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2004 Photos

This page shows from our 2004 events and trips. Higher resolution versions of these photos are available in the Photo Albums at  For more photos, see below.
1. For selected trip photos, go to ski trips.
2. For selected social events, go to: social events.
3. For the newer photos, go to: most recent photos.
3. For complete set of photos, go to the Photo Albums, where you can also order your own prints.

Canadian Ski Safari 2004

December 9 - 16, 2004.  Last year (2003), only 3 of us drove to Canada. This year, we had 11 people carpooling and caravaning in 5 cars. Canada had plenty of snow. We had a blast!  We stayed at different lodgings, and shared rooms with different numbers of people, so our expenses differ, but for Phil and Emilio, the total expenses for lodging and transportation (gas) were: $208.68 per person, and that's for 5 days skiing and 6 nights lodging! All lift tickets were free (except for Mt. Baker).

Day 0.  A few of us drove up to Mt. Baker (Washington), just to take a peek, but it was pouring rain, so we drove on. Others chose to drive on without even stopping to look.
Day 1:  Sun Peaks was sunny and marvelous. We even found perfectly skiable ungroomed powder at higher elevations, though the lower elevations were a bit icy-hard.
Day 2: Silver Star. A gorgeous sunny day, and more good snow was found everywhere.
Day 3: Big White.  Much more snow than last year, and good coverage everywhere. Even the Gem Lake area was open, but some of us hit it in the afternoon, after the fog rolled in.
Day 4: Apex.  Almost nobody there mid-week! Had the mountain to ourselves!  Most people drove back to Portland at the end of the day, and were back that same night.
Day 5: Mt. Baker.  Phil and Emilio decided to stop at Mt. Baker one more time, and were rewarded by a fantastic, sunny day, with soft snow at higher elevations and amazing views!


Day 1: Sun Peaks. (top of Sunburst Express lift)
Bruce, Gail, Bob, Linda, and Phil.

Day 2: Silver Star
Phil, Mike, Gail, Elaine, Linda, Bruce and Bob.


Day 4: Apex
Phil (in the back), Gail, Bob, and Elaine on the Ridge Run

Day 5: Mt. Baker (Washington)
Phil and Emilio near top of Chair 8.


Membership Party 2004

Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2004.  Our annual membership party was a great success. Over 80 people showed up. There was free food, free beer, wine, and soft drinks. We reassembled Bullcrinkle (the moose) in a winter scene complete with a mountain!  People renewed their membership, signed up for trips, and our PACRAT racing teams grew from a total of 4 teams last year to 6 teams this year. That is 6 teams of 10 people each. Yes, 60 of us will be racing this season! The following are only some of the photos from the party. Complete set is on the Snapfish web site. To see all the photos, click on the "Photo Albums" link above.

Gary Stevenson (our club President) gives Ed Palmer a door prize!
Check out the large crowd in the background!

Here's a better view of the crowd!
Standing room only in the far back!!!


Our Prez was also the Master of Ceremonies!

Linda told us about several upcoming trips.


Jaxine demonstrated the club history exhibits!
We had old photo albums, and trivia questions such as:
"How much did a bus trip to Bend cost in 1973?"

Gary Gunderson, captain of the "Avalanche Express" team accepts the trophy for his team-mate, Jeff Dulcich, the PACRAT racer with the most points in the last season.


Jack Folliard, PACRAT Racing President, announces the team names and team captains for the upcoming season.

Steve, Gary, and Edie, looking at old club photos.
Aaaahh! The trips that we had! The crazy things we did!


Harry and Lisa (our main mid-week skiers) share a funny story!

Bullckrinkle ate too much, or maybe drank too much?  So Kurt helped empty his innards at the end of the party!.


Ski Fair 2004

Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2004.  A one-day event at the Monarch Hotel, where local clubs and ski areas set up their booths.  Lots of our members showed up, and we also got a number of new members and new potential members. Our club won the prize for the best decorated booth!  Larry brought in a chairlift chair. Kurt brought the snowflakes, and Jaxine built us a mountain, stuffed Bullcrinkle, and even gave him a pair of skis. It was a ll topped by a very realistic looking frost and snow on the chair next to Bullcrinkle.  These are only some of the photos. Complete set is on the Snapfish web site. To see all the photos, click on the "Photo Albums" link above.

Kurt, Sue, Jack, and Jaxine at our booth
Check out those snowflakes!

Bullcrinkle the moose enjoys a charilift ride in our booth!
No wonder our booth was the best!


Debbi Kor and Mary Olhausen at the NWSCC booth

Diane Hicks and a student sponsored by the Northwest Snowsport Foundation


Linda Coxen tries on a new helmet!

Rob Crichton shows off Big White, Silver Star, Apex & Sun Peaks.


Becky, Rosie, Fred, Chuck, Larry, and Terry
gathered in front of our booth at the Ski Fair

The winning booth:
BACK ROW: Fred, Larry, Barbara & Bill, Sue, Emilio
FRONT ROW: Gary Stevenson holding the trophy, and Jaxine.


Bob, Diane, and Sylvia

The winning crew:  Larry, Jaxine, Emilio, Sue, and Kurt.


Ron Onslow, Steve Coxen, John Reinhardt, and Randy Lew

Sue & Larry staffing the booth. Rita perusing the literature.


Kurt, Sue, Larry & Jaxine at our booth.

Kurt, Sue, Jack, & Jaxine flood our guest with information!



Hike to Falls Creek Falls

Sunday, Nov. 7, 2004.  This turned out to be an excellent hike.  Approximately 13 or 14 people showed up and had a great time. The views were magnificent. Just check out the photos!

Our group at the Falls

The hike


Looks like the trail ends here!!!

The whole group at the Falls


Magical forest, ethereal waterfalls, and some little people walking around!  The "Lord of the Rings" could have been filmed here!


Seafood Social / "End of Summer" Party

Saturday, Sept. 18, 2004.  Good food, good company, ... and even our old friend Bullwinkle (our club mascot from the old "Plaza" days) made an appearance. He looked like a moose, but sounded an awful lot like Chuck Westergren!  Oh, and he distributed moose droppings that tasted like chocolate!

Terri and Linda - enjoying a quiet moment

Gary, Chris and Walt lining up for food


Ed and Jaxine laughing it up!

Bullwinkle, the moose, distributes moose droppings


Gary, our president, is all chummy with Bullwinkle

Suzanne and Jaxine find all this "moosing around" very amusing!


Terri and Patty

Gordy and Sandi tasting those moose droppings!


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