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Mt. High Photos (2005/2006)

This page shows club events and trips from the 2005/2006 ski season. If you wish to save it for posterity, you could print the whole page, or save individual photos (by right-clicking on them and selecting "Save photo as)" or save the whole web page as an HTM file. Higher resolution versions of these photos are available in the Photo Albums at Snapfish.com. 
1. For selected trip photos, go to ski trips.
2. For selected social events, go to: social events.
3. Older photos: 2004 photos (2nd Canada Ski Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social)

                            2005 photos (3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt. trip, Crystal Mt. trip) .
4. For complete set of photos, go to the Photo Albums, where you can also order your own prints.


Halloween Party

October 28, 2006.  (Saturday) We spent a few bewitching hours at the home of Meg Gadler and her family. Many famous characters showed up, including a pirate with a parrot on his shoulder, Freddie Krueger, Dr Gray (from "Gray's Anatomy"), the Wicked Witch of the West, Spiderman, and more!


Best of all, we made all kinds of plans, for the Canadian ski safari, and for PACRAT racing, and the Utah ski trip.  Even dreamed up some plans for the season after next!  Our hosts, the Gadlers, were very warm and friendly (and even their dog proved friendlier than the first growling impression he may have left).  Everybody had a great time. Judge for yourself! See the pictures.

Captain Gary & Kurt "Freddie" Krueger

Meg as Dr. Gray (Gray's Anatomy) is not afraid!


Sheriff Suzanne was quick on the draw!

Debbi just got in the way of the bullets!


Randy and Debbi behave themselves next to the Wicked Witch of the West! 

"I am a good dog, sheriff! Have mercy on my and throw me a treat!"


Jacques Cousteau and the ghost of George Mallory (who froze while climbing Mt. Everest)

Gordy in camouflage gear with Sheridan as a lovely gypsy (or maybe a pirate's wench!)





Seafood Social

September 16, 2006.  (Saturday) This annual party traditionally marks the end of Summer.  And how appropriate this year, as it suddenly turned cold, and there were 4 inches of snow at Timberline just a couple of days earlier.

Diane Adkin and Bob Raemer hosted this party, and it was a very pleasant affair. Lots of friendly faces, lots of things to talk about, lots of winter plans to be made.

The food was great. Tons of fresh salmon, clams, and other goodies. And the desserts were to die for!

Diane and Linda on the outside veranda.

Also: Emilio, Sue, Dale, Gary, Bob and Tonya.

These were the smart people, in the warm living room.

Dale, Gary, Suzanne, Tom and Patty.


Jeff and Brenda with Bruce

Sandy and Gordy


Lisa, Emilio and Dean

(Dean is one of our newest club members)

Mary Jane and Chris

(our newest potential members)


Quinn and Steve

Patty, Tom,  Quinn and Steve.


Gerry, Lisa and Tom.

Tonya, Debbi, Mary, Gary and Bob.


Steve and Edie with Sandy

Gordy putting the salmon on the grill.


Gordy says the salmon is ready!

Jeff and Brenda





Picnic and Bike Ride

August 12, 2006.  (Saturday) The day started around 9 am with a bike-ride. We had a great turnout, with 15 riders, not counting Greg and Violet with their children, who took a slightly different route, meeting the rest of the group about mid-way.  With them, the total was 19 people.  And many more showed up later, just for the picnic.

The bike ride was the highlight of the day. We crossed the Sellwood bridge and rode up the west side of the Willamette river all the way up to the Steel bridge, then returned along the east side of the river, with a well-maintained paved bike-path all the way.  We passed the Bite of Oregon, OMSI and the submarine, and even saw a futuristic-looking boat on the river, powered by bio-diesel fuel. Riding with friends was fun, and the sights were great!

At the picnic, Bob and Kurt fired up the grill and prepared a variety of hot dogs (polish, spicy, smoked, beef, etc.), and people brought a variety of salads, beans, condiments, and desserts.  Some frisbee was played, whenever Zoe (the dog) allowed.  A game of softball followed.  Then more dessert arrived as late-comers brought more goodies. Yumm!


Group photo at the start of the bike ride

Zoe (the dog) gets a ride in Alice's basket


Larry (in the greenish-yellow jersey) leads the pack.

The rest of us follow along.


Deirdre, surprised by a sudden stop in front of her.

Bob, followed by Larry & Deirdre, at the Bite of Oregon


Riding along Tom McCall park; twin towers of the Convention Center in the distance.

Linda, chatting with Greg and Violet with their two kids (Haley and Colin)


Larry - our bike-ride leader.

Kurt and Bob fire up the grill.


Jim & Deirdre, Kurt, and Debbi.

Zoe steps right into the frisbee!


Lunch is served!

Terry and Violet


Bruce, Chuck (as grandpa) and Sebastian

Simon & Garfunkel, ...er, Colin! (Phil & Syliva's twins)





Summer Skiing at Timberline

July 23, 2006.  (Sunday) How do you get relief from the oppressive heat on one of the hottest days of the year, with temperatures soaring to 106F?  Simple! Go skiing!!! 

This was not an official club trip. Just a few of the "Mt. Hoodlums" PACRAT team racers who decided to cool off on the Palmer snowfield, above Timberline.

We had great snow!  It was so warm all night, that the snow never froze, so we did not have to ski on ice early in the morning. The snow was perfect from the start, and it stayed good all day long, from 7:00 am to 1:30 pm (when the lifts close).  As some of the snow has melted away from the slopes west of the lift, it created several islands of rock, with snow meandering between them, providing a playful challenge and a fun place to ski!  Of course, there was also the official ski terrain east of the lift, which was wide and smooth, and you could ski down the canyon almost all the way to the parking lot.


In addition to the photos below, if you have a broadband (DSL or cable) connection, see the 8 minute video we shot. Click here for the video.

Salah, Kurt and Tom

Tom, Kurt and Salah. Mt. Jefferson in the background


Tom  (with Salah & Kurt watching above)



Tom  (with Salah & Kurt watching above)






Emilio, Kurt and Salah

Skiers can be artists too!  Rock "sculpture".




Rafting on the Deschutes River

July 14-16, 2006.  (Friday - Sunday) This was our third annual rafting trip on the Deschutes. We camped out for 2 or 3 nights in the Maupin City Park, by the river. We rafted on Friday and Saturday, using a variety of paddle boats, row boats and inflatable canoes.  The weather was perfect. Everybody had buckets of fun!  Thanks to Violet Anderson for these photos.

Elaine, Violet, Haley, Gordy, Sue, and Charlie
at the Oaks Springs rapids

Captain Gary (Stevenson)
at the Oaks Springs rapids


Relaxing in the camp, at Maupin (OR), just a stone-throw from the river.





Hike to Hawk Mountain (OR)

June 25, 2006.  (Sunday) Another great hike!  Magnificent views of Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood. A game of horseshoes was played. 

At the end of the hike, back at the trailhead, Elisabeth and Chuck treated everyone to some "happy hour" treats. Yummm! 

See more photos in Philip Blair's online photo album at: http://homepage.mac.com/glamorousgoose/PhotoAlbum133.html

Bob, Elisabeth, Kristina, Philip, Wally, Trudy,? and Chris

A little rest along the way.


Lunch break!



Start of the hike.
That's Wally on the far left, and Philip Blair in front of him.

Rho Ridge trail sign


View of Mt. Jefferson

A game of horseshoes.


View at the top.

Back at the trailhead.  Happy hour!


A well-deserved rest.

Happy hour at the end of the hike!

This forest gnome is actually Philip Blair.

See more hike photos at: http://homepage.mac.com/glamorousgoose/PhotoAlbum133.html





Ski Oregon Challenge Awards

June 21, 2006.  (Wednesday)  Four people were recognized and awarded a prize for completing the Ski Oregon Challenge.  The awards were handed out by Steve Coxen (former NWSCC President and former FWSA President) at the the monthly NW Ski Club Council meeting.  The four successful challengers were (in chronological order of when they completed the Challenge):

1.  David Schor - who snowboarded all 11 Oregon ski areas.

2.  Emilio Trampuz - who skied all 11 on Alpine skis (mid-fats).

3.  McCoy Smith - who skied all 11 areas, blue runs on telemark skis and black runs on alpine gear.

4.  Ed Palmer - who visited 9 of the 11 ski areas.


See much more info and many photos of the ski areas in the Ski Oregon Challenge Diary.


David Schor was the first one to complete the Ski Oregon Challenge. He had visited all the 11 Oregon ski areas by February 17, 2006. Here, he is holding an award plaque, showing a map of Oregon with all the ski areas marked on it.
Also, notice the Ski Oregon Challenge logo on his T-shirt.

Emilio Trampuz, Steve Coxen, David Schor, with Ski Oregon Challenge awards.
Emilio Trampuz, Steve Coxen, and David Schor

Emilio Trampuz, Ed Palmer, David Schor, with Ski Oregon Challenge awards, June 2006

Successful challengers: Emilio, Ed, and David




Hike to Gillette Lake (WA)

May 21, 2006.  (Sunday) What a fabulous hike!  It was the perfect distance (something between 7 - 9 miles round trip). A good workout, but not too strenuous. Perfect hiking weather -- slightly overcast, with some sunny periods; not too hot. We hiked though forests most of the time. Views of Table Mountain and several other lakes on the way. Crossing a couple of bridges. To top it all off, a swim in Gillette Lake. OK, only Emilio took a dip this time!

At the end of the hike, back at the trailhead, Elisabeth and Chuck treated us all to champagne, fresh strawberries and cheesecakes. Yummm!  Yes, let's do it again!


Mt. High ski club members starting a hike to Gillette Lake, WA
The whole group at the trailhead, at the start of the hike.

Emilio Trampuz, Gillette Lake hike.
Emilio had a cute hat, borrowed from Chuck.


Deirdre and Jim, Mt. High club hike to Gillette Lake
Deirdre and Jim, taking a short rest.

Elisabeth (our leader), Alice, Blaise, Lisa, Deirdre, and Jim


Beautiful winding path through the forest. Jim in the lead.

Arriving at Gillette Lake  (Blaise and Deirdre)


What a nice beach!  (Elisabeth, Blaise, Alice)

Alice and Lisa (with Derby - the dog)


Getting settled down at the lake.

Jim enjoys the scenery.


Deirdre says she wouldn't dream of jumping in.

Emilio says the water is c-c-c-cold, but otherwise OK.


Come on folks, it's refreshing!

"OK, now I have to dry my swimsuit!"


Elisabeth leads the way, for the nicer part, beyond the lake.

Elisabeth and her sister Lidia lead the way across the bridge.


Derby (the dog) crosses the bridge in style, in Lisa's arms!

View of Table Mountain  (Alice, Lisa, Deirdre, Elisabeth)


Another bridge, with a nice view!

Emilio clowning around on the bridge!


Jim being shot by Emilio.

Turning back home (Deirdre, Lidia, Elisabeth)


Lidia, Chuck, Emilio, and Elisabeth on the bridge again.

Lidia, Chuck and Emilio


Alice and Blaise (and Zoe, the dog)

Jim, Deirdre, Lisa, Blaise, Alice, ... on the way back.


A sunny spot provides a good resting place.

Blaise shows off his "Ski Our World" T-shirt.


Chuck and Lidia, enjoying the sunny weather.

Blaise in the lead, with Jim, Deirdre, Lisa, and Alice.


Alice and Blaise enjoy champagne, fresh strawberries, & cheesecakes

A toast to this and all future hikes!





Mt. High Pizza Party

May 16, 2006.  (Tuesday) This was one of our quarterly Parties. We gathered at the Round Table Pizza, and there was more free pizza than we could eat!  The room was not quite as full as at some previous such gatherings, but the turnout was good, and everybody had a place to sit this time!  We held club elections. Everyone got re-elected unanimously. We also distributed a survey regarding future club trips. Also, by request, we offered everyone the option to receive "Lift Lines" in the form of a simple link to the web site instead of a complete PDF file attached to the email. Both options are now available. Just let us know your preference.


Mary Olhausen, the NWSCC Chairperson, was our guest.

Gary & Alice toast each other over the fresh pizza!


Marsha, Terry (our VP), and Mary

Gary makes announcements. Promises to be brief.


Lisa, Kurt (our Treasurer), and Bruce

Gary amusing the crowd!


Chuck and Jack (our PACRAT guy)

Jack announces standard PACRAT dates for the future.





Mt. High "Spring Fling"

April 8/9, 2006.  We skied both days, and enjoyed a free dinner and free accommodations in Government Camp.  It's hard to believe that the whole club didn't jump at all those free offerings. Tom proved his knowledge of Mt. Hood Meadows by showing us several hidden spots in the woods!  What a day!  At dinner time, in addition to the herb-chicken, we also tasted something called a "geoduck" (supposedly pronounced "gooey-duck"), which is not a duck at all but rather an enormous kind of clam, with a long neck, somewhat reminiscent of a duck.


Marsha, Gerry, Kurt, Patty & Emilio

Is that Emilio with a glass of wine?


Marsha & Patty tasting a geoduck!

Marsha, Gerry & Patty



PACRAT "Rat Attack" Awards Party

April 7, 2006.  Friday evening, about 150 PACRAT racers gathered to celebrate the end of another great season of recreational racing.  It happened at the Greek Cuisina, with all the usual Greek dancing, plate smashing, belly dancing, and the ouzo drinking contest.


It was a great year for our club. The top 4 teams (of a total of 16) were Mt. High teams. On the other hand, we also had teams at the very bottom. Our teams placed as follows:

1. Psychothermia,  2. Rattitudes,  3. Rocket Dawgs,  4. Infra Rats

10. Drooling Moose Rats,  12. Avalanche Express,  14. Mixed Nuts,  15. Mt. Hoodlums.


In addition to the team awards, several individual were honored. The Queen and King Rats were crowned (for being the most improved racers of the season).  A number of door prizes were given out. Also, this year each team was assigned an arbitrary country to represent (as in the Olympics). Some of the most well costumed teams were the Tasmanian Devils (representing Australia, and dressed as aborigines and crocodile hunters), the InrfaRats team (representing Greece, dressed in ancient Greeek togas), and the Racy Brats team (representing the USA, dressed in all kinds of Americana).


1st place:  Psychothermia team

1st place:  Psychothermia (with Gary Gunderson)


2nd place:  Rattitudes

3rd place:  Rocket Dawgs


4th place:  InfraRats team

"Racy Brats" team (Skiyente club)


Aborigines from the "Tasmanian Devils" team (Bergfreunde)

"Tasmanian Devils" team (Bergfreunde club)


Mt. Hoodlums team

Drooling Moose Rats team


Barb and Gary, giving out door prizes.

Jack Folliard, announcing the winners.


Barb, announcing the best costumed "Aborigines"

Bruce and Gordy, receiving a prize from Barb and Gary.


The belly dancer was exquisite!

Meg takes on the ouzo contest, with Bruce watching.






Val d'Isere (French Alps) trip

March 3-12, 2006.  We had 7 full days of skiing at the famous "Espace Killy" (the Killy Space) comprising of Val d'Isere and Tignes, the place where Jean Claude Killy honed his skills.  Not everyone skied all 7 days. Besides, every evening we took the time to explore the town of Val d'Isere and its local cuisine.  We tried several Creperies (where they sell crepes), as well as sea-food restaurants, and others.


We found that wine and beer were often less expensive than bottled water or orange juice!


We experienced a mix of sunny days followed by fresh snow dumps, fog, and wind. Some days were warm, others chilly.


The staff at our Hotel Danival were very warm, pleasant, and helpful.  They served a great breakfast every day, with several kinds of cheese, the obligatory "jambon" (ham), and complete with "oeufs a la coque" -- boiled eggs.


Cheese was served on almost everything. Not just fondue and raclette, but also a dollop of grated cheese placed on top of pasta dishes, soups, salads, etc. Someone in our group called it "blockage". As in: "Would you like some more blockage on top of your soup?"


The ski terrain was vast. Nobody skied all the available lifts. There were several very interesting lift solutions. We found one of the longest platter lifts in the world, going uphill and downhill and making two left turns.  There were 8-passenger lifts, with a moving carpet at the loading station.  There were two funiculaire trains pulled by cables at a high speed (much faster than any express lift). There was a "roller-coaster" lift that made some people scream as it crested a ridge and started going downhill on the other side. Another lift had two separate lines, and every other chair went in a different direction. One was free and turned back at the mid-station, but every second chair would continue straight on for another mile.


We had several powder days, but also days when the snow was so grabby we were confined to the groomed trails. The avalanche danger was at its highest the day we arrived. In fact, two people were swept away by an avalanche on the road ahead of us. A German tourist told us he had been coming to Val d'Isere for 35 years and never once had to chain up, but this time the police would not let anyone through without chains. 


Val d'Isere, France, the Alps
View of the village from the top of the Solaise mountain.

Christi, Jennifer, and Rich enjoying cocktails on the first night.


Val d'Isere, France, the Alps
An 8-passenger lift.

Moving carpet at the loading station.


Mt. High ski club members in Val d'Isere, France
Bill, Wally, Salah, and Kurt..

Mt. High ski club members in Val d'Isere, France, the Alps
Jennifer, Bill, Patty, Rich, Elaine, Wally, Gerry, Tom.


Patty and Gerry
Patty & Gerry during a lunch break.

Christi and Elaine in Val d'Isere, France.
Christi and Elaine on the Solaise main run.


Christy in Val d'Isere, France.
Christi and Elaine, with the town of Val d'Isere below.

Kurt in Val d'Isere, France, the Alps.
Kurt above the Val d'Isere valley.


Kurt Krueger in Val d'Isere, France.
Kurt on top of the Bellevarde mountain.

Kurt and Salah in Val d'Isere, France.
Kurt and Salah


Salah and Kurt in Val d'Isere, France.
Salah and Kurt on a cold morning in the Le Fornet area..

Tom in Val d'Isere, France.
Tom displays his sweater, at dinner.


Raclette (melted cheese) dinner.

Cheri, Alan, and Elaine at dinner..


Wally in Val d'Isere, France.
Tom Selleck (a.k.a. Wally) enjoying a small cup of coffee.

Mt. High ski club members in Val d'Isere, France
Jennifer, Rich, Christi, Diane, Mike, Elaine at "Dick's Tea Bar".


Bill, Diane, Elaine, Christi in Val d'Isere, France.
Bill, Diane, Elaine, Christi on the Bellevarde.

Mike Henness in Val d'Isere, France
Mike near the base area.


Old chapel, during a walk after the concert in the old church.

Emilio Trampuz playing Charades at San Francisco airport.
Emilio playing Charades at San Francisco airport.




Chocolate Party

February 25, 2006.  (Saturday) What a party! What desserts! What creativity! Thank you, Debbi and Randy, for hosting this party!

Kurt decorated a chocolate cake with our new "Mountain High" logo (and won the prize for the most decadent/heavenly dessert)! How did he manage to get the logo so perfectly onto the cake?

Jaxine created the whole of Yellowstone National Park, complete with moose, trees made of inverted ice-cream cones coated with green paste, and even a representation of the "Old Faithful" geyser, ... thus winning the prize for the most creative dessert.

Barbara won the prize for the most chocolaty dessert, with a delicious, mouthwatering cake.

Everybody had a lot of fun, sampling the goodies, and enjoying each other's company.

Mountain High logo chocolate cake
Kurt's creation, the most "decadent".

Jaxine arranging the desserts
Jaxine works on her Yellowstone creation.


Moose, trees, mud-pools, and more yet to be added.

Diane, Mike, Kurt, and Suzanne, ... just chatting.


Linda, Mary and Linda at Chocolate Party
Three delightful ladies: Linda, Mary and Linda.

Edie, Gary, and Steve, examining the desserts.


The dessert table is ready!

Gary announces the Mt. High chocolate cake winners!
Gary announces the results of the contest.


Gary makes some amusing remarks.

Linda and Debbi having a great time.



Idaho Adventure bus trip

February 17-20, 2006.  We visited 3 ski areas on this trip: Tamarack and Brundage Mt., (near McCall, Idaho), and Anthony Lakes (near Baker City, Oregon).  We had 3 gorgeous sunny days. The nights were very cold, but the sun warmed us nicely during the day. On the drive up, we stopped for lunch in Pendleton, at King's Chinese Buffet, which offered an excellent variety of good food (which in addition to regular Chinese food also included items such as pizza, chocolate moose, and other western-style food); all-you-can-eat for only $5.95 per person.


The town of McCall was charming, with ice-sculptures all around town, and  lots of places to select for dinner. The first night, most of us went to the McCall Brewery for dinner, while some ate at an Italian Ristorante. The second night, we all went to Lardo's Grill & Saloon for dinner, after which some folks went dancing in the Yacht Club.


Tamarack had great, long cruisers with wonderful views. Also, some really tough terrain, which had to be entered by jumping off a cornice (a feat accomplished by several among us; though Elvira got slightly injured in the process, twisting her knee).


Brundage Mountain would have been great on a powder day, as it has very nicely spaced out trees. We had fun cruising the groomed stuff, and several of us wandered into the trees anyway!  Bruce had an accident, breaking his ski and ending up with a slight concussion. Fortunately, his body was only bruised, and the X-rays and CAT scan revealed his neck was intact, although he still needed to wear a neck-brace for a few days. In spite of this, he was in good spirits for the rest of the journey, and even helped fix the wiring on the bus so we could watch some of the videos and photos we had taken even though we didn't have the needed adaptor plugs.


Anthony Lakes had the best snow.  No wonder, since it has the highest base elevation in Oregon (at 7,000 feet of elevation), and the slopes are mostly north-facing.  Thus, the snow was powdery everywhere.  Both our intermediate and our advanced skiers agreed A-Lakes was the best!


Everybody is excited at the start of the trip.

The rear of the bus is just as excited as the front!


Linda McGavin on the bus to Idaho.
Our trip captain - Linda - making a few announcements.

Linda McGavin on the Idaho bus
Linda is all smiles.


Emilio being eaten by a giant snail in McCall, Idaho!
Deirdre is trying to save Emilio from being eaten by the giant snail.

Phil, Deirdre and Jim in McCall, Idaho.
Phil says he can still hear Emilio struggling. Deirdre & Jim smile!


Phil Mant and Kurt Krueger at Tamarack ski area, Idaho
Phil (bundled up) and Kurt, on a cold morning at Tamarack.

Mt. High group photo on top of Tamarack ski area, Idaho.
Top of the Tamarack summit lift.


Heidi, Bruce, Jan, Garreth and Deridre, enjoying the view from Tamarack ski area, Idaho.
Heidi, Bruce, Jan, Gareth and Deirdre at Tamarack.

Mt. High group photo at the top of Tamarack ski area, Idaho.
Group photo at the top of Tamarack.


Deirdre, Jim and Alan at Tamarack ski area, Idaho.
Deirdre, Jim, and Alan, in front of some Tamarack trees.

View from the top of Tamarack, Idaho. Mt. High ski club members.
The ridge at the top of Tamarack.


Bob and Tonya on the Idaho ski trip with Mt. High ski club.
Bob & Tonya celebrated their 10th anniversary at Lardo's

Monica, our bus driver to Idaho
Everybody loved Monica, our bus driver!


Mt. High ski club members on top of Brundage Mt., Idaho
Group photo at the top of Brundage Mt.

Bruce, injured in McCall, Idaho.
Bruce by an ice-sculpture of a baby with skis, at McCall hospital.


Kurt & Sheridan toast Bruce with beer, to make him feel better!

Jim and Deirdre, on top of Anthony Lakes ski area, Oregon.
Jim and Deirdre at the top of Anthony Lakes.


Mt. High ski club members at the top of Anthony Lakes, Oregon
Group photo at the top of Anthony Lakes. Another sunny day!

Mt. High sk iclub members at Anthony Lakes, Oregon. Gareth, Jim, Sheridan, Deirdre, Alan.
Half way down:  Gareth, Jim, Sheridan, Deirdre, Alan.


Alan Robins at Anthony Lakes ski area, Oregon.
Alan in the bumps, followed by Deirdre.

Deirdre Lawrence at Anthony Lakes ski area, Oregon 2006.
Deirdre shows off great form!


Jan, Alan, Gareth, Jim, Sheridan, Deirdre, top of Anthony Lakes, Oregon.
Jan, Alan, Gareth, Jim, Sheridan, Deirdre,  at A-Lakes.

Kay, Linda, Bruce, and Tom, at top of Anthony Lakes, Oregon.
Kay, Linda, Bruce, and Tom at the top of A-Lakes.


Linda and Bruce McGavin at Anthony Lakes, Oregon, 2006.
Linda and Bruce half way down the "Rock Garden"

Tom and Tonya at Anthony Lakes, Oregon, Mt. High trip 2006.
Tom and Tonya on the Holiday trail. Great powdery tails!


Jan at Anthony Lakes, Oregon, Mt. High trip 2006.
Jan coming down the Holiday trail.

Heidi on snowboard, at Anthony Lakes ski area, Oregon 2006.
Heidi and Alan, playing in the trees on the "Chicken Out" run.


Alan at Anthony Lakes, Oregon, Mt. High trip 2006.
Alan & Gareth "Chicken Out" from a blue trail to a black one!

Emilio Trampuz at Anthony Lakes ski area, Oregon 2006.
Emilio, slaloming among the "Chicken Out" trees.





Canada Ski Safari

December 12-18, 2005.  Seven of us went on a road trip through Washington and British Columbia, in three separate cars: Mike and Diane in one car, Kurt and Emilio in another, and Janet, Sheridan and Julie in another. The weather was calm, mostly sunny, ... but cold, preserving the snow magnificently.


We shared the cost of gas and lodging. The total cost per person for Kurt and Emilio turned out to be  $355 for 6 days and 6 nights, including all lodging, transportation and lift tickets. That's an average of only $59 per person per day! And it was even less expensive for the women's car, because all expenses were divided by 3.  The only additional expense was for food.  For comparison, note that on any average ski trip, you will probably spend $100 - $150 per person per day.


We skied a different area each day:  Steven Pass (WA), Apex, Big White, Silver Star, Sun Peaks (British Columbia), and Mt. Baker (WA).


Jan, Julie, Kurt, Sheridan, Emilio at Skykomish, WA, on the ski safari to Canada, Dec. 2005.
Jan, Julie, Kurt, Sheridan and Emilio, on day 1 at Skykomish, WA

Sheridan and Emilio with Santa Claus at Steven Pass, WA.
Santa says Sheridan and Emilio have been good this year.


Mike, Diane, and Emilio at Big White, B.C., Canada, Dec. 2005.
Mike, Diane, and Emilio at Big White

Mike Henness at Big White, Canada.
Mike finds the new glades at Big White!


Mike Henness and Diane Zhitlovsky at Big White, Canada.
Mike and Diane playing at Big White

Mike, Julie, Kurt, and Diane at Big White, Canada, Dec. 2005.
Mike, Julie, Kurt and Diane at Big White


Nearly full moon sets over Sun Peaks early in the morning.

Mike Henness being take down in a sled by ski patrol at Sun Peaks, Canada, Dec. 2005.
In the afternoon, Mike has an accident on a bumpy black diamond


Mike Henness schlepped by ski patrol at Sun Peaks, Canada, 2005.
It was steep. That's the Sun Peaks village below.

Mike Henness with ski patrol in Sun Peaks, Canada, 2005.
Mike gives a victory sign as 3 patrollers work on him.


Kurt Krueger at Silver Star, B.C., Canada, Dec. 2005.
Kurt finds a friendly tree, among all that powder at Silver Star!

Kids remove rocks off the slopes with hockey-sticks (Silver Star).

Emilio Trampuz with Santa Claus at Mt. Baker, WA  Dec. 2005.

Emilio gets to ride the chairlift with Santa (at Mt. Baker)!


Kurt Krueger with Santa Claus at Mt. Baker ski area, WA, Dec. 2005.
Come to Santa, Kurt!  Mt. Shuksan towers in the back (at Mt. Baker)

Kurt Krueger at Mt. Baker ski area, WA, Dec. 2005
Kurt skis the canyon at Mt. Baker.


Kurt Krueger at Mt. Baker ski area, WA, Dec. 2005.
Kurt, half-way down the canyon at Mt. Baker

Kurt, Julie, Sheridan, Jan, and Emilio at Mt. Baker, WA, Dec. 2005.
Kurt, Julie, Sheridan, Janet and Emilio at Mt. Baker.


Kurt Krueger enjoying panorama at  Mt. Baker ski area, WA.

Kurt at Mt. Baker





Club Night at the Next Adventure

October 11, 2005. (Tuesday).  Over 30 people had signed up, but only 22 showed up, and had a great time!  The pizza was excellent, the ski wax and tune-up clinic was informative, and the Next Adventure staff were helpful with all kinds of advice. A couple of us bought skis, some got boots, helmets, clothing, and even snorkeling gear (for that REALLY DEEP powder!).  And most of us walked away with some free wax samples!


The prices in the store are amazing, even without the discount we received. The Next Adventure specializes in overstocked items, closeouts, last year's gear, etc, ... and there are many great bargains. For example, some of the ski boots were as low as $35 - $69 -- but mainly in smaller, women's sizes. No, it's not a mis-print. And these are new boots!  Sure maybe a year or two old, but ski boots don't change. These boots are as good as they were the day they were made! Even the most expensive ski boots in the store were under $200.  More gear is coming within the next week!


During the meeting, Greg asked about snow-park permits, ... and the Next Adventure staff told us they will soon have the snow-park permits available in their store, just as a convenience to their customers - with no extra surcharge.


Deek and Bryan's Next Adventure store (SE Stark and Grand Ave.)

Brand new boots for 69 bucks!  And some for $35.  Wow!


Jeff demonstrating how to drip wax on your skis.

Bob and Gordy listen and observe.


Stevie - in the Mountain Maiden's department!

Barbara and Bill enjoy some shopping.


Steve, Gary and Suzanne on candid camera!

Doug's new pair of skis matches his hat color!


Old skis on display high up on the wall.

New skis . Eric shows some of the models to Steve and Bruce.



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