whitefish in the background.


Ron & Debbi

Linda, Jack, Diane, Patty, Bruce, setting up for synchronized skiing


Diane, Ron, Blaise, Bruce, Dave on the rock on the Moose trail overlooking the town of Whitefish in the valley below.

Debbi cracking up after receiving this thong with the text:
"Big Mountain Ski In - Ski Out"


Fred and Terry seem to like Debbi's new T-shirt and thong!
What is your hand doing, Terry?

Synchronized formation skiing on the "Jesus" trail.
1st row: Ron; 2nd row: Jack & Diane;  3rd row: Bruce, Linda, Patty.




Crystal Mountain bus trip

January 14-16, 2005.  Almost 30 of us had a great time on our annual bus trip. In an unusually warm winter with very little snow, we were very lucky on this trip. The timing was perfect. We had good snow on both days, plus about 4 inches of fresh powder on Saturday night, and a sunny day on Sunday!  Both days, we split up into 2 groups: an intermediate and an advanced group. The intermediate group did a traditional "human slalom" on a blue slope, while the more advanced group went in search of untracked powder, ... and found some! On Saturday evening, after dinner, we played a couple of rounds of "Eskimo Whist" (a card game). Emilio recorded the on-slope action on video-tape. Later, still photos were extracted from the video-tape. The sharper images here were taken directly with a digital still camera. The lower resolution images were taken off the tape.

Half of the group, at the top of the Forest Queen, on day 1.

Human Slalom: Lisa turning around Steve, Deirdre, Alice, Edie.


A bunch of us on top of the the Rainier Express lift, with Mt. Rainier in the background.

Ed, Kurt, Blaise, Harry, Linda, Bruce, and Tom
with Mt. Rainier in the background.


Starting down toward the Lucky Shot trail. Mt. Rainier on the right.

Unusual light phenomenon, trees casting shadows on the sky.


Deirdre skiing near the Forest Queen chair

Alice expertly missing the photographer.


Harry, doing the "moose" salute!

Bruce and Linda, enjoying a quiet moment.


Ed suggests we ski that inviting glade on the opposing hill.

Bruce says: "Yes, I like this glade"


Ed says "Check out the powder here!"

Phil says "Snowboarders can do it too!


Bruce leaving his mark on untouched snow on a sunny slope.

Linda gets her own fresh tracks, and this is late afternoon!

In case you wonder, the photographer made it safely down those same slopes too!


2005 New Year's Day brunch and games

January 1, 2005.  Approximately 20 people showed up at Gary and Suzanne's on New Year's day. We had a delicious potluck brunch, enjoyed each other's company, and even played 3 holes of golf. The golf course was expertly prepared by our host Gary Stevenson. The first hole was 168" (yes, inches), par 5 drive down-hill (or, rather, straight down the stairs).  The second hole resembled a castle or fortress. The third hole even had a sand-trap!  It was great fun!


Debbi, Jaxine, Suzanne, and Patty

Fred, Walt, Suzanne and Kris at hole #2


Elisabeth, Bob, and Suzanne at hole #3

Zoe (the dog) was a big hit with the ladies (Crystal, Alice, Patty)



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