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Most Recent Mt. High Photos (2008/2009)

2008 / 2009 Photos


Sept. 26, 2009: Seafood Party

Sept. 19, 2009: NWSCC 30th Annivers.

Sept. 2, 2009: Golf at Glendoveer

Aug. 20-22, 2009: Rafting trip

Aug. 16, 2009: Mt. High Picnic

July 2009: Ski Pole Rescue Hike

June 20, 2009: Steve & Quinn's Wedding

May 19, 2009: Pizza Party

Apr. 25, 2009.  Pond skimming Meadows

Apr. 23, 2009.  Dancing at Bushwackers

Apr. 15, 23, 30, 2009. Golf 

Apr. 17, 2009.  Rat Attack awards party

Mar. 28 - Apr. 2, 2009: Heavenly / Tahoe

Mar. 20-21, 2009: Hope on the Slopes

Mar. 13-15, 2009: Crystal Mt. bus trip

Feb. 29, 2009: "White" Chocolate Party

Feb. 18-22, 2009: Schweitzer + 49º North

Feb. 7, 2009:  Bowling for Terry

Jan, 25-31, 2009: Whistler Cabin trip

Jan. 4, 2009: Mt. High Training Day

Dec. 24-27, 2008: Vancouver ski areas

Dec. 12-19,2008: Canada Ski Safari

Nov. 29, 2008: Mt. High Wine Tour

Nov. 17, 2008: Ski Fair at the Monarch

Nov.14-16, 2008: Ski Fever & Snowboard Show

Nov. 13, 2008:  Membership Party

Oct. 9, 2008: Hillcrest Race Night




More photos


Ski trips. Selected trip photos.

Social events. Selected social events.

2004 photos (2nd Canada Ski Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social);

2005 photos (3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt. trip, Crystal Mt. trip);

2006 photos (Next Adventure, Idaho trip, Val d'Isere, Timberline summer, Picnic & bike ride).

2007 photos (4th Canada safari, Powder Mt., Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass, Ski the Glade Trail, Timberline new trails, Far West races at Bachelor, River Cruise.)

2008 photos (Ski Fair, Timberline new lift inauguration, 5th Canadian Ski Safari, PACRAT races, Sunny South Oregon bus trip, Mystery trip to White Pass, 1st Heavenly/Tahoe trip, Rat Attack Awards party, Pizza Party, Rafting weekend, Seafood Spectacular at Blaise and Alice's, Salmon River canyon hike, Friend of the Forest cleanup at Meadows)


Photo Albums, where you can also order  prints.


See how to post photos/videos to our web site, on the Articles page (under "Technology").


See a 10-minute video highlighting almost everything the club has done during the past year. The video is now posted on our Videos page.


Mt. High Seafood Party

September 26, 2009 (Saturday). 

One of our largest in-home parties so far, with over 70 participants. Most people brought food, tons of it, including delicious desserts.  The main course, ie. the seafood (salmon, cod, shellfish) was provided by Peter Troy and Ann Gormley, fresh from Alaska. See their web site: www.petersburgfishingadventures.com.


Thanks to Gordon Lusk's efforts, we now have a new club banner, displayed here for the first time.

Thanks to Violet and Greg Anderson for hosting the party.  And thanks to Debbi Kor, Linda McGavin, and all the volunteers to helped prepare the food.


We apologize for not being able to identify everyone in the photos.  There were several new faces at this party. If you can identify yourself, or your un-named friends, please let Emilio know ASAP, at Emilio2000@earthlink.net. or 1-503-378-0171.


Our new banner!  Quinn & Steve Shaw,  Violet (our host), Moniquea Degan.

Linda McGavin, one of our "cooks"


Doug Pilcher, Quinn & Steve Shaw, Larry Benett, Lynn Norbury

Quinn and Steve Shaw, our newlyweds!


Sandy, Scott Stepan, Larry Bennett, Gordon Lusk and Sandi Dykstra

Elisabeth Fontaine, with Mt. Hood in the background.


Marv Wakefield & Janice Jessen

Chas Westergren, ... Terri Best.


Doug Pilcher & Chas Westergren

Violet Anderson & Sally Niedermeyer


Elisabeth Fontaine, Terry & Ron Best.

Kurt Krueger, Chris Moon, Ron, Cori, Steve,

Lynn Norbury, Randy Lew


Ron Best, Cori Wiessner, Lynn Norbury, Marv Wakefield

Brenda Ackerson, Sandra Kaufman, William Leeper


Blaise Dagilaitis, Lynn Kovacs,

Steve Shaw, Bruce Parshall

Lynn Kovacs, Bruce Parshall,, Louis Kovacs, Terry White.



NW Ski Club Council's 30th Anniversary

September 19, 2009.  What a Celebration!  Several great guest speakers, a wonderful ski-inspired dance by the Jefferson Dancers, a great silent auction, and the food was great too.


Unfortunately, we were not prepared to record everything. It was a spur of the moment decision, and we ran out of memory on the camera's flash card (SD memory card). Still, we managed to preserve the following for posterity:


* 18 of the best photos are here;  more photos in our Snapfish Albums.

* A video of the SKIA dance by the Jefferson Dancers. See the Videos page.

* A video of about 75% of Phil Mahre's story (before the camera ran out of memory).

All the proceeds of the evening were donated to the Mt. Hood Museum and Cultural Center in Government Camp, Oregon, which is preserving even more memories!


Jeff Lokting, Holly & Phil Mahre, Mary Olhausen

John Orefice and Debbi Kor


The NWSCC table, one of the many exhibits

Sheri & Dale Parshall with Phil Mahre


John Reinhardt (Cabernet Ski Club) and Sheri Parshall (Skiynete Ski Club)

The Cabernet and Skiyente ski clubs get close and friendly!


Emilio Trampuz (without a beard) & John

"Don't you dare kiss me!" says Emilio.

Debbi Kor and Linda McGavin

Debbi created the table centerpieces.


Sheri Parshall
speaking about the NWSCC and it's 30 year history.


Linda receives a bouquet of flowers, as the only one of the original founders of the NWSCC that is still active among us.


Jefferson Dancers performing the Skia dance

Jefferson Dancers performing the Skia dance


Kevin Hansen, speaking about the challenges and triumphs of a skier's life after a broken neck.

"Hey, we are survivors"

Kevin Hansen



Sheri & Debbi auctioning off the #1 Yellow Chair from Mt. Hood Meadows.


Dale Parshall and Randy Free auctioning off a Heather Canyon chair from Mt. Hood Meadows.


Richard Rizk talks about the development of the new NWSCC logo

Sheri Parshall unveils the new logo for everyone to see.


Phil Mahre is presented with a painting of Mt. Hood

Holly & Phil Mahre with Sheri Parshall and Jeff Lokting


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums

(NOTE: You can now view the photos without logging in!!!)

Also, go to our Videos page to see 2 video clips: of Phil Mahre and the Jefferson Dancers performing "Skia".



Golf at Glendoveer

September 2, 2009.  Our Golf-meister, Cal Eddy says:

Our last golf outing was at Glendoveer.  We had thirteen members, so we had a scramble.

I would like to thank Terry Swan for helping me out a lot this summer. Now Terry Swan and Lana Rulien took lessons and can hit the ball farther then me. Of course that is not saying much. But they both have improved from the beginning of this season.


Terry White and Terry Swan played more then anyone else in our club, they did not miss many throughout the summer.

We will plan a scramble next year in April for our opener, but until then hit the slops and enjoy a good winter.  --  Cal

Lana and Sue Bennett.

Terry Swan and


The whole group, relaxing.

Group closeup



Rafting on the Deschutes, 2009

August 20-22, 2009.  Gordy organized another great rafting trip, attended by over 60 people!  Wow! That's bigger than any ski bus trip we've organized lately. We spent most of Friday and Saturday rafting down the Deschutes river, from Harpham Flats to Sandy Beach.  The water was somewhat warmer than usual, but also with lots of glacier murkiness below the mouth of the White River tributary.  We had very pleasant weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right!  Lou's Q provided some great barbequed goodies, and Richard Horner and "Rich's Bitches" sang songs late into the night. 

The only potential down side was that due to large number of participants, our tents were spread out over a large area, which was not conducive to bringing people together.

Just one of the small groups, relaxing.

Gordy, Sandi, Paul, and Ceressa.


The craziness has started!  Water fights!.

Everybody got soaked.  No survivors!


Lynn takes over the rowing from William

Let's get a shot of Emilio!


Approaching Boxcar rapids

Boxcar rapids


The survivors of Boxcar rapids!

Boxcar rapids


"We survived Boxcar!"

"Hey, we survived too!"


"Nobody beats us in enthusiasm!"

"Row, row, row your boat!"


"Cruising in style!"

"Have we arrived in time for lunch?"


"Forget about lunch. Where's the beer?"

Back in Maupin, our home base.


Gordy's boat is here!

The fast two-seater!


Rowdy (the dog) is glad to see us!

Brigi, our exchange student from Hungary


That's Farzin in the straw hat at the oars!

The yellow color-coordinated boat.


Another 2-seater, with an all female crew!

The red color coordinated boat.


Bill Leeper's boat arrives!

The co-ed two-seater!  Dan and Ann.


Dueling cameras. Bruce is shooting Emilio.

"That was as easy as stumming my guitar!"


Summertime, and the living's easy!!!

John's catamaran arrives!


Lou says: "This needs some more cooking!

Go raft some more before dinner!"

No problem! We've got some beer, and the company is good too!


Scotty, John, Kristine and Darrel

Dinner time!


Great BBQ, Lou!  Thanks!!!

Tom helps to spoon out the beans!


The happy couple: Chuck and Elisabeth

Just one of the many tables!  Let's eat!


Aliens from the planet Zargon?

No, just John and Scott.


Joy Schmieg contributed this dynamic photo!

Chuck cools off in the river!


Chuck's boat in Oaks Springs

Chuck's boat in trouble! People overboard!


Chuck hold on, but 2 are in the water!

Phew!  They all survived!


See more photos (from Emilio) in our Snapfish Photo Albums

(NOTE: You can now view the photos without logging in!!!)


See even more photos from Bruce Kuper 2009 Rafting: (140 Images, 17 Videos)




Mt. High Picnic

August 16, 2009. (Sunday)  Our annual picnic was well attended.  Only about 14 people went on the bike ride, but many more showed up for the picnic itself. The food was good, the company was great. We even had some beer named "Yard Sale Ale" (you knw, like when a skiers falls, shedding all his gear left and right in the process). We also had fliers for most of our upcoming winter trip, which generated some discussion on the topic.

Linda, Anne, Bill and Barbara.

Debbi and Ed



"It was this steep" says Linda to Lynn & Dave


Deirdre and Cheryl

Hey the Yard Sale Ale was good!


Linda, Bob and Bob, with the trip flyers

Dan, Ed, Elisabeth, and Ann


Gordon Lusk, our President

A small banner. We need a larger one!




Ski Pole Rescue Hike

July, 2009.  Linda and Bruce McGavin like to ski steep and deep powder.  Earlier this winter, while skiing the extreme steeps in the S&R Cliffs at Mt. Hood Meadows (off of the Heather Chair, Bruce accidentally lost his pole in the deep snow. After having marked the area with their GPS coordinates, Bruce and Linda returned to the scene this July, along with Bruce's daughter Tracy, to search for the missing pole. They found it submerged in the rushing waters of Clark Creek. They also found the hike more challenging than expected. In place of the easy Heather Canyon run-out, which in the winter looks like a road, now it was just a jumble of brush, fallen trees, and some beautiful fields of wild flowers.

Bruce, just before losing his pole.

Linda and Tracy in a field of blue lupine.


Heather canyon run-out in the Summer.

Tracy and Linda, descending a steep hill.


Tracy and Linda, descending a steep hill.

The ski pole's orange basket in the water!


"Got it!"

Field of flowers


Linda and Tracy at the HRM lift.

Nice flower!


Blue lupine and beargrass

Linda in a field of beargrass



Quinn and Steve Shaw's Wedding

June 20, 2009.  Quinn and Steve Shaw got married after dating for 4 and a half years. Steve proposed and Quinn said "Yes" at Angel's Rest, where they had earlier gone on their first hike together. Let's all wish them many happy years together.

Steve and Quinn Shaw

Head-spinning kiss.


They married for rich or for poor, in powder or in crud, in sunshine or in storm!

Wedding cake had a skiable slope!

The skiing couple is on top.




Pizza Party

May 19, 2009. Our annual Pizza Party and Club Elections.  The club paid for the pizza, everybody had a chance to get to know other club members, we elected a new Board, with Gordon Lusk as President and Kurt Krieger as Vice-President.  We also watched a 10-minute video highlighting almost everything the club has done during the past year. The video is now posted on our Videos page.

Alice, Patty, Lisa & Harry, and Sandi.

Alan and Elaine


Wally, Brock, and Rich

Susan, Debbi and Jan


Mary, Steve, Linda, and Debbi

Sally and Bruce


Bill and Barbara

Sandra and Linda


Sandra, Jody, Barbara, ...



Debbi, Terry & Alice

Alice wins a shirt & hugs Terry White.


Debbi, Terry and Barbara

Patty wins a calendar & a bag.


Pond skimming at Mt. Hood Meadows

April 25, 2009.  On this day, 120 people braved the cold and stood in line for a long time in very windy conditions, just for a chance to prove their skill at pond skimming. The theme was Hawaiian. There were very creative costumes, with people dressing up as a volcano, or a canoo, Our very own Jim Trindle got soaked. But Bruce Kuper managed to not only cross the pond twice, but also win 3rd place overall, dressed as King Kamehameha II.

Bruce Kuper as King Kamehameha II

Jim Trindle


Jim, only seconds later! See video!

Wet Jim Trindle


Bruce Kuper and Pat Savage

Bruce Kuper triumphs!

See video of Jim Trindle's big splash!


Line Dancing at Bushwackers

Apr. 23, 2009. An evening of socializing, dancing, and just plain fun!  Held at Bushwackers in Tualatin.  Included was a free lesson in line dancing. It was attended by almost 2 dozen of our members and friends.

There was food, beer, wine, ...

Deirdre and Jim (the organizers) + Elaine.


Stevie at the front of the line.

Stevie is in the middle.


Stevie is on the far right of the photo.

Sandra and Susan.




Apr. 15, 23, 30, 2009. During the month of April, we had 2 mid-week golf outings of 9 holes each, at Sandelie and Calremont golf courses, and 18 holes on a Saturday at Stone Creek golf course.

Spanking was the highlight of the day!!!!

Aaah, the fresh air is what it's all about!


Can you make it from there, Terry?

Piece of cake for this gal!






Rat Attack 2009

Apr. 17, 2009. (Friday) This was a dinner party for our PACRAT racers. Awards were given to the teams with the most points. Also, the two people who improved the most during the past season were named King and Queen Rat. These were Lisa Ratzlaff (Mt. High club) and Francisco Valdivieso (Bergfreunde ski club).

The theme for the evening was "1984 Class Reunion", celebrating 25 years of PACRAT racing.  Jeannie Hummel, on of the original people who started PACRAT racing in the Portland area was there. Steve Urdeahl, former President of the "Fast Trax" ski club, was also present. The longest running racers who are still active participants are: Diane Hicks and Chuck Westergren.

Susan and Sandra (in 1-piece suit)

Jeannie Hummel and Barb Parshall


Chuck Westergren and Diane Hicks

logged the most years racing and still active

Jack Folliard and Barb Parshall

Jack provided the statistics for this season


A cute example of the PACRAT mascot

Best 1980s costumes


Sally Niedermeyer

Colleen Walter


Gary Stevenson & Barb Parshall

Bruce Parshall


Stevie, Steve, ..., Sandra



Bruce Kuper put on a great slide show!

Francisco and Lisa: King and Queen Rat


King Rat:  Francisco Valdivieso

Queen Rat:  Lisa Ratzlaff


1st place: Tasmanian Ski Devils (Bergfreunde)

2nd place:  Rat Racers (Mt. High)


3rd place: Racy Brats (Skiyente)

4th place: Hoof Hearted (Schnee + Mt. High)


5th place: Mixed Nuts  (Mt. High)

5th place:  Rattitudes  (Mt. High)


7th place: 
Rat Bastards  (Schnee Vogeli)

8th place:  Rocket Dawgs  (Mt. High)


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums.



Heavenly / Lake Tahoe trip

Mar. 28 - Apr.2, 2009. A 5-day trip (Sat. - Thurs.), attended by about 16 people. Another 5 or 6 members of the Altair ski club also joined us on the slopes, though they had separate lodgings. All 5 days were sunny . Only the first day was windy to the point that several lifts at Heavenly were closed, so we skied at Sierra-at-Tahoe. Then two days at Heavenly and one day at Kirkwood. Some people went to Mt. Rose on the last day. Emilio arrived a day early and skied at Donner Ski Ranch, which lies sandwiched between Boreal and Sugarbowl and could easily be linked to both if the resorts wanted to merge.

Wine & Cheese:  Wally, Marv, Mike.

Diane and Janice (our trip leader)


Patty, Diane, Mike, Bill, & Wally at Heavenly

Joanne, Ginny, Janice, Brock, and Walt


A dip in Lake Tahoe:  Wally and Mike.

Group dinner at a Casino.


Sierra-at-Tahoe group photo

Wally, Gerry, Emilio Bill, Patty, Diane, Mike.

Kirkwood:  Mike, Patty, Wally, Gerry, Diane, Bill and Emilio


Kirkwood:  Experts only!!!

Mike waits for Emilio to be done!


Mike and Diane on "The Wall" at Kirkwood

Kirkwood:  lunch break


Help!  Emilio is falling!  (at Kirkwood)

Not really!


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums.



Hope on the Slopes

March 20-21, 2009 (Friday - Saturday) - This was a 24-hour vertical challenge and a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, held at Mt. Hood Skibowl. There was live music, food, prize drawings, and a torchlight parade. A bit of rain at the start of the event soaked us a bit, but couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm. The fog during the torchlight parade actually enhanced the experience by making it look more “mystical”. Bonnie Ell, of the American Cancer Society says:

“We had 133 participants (more than expected), 13 teams and a spectacular Torchlight Ceremony! So far, it looks like we'll be bringing in close to $15,000 in fundraising dollars, in addition to the generous donation from Mt. Hood Skibowl (50 cents per lift ticket sold in the entire month of March) which amounted to $9,686. Thus, the total fund raised are about $24,000. We're looking forward to a bigger and better event next year, and are likely to double in size. The event is scheduled to be held the same weekend next year, with Skibowl's Suds on the Slopes immediately following our event.”

Bonnie, the ACS representative

Emilio, helping to promote the event.


OK, this was taken 2 years ago, but it shows off Skibowl, with a view of Mt. Hood.

Troy Fisher (Skibowl's night manager) and Susan, helping to set up the HOPE sign..



Dick Woolley, Susan, and Doug


Susan & Emilio affix flares to bamboo poles

Bonnie announces the start of the event


Karen Norton, Bonnie Ell, and Troy Fischer

Volunteers in the food tent


The torchlight parade

Torchlight parade


Torchlight parade

Everyone carrying two flares


Flares are attached to each end of a pole

John Snodgrass, one of the torchbearers


John Snodgrass places his torch

Emilio in front of the HOPE sign


Colin Brandt, Henry Bendinelli

(cancer survivors)

Colin and Emilio jumping

with Susan and Henry standing


The torch-bearers

Bonnie makes announcements


Bonnie, on the balcony above the Hope sign

The light have been turned back on.


Closeup of the HOPE sign

Dick Woolley, Susan and Kurt.


Doug Pilcher

Come ski with me all night!


Yes, this is fun!

Check out this big smile!


It's all for a good cause!

Watch out for the ninjas!


The historic warming hut at Skibowl

Team Tuna's "Hillcrest Sports" tent


Team Tuna getting warmed in the tent

Team Tuna had their team neck-warmers


Cahrlie Ritchie, the Team Tuna captain.

Counting the number of runs skied.


Aaron Anderson (among the top challengers for most vertical feet skied)

Henry Bendinelli

President, Mt. Hood Ski Kats club


Henry, Emilio, Sandra, Randy

Bonnie thanks the participants


Aaron Anderson

Aaron receives prize for vertical feet skied


But this kid beat even Aaron

The winning kid (most vertical)


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums.

See video/slide-show on our Videos page or  on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXXSq8R0TSU



Crystal Mt. bus trip

March 13-15, 2009.  This was our annual weekend bus trip, led by Linda McGavin. 50 of us stayed in Enumclaw, and skied at Crystal Mt. both days. We were joined by 8 members of the Altair ski club (from Eugene). We got more fresh snow than expected. On Sunday morning, we were greeted with about 14 inches of new snow, and it kept snowing all day. The relatively new Northway area was the best, but only for advanced powder skiers, as nothing is groomed in that area.

Linda McGavin (trip leader) with Jim (our driver)

Group photo at Crystal


Moniquea and Richard

Bruce Kuper in the Northway area.


Tom Arnold, Bruce Kuper, Chuck and Kurt

Chuck up to his knees in over14" of fresh.


Kurt and Chuck examine their options.

Yes, Emilio was there too!


Rod and Becki Robinson

plus 6 others from the Altair Ski Club

Kristine and Darrel


Rita and Steve

Emilio and Gordy


Gerry and Patty

and Terry and Elaine




Tom Schuberg


Kristine and Darrel

Tom Arnold


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums.



"White" Chocolate Party

February 29, 2009.  This year, we called the Chocolate Party "White" because it was held at Terry White's place. at Terry White’s place.  The club provided hors d'oeuvres, champagne, and soft drinks. Several people brought chocolate desserts. Everybody had fun. Debbi Kor led us into a quiz-type game, which was won by Lisa and Harry, who answered all the questions. There were prizes for the most chocolaty dessert, the most decadent, and the most creative.

Alice, Emilio, Harry, and Chuck

The judges, Alice and Emilio, battle it out!


The judges hard at work (Emilio and Alice)

The judges finally seem to agree!


Most decadent dessert was baked by Edie and Steve (with Elisabeth in the middle)

The most creative dessert was made by Stevie


The most chocolaty dessert was made by Diana

Harry, Edie, Marsha and Steve

all had fun


Marsha, Dave, Stevie, Diane, Bruce.

What was in that wine to make everyone smile?

Debbi Kor awards Harry and Lisa for winning the quiz game.



Schweitzer Mt. / 49º North bus trip

February 18-22, 2009.  About 30 of our members spent 3 days/nights at Schweitzer Mt. (Idaho), followed by a day at 49 Degrees North (in Washington). The bus ride was fun, as usual, with short, funny videos, with people telling jokes, and sharing food. Richard Horner brought his guitar, and formed a band on the spot, named  “Rich and the Bitches”, and the band collectively wrote a song about us “Born to Ski Schweitzer”.

Troy, Shelly, Colin, Richard, Mike, Diane, Ed, Wally, Bill and George at Schweitzer Mt.

Diane tells a joke (on the bus)

Steve tells a joke (on the bus).





Richard Horner

(Nice, spikey hair!!!)

Terry, Richard and George, composing the "Born to ski  Schweitzer" song.


Peter and Cori, Rita, Steve, and Moniquea, who skied with an arm in a sling.

Diane says: "Schweitzer is huge!"



Diane, Wally, Bill, and Mike on top of the South Bowl ridge, looking toward the village

Wally and Bill, on the Little Blue ridge, overlooking the North (Outback) Bowl.


Our swimming pool and hot tubs, at the Selkirk Lodge at Schweitzer.

Wally, Bill, Mike and Diane

in the village at Schweitzer.


Emilio, Diane, Bill and Wally

Shelly at Schweitzer


49 Degrees North

Everybody loved 49 Degrees North. The trees were even better than at Schweitzer Mt., especially in Cy’s Glades, also known as the 7 Deadly Sins. Kay loved it. He said:

“I had my epiphany at 49º North. I chose to ski ‘Pride’. I made 3 good turns. Then, on the 4th one, I crossed my tips, and down I went. I guess Pride taught me a lesson in humility.”

We also rang the Nordic god’s bell, which probably means we’ll have the good luck to return to 49 Degrees North some day -- soon!

Steve at 49º North

Bill Matarazzi in the trees at 49º North


"Pride" - one of the 7 deadly sins

in Cy's Glades at 49º North

"Lust" - one of the 7 deadly sins

in Cy's Glades at 49º North


Cy's Glades at 49º North

with 7 different entry points.

This is just one of them.

We rang the old nordic god's bell

for good luck!


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums.

Also, see video of the "Born to Ski Schweitzer" song we composed on the bus!



Bowling for Terry

February 7, 2009.  (Saturday)  Monte Carlo bowling at Milwaukie Bowl was fun, and the hall was packed! This was a fund raiser for our club President, Terry White, who was there with us but did not bowl. A couple of months earlier, Terry was incapacitated by a virus, and had to spend several days in a hospital. The virus aggravated a mild heart condition he had had for a long time, and as a result, he now needs heart surgery.

In addition to the bowling, a silent auction was also held, and some people walked away with great deals on boat cruises (provided by Jerry Barnes) and plane rides (provided by John Jessen.)

Some of the 30 or 40 of us who showed up.

Terry, Elaine, and Cal.


Walt shows us how it's done.

Gerry scores!


Sandi and Marsha

Silent auction  (Terry, Elaine, Cal)



Whistler cabin trip

January 25-31, 2009.   About 15 of our members enjoyed 6 nights and 5 days at a cabin 5 minutes north of Whistler Village. This trip is organized annually by Bill Leeper. Contact him at 503-639-2603 to reserve for next year. By all accounts, everybody had a great time!

Scott, Kristine and Darrel

Scotty and Darrel.



Kristine and the Australians (Aussie Day)

Lana, Chuck, Cal, Larry, Bill, Terry.


Chuck, Larry, Lana, Cal, Terry.

Terry with a kangaroo


Lana, Larry, and Terry

Larry, Terry, and Cal



Mt. High Training Day

January 4, 2009.  A free training day was organized for all our club members. Our vice-president, Gordon Lusk arranged the whole thing. Shawn Darris, a Timberline instructor was our coach.   The weather cooperated beautifully, and the landslide on Hwy. 26 was cleared just in time for the road to reopen early on Sunday morning.  About 40 of our members showed up, and everyone had a good time. Shawn will provide mini-training sessions, with gates, at Timberline, every Saturday at 1 pm. See the Ski School desk.


The little whisker gates were positioned to indicate where we should be starting the next turn (to set up for the next real gate).  The whiskers confused some people. To help you understand the best way to make your turns early, check out the "Pick Your Line" article on our Articles page.  It contains a useful diagram, illustrating the best path.

Brenda Ackerson in action.

Brenda and Jeff Ackerson


Shawn Darris (far left) with a group of eager racers!

An ice-snikle!  James Anderson finds icicles on his skis, after lunch-break.


Shawn Darris with Brenda and Gordy

Gordy in action


Mike Weber had a bad back, but he showed up anyway!

Mike volunteered at the starting gate.


"Whoa! Why is Jeff lying on the ground with his camera right in front of me!"

David shows how it's done on a snowboard


Jeff Ackerson


Sandra Kaufman

Sandra in the gates


Emilio forgot his poles at home!

John, Randy, Susan, Kurt, Sandra, Kristine


See more photos (from Jeff and Brenda Ackerson's camera) at Picassa.

View Album



Christmas in Vancouver

December, 2008. Lisa, Lillie and Harry went to Vancouver BC for 5 days over Christmas. The skiing was excellent the first day at Cypress but it snowed on us all day at Grouse Mt. The food was fabulous and the accommodations had a fantastic view. They stayed in a condo found on www.vrbo.com (Vacation Rentals by Owner). They usually require a full week. For shorter periods, go with a hotel.

There are three local ski resorts within 45 minutes from the condo we stayed at: Cypress Mt., Grouse Mt., and Mt. Seymour, and the lift tickets were about $40 US.

The conclusion: "We got to go again."


View from Cypress Mt.

Lillie and Lisa at Cypress Mt.


The condo

View of Vancouver harbor from the condo.



Canada Ski Safari 2008

December 12-19, 2008.  Once again, just like last year, the snow came a bit late, so most people dropped out of the Ski Safari, but then tons of fresh snow came just in time for Kay and Emilio to enjoy it. We modified our itinerary to go where the snow was, so we started by driving east, to Kimberley and Banff/Lake Louise.


We visited a total of only 6 ski areas (instead of the planned 8 or 9), partly because we got tired, and partly because we were alerted to the freezing rain that was coming to Oregon, so we hurried home before the highways got iced up and closed.


Since we carpooled and shared the lodging expenses, the whole trip, 6 days and 6 nights, cost us only $345 per person for lodging and gas.  Lift tickets were extra. At two places (Sun Peaks & Silver Star) we used the Warren Miller coupons, so the skiing was free.


We "followed the snow". But what is the most reliable indicator of snow conditions? The reported snow base?  Or the hype on the ski areas web site?  Or the number of lifts open? 


Surprisingly, the reported snow base was the least reliable. The hype was actually more reliable. If a ski area was raving about how good it is, it meant they really did have something to offer.  But, the most reliable indicator was the number of lifts and runs open. If everything was open, it meant the conditions were good.


In the end, we didn't care how deep the snow was beneath our skis, as long as we didn't hit any rocks. And there was snow aplenty, especially in the bowls, canyons and gullies. And so much skiable terrain that our legs surrendered long before we managed to ski everything in sight.


After skiing Kimberley and Lake Louise,  we visited Kicking Horse, then Revelstoke Mt. Resort, which now offers 5,600 vertical feet (the most vertical in North America), then Sun Peaks, and finally Silver Star


The farther west we went, the temperature got milder, starting from a frigid -30º at Banff, and -20ºF at Lake Louise, to a more moderate +10º at Silver Star.  Also, the snow kept getting better and better!  Several times, we got fresh snow overnight, followed by a blue-sky day! 

Our first morning in Canada. Lots of fresh snow at Kimberley.

Emilio & Kay monkeying around at lunch time at Lake Louise.


At least -20ºF at Lake Louise. But blue skies and no wind!

It was cc...cold at Lake Louise, but the snow was good!


Great view at the top of Lake Louise

Ice sculptures at the base of Lake Louise. Emilio is already icing up!


Kay mid-mountain at Kicking Horse. The Columbia river flows below.

Kay near the top of Kicking Horse.


Kay at the top of Revelstoke Mt. (actually Mt. Mackenzie)

Kay & Emilio at top of Revelstoke, with Columbia River below.


Three little birds approached us, asking for a handout!

The birds came to within a foot of us.

Are these called "Whiskey Jacks"?


The birdie kept hopping around us.

Revelstoke was still cold, but not as much, and the snow kept getting better.


Kay at the top of Revelstoke

Sun Peaks had the best snow so far, and all 3 mountains were open.


Silver Star had the best snow. Still cold, but not unbearable.

Emilio at the top of "Holy Smokes" run at Silver Star


Kay cuts up the powder on "Holy Smokes", at Silver Star.

Fresh powder? No problem!


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But, you really have to see the Video from Canada as well!



Wine Tour

by Debbi Kor

Nov. 29, 2008.(Saturday) This was our 7th annual Wine Tour. Eleven hearty wine connoisseurs departed from the Fred Meyer parking lot in Tigard, bound for a day of memorable tasting of the grape, with our first stop at August Cellars. This is a particular favorite, not only for the wonderful wines, but the yummy hors d'oeuvres and heavenly chocolates by Exquisite Indulgence. If you only go to one winery on Thanksgiving weekend, make it this one. You won't be disappointed.


Next stop….Natalie Estates. This was a new one for our group, but very nice. This scribe only drinks white wine, and found the 2007 Chardonnay to be excellent. I had to rely on the others to let me know that the reds were also top notch.


From there, we hit a couple smaller wineries, but to keep within our budget for the day, we chose to move on to other more main-stream, and well known wineries…..Erath and Sokol Blosser. Erath provided not only some lovely wines to taste and purchase, but a wonderful spot to picnic. We spread our lunch out on two patio tables, and feasted on cheeses, salmon and crab spread, ripe olives, breads, and of course….fine wine. We shared with those around us, including the Erath staff.


Our final stop was at Sokol Blosser. A few sampled the wares, but most of us sat outside enjoying the last rays of sun for the day. A jar of Sauvignon Fudge, from the wonderful kitchens of Sokol Blosser was purchased and sampled by the group, with a rousing "yummmm" from each of us.


Winding our way back to Tigard, we disembarked our lovely 15 passenger van at Fred Meyer and moved across the street to Newport Grill for a light dinner and conversation. We all agreed that it was a great way to spend a most enjoyable day in good company.




Ski Fair at the Monarch

Nov. 17, 2008.(Monday) Except for the NWSCC (which held the Silent Auction) and the Mt. Hood Meadows booth, our club’s booth was probably among the busiest there. Some people renewed their membership, several new ones joined, and some people came just to chat. Haley stood guard and kept us safe with her moose antlers. The winner of our drawing for a free club membership for a year was Robert Burns. Congratulations!

Gordy, Haley, Elaine at Mt.High booth

Rosie, Chris, and Gordy.


Kurt and Elaine with Marilyn Sigler

Diane Hicks at the PACRAT booth


Henry Bendinelli (Ski Kats president).

Emilio & Elaine at Mt. High booth


Jessica & Colleen sold raffle tickets

Our booth last year.




Ski Fever & Snowboard Show

Nov. 14 - 16, 2008. (Fri. - Sun.)  The annual ski show at the Expo Center was well attended.  Several people from local ski clubs helped to staff the NWSCC booth, where our annual Skiers' Directory was distributed. Also, each club brought their own flyers to distribute to the public.

Jeanne, Barb, and Tom (a Telluride representative) at the NWSCC booth

Jeanne, Barb, and Tom (a Telluride representative) at the NWSCC booth


Jeanne Reinhardt

volunteering at the NWSCC booth.


Gary gets a visit from Santa! ==>

Gary, Barb, & Jeanne, NWSCC booth


Randy Lew and Barb Parshall

Lots of equipment on sale!


Mt. Hood Meadows selling season passes.

The Mt. Hood Ski Patrol booth welcomed visitors.

See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums.



Membership Party

November 13, 2008. (Thursday)  We expected a little over 100 people, but almost 200 showed up! We got 59 new members. There was enough food for everyone, and most people managed to get a drink before it was announced that alcohol is not permitted on the premises of the Masonic Lodge, where we held this party for the first time. We outgrew the size of the room anyway. We’ll have to find a different place next year. A new member at the party said: “I wanted to buy a glass of wine, and they gave me one for free! What a club! How do you guys do it?”

Food, drinks, and good company!.

Sandwiches and potato salad.


Schweitzer Mt. representative, Suzie Pace

Debbi Kor presents Gary Stevenson an award for his long service to the club.


Door prizes!

Mary Olhausen picks the winners, Gordon Lusk announces the number, Gary Stevenson describes the item being given, while Debbi Kor presents it to the winner.


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums.


Hillcrest Race Night

Oct. 9, 2008. Annual sale of equipment, with an emphasis on race equipment, with factory reps present to help answer any questions. It was well attended by many of our members, as well as members of other Northwest ski clubs.

Sheri & Dale Parshall with to a rep.

Jeff & Brenda Ackerson


Sheri & Dale Parshall with to a rep, + Gordy

Hillcrest staff.



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