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Most Recent Mt. High Photos (2009/2010)

2009 / 2010 Photos


Sept. 25, 2010: Seafood Party (2010)

Sept. 18, 2010: Heritage Day bike ride

Sept. 11-18, 2010: Cycle Oregon

August 20-22, 2010: Rafting trip

August 15, 2010: Bike ride & Picnic

June 19, 2010: Highway cleanup

June, 2010: Wyeast climb and ski

May, 2010:  Golf

Mar. 21-27, 2010: Fernie trip

Mar. 19-20, 2010: Hope on the Slopes

Feb. 23, 2010: Pizza Party

Feb 17-22, 2010: Whitefish trip

Feb. 13, 2010: Chocolate Party

Feb. 11, 2010: Greg and Violet at Whistler

Feb. 7, 2010:  PACRAT Race 2, Meadows

Jan. 24-30, 2010: Whistler Cabin trip

Jan. 21, 2010: Hope on the Slopes Kickoff

Jan. 15-18, 2010: Mystery trip

Jan. 10, 2010: PACRAT Race 1, Timberline

Jan. 10, 2010: PACRAT Party #1

Jan. 9, 2010: Mt. High Training Day, Timber.

Dec. 1-6, 2009: Canada Ski Safari

Nov. 19, 2009: Membership Party

Nov.   9, 2009: Ski Fair

Oct. 23, 2009: Warren Miller dinner

Oct. 18, 2009: Hike to Cape Falcon

Oct. 4, 2009: Timberline's new entrance

Sept. 26, 2009: Seafood Party (2009)

Sept. 19, 2009: NWSCC 30th Annivers.




More photos


Photo Albums,

There are two photo storage services we use to save ALL our photos, more than can fit on our own web site. The two are:

Snapfish - where you can also order prints, mugs, CDs, etc..

Photobucket - where you can find a mix of still images & short videos.

Click on the words "Photo Albums" to visit either of these.


Older Photos

Ski trips. Selected trip photos.

Social events. Selected social events.

2004 photos (2nd Canada Ski Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social);

2005 photos (3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt. trip, Crystal Mt. trip);

2006 photos (Next Adventure, Idaho trip, Val d'Isere, Timberline summer, Picnic & bike ride).

2007 photos (4th Canada safari, Powder Mt., Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass, Ski the Glade Trail, Timberline new trails, Far West races at Bachelor, River Cruise.)

2008 photos (Ski Fair, Timberline new lift inauguration, 5th Canadian Ski Safari, PACRAT races, Sunny South Oregon bus trip, Mystery trip to White Pass, 1st Heavenly/Tahoe trip, Rat Attack Awards party, Pizza Party, Rafting weekend, Seafood Spectacular at Blaise and Alice's, Salmon River canyon hike, Friend of the Forest cleanup at Meadows)

2009 photos, Seafood, Golf, Rafting, Ski pole rescue, Steve & Quinn's Wedding, Pond skimming, Heavenly, Crystal, Schweitzer, Bowling, Canada Safari. Hillcrest Race Night.


See how to post photos/videos to our web site, on the Articles page (under "Technology").


See a 10-minute video highlighting almost everything the club has done during the past year. The video is now posted on our Videos page, under the title: "Mountain High 2009-2010"..


Mt. High Annual Seafood Party

Sept 25, 2010 (Saturday).  This annual party used to be held at someone's home. But, this year, it got so popular that we had to rent a space for it at Metzger Park.  Good thing we did, because it was attended by about 97 people.

It was a great party.  Lots of smiling faces, as you can see in the photos.


Sorry we had to get a bit strict with RSVPS and registration.  We needed to have a precise head-count, to know how much seafood to get.  Also, we pre-printed name tags for everyone. 


This party was also unique in that for the first time we charged a $5 admission fee, to help cover the cost of renting the space and buying all the seafood. Peoplescottrrr brought appetizers, side dishes and dessert on top of that, so there was plenty of food for everyone.  

Terry and Ron Best checking in with Dave Pesheck, Marsha Cosgrove and Bobbie Eddy


Fred, Terry, Jayne, Bill + Dave and Marsha

Mer'a and Scott


Diane and Mike found a new friend!

Debbi put it all together.  Steve is happy!


Quinn and Steve Shaw.

Troy, Cary, and Shelly sampling the seashells


Lisa, Suzie, Elaine, and Tony

Lisa, Jerry, Suzie, Elaine, and Tony.


Gordy (our Prez) gives a brief speech.

Fred, Jeff, Farzin, Beth, Allan, Brenda, & Barbara.



Mt. Hood Heritage Day Bicycle Ride

Sept 18, 2010 (Saturday).  A unique bike ride through some known and unknown parts of Mt. Hood, visiting several places of historical significance between Timberline and Rhododendron. This bike ride happened on the same day that Government Camp, the Mt. Hood Museum, and Mt. Hood Skibowl celebrated the annual Mt. Hood Heritage Day. Despite the overcast skies and a forecasted rainy day, over 26 people showed up for this bicycle ride through the history of Mt. Hood.  The weather cooperated beautifully.  We only got a little drizzle on us for a few minutes, half way through the ride, and then again a little more during the last mile, as we were coasting toward Rhododendron, where we stopped for lunch at the Still Creek Inn, and observed happily that nobody was really wet.

See more photos, and larger ones, in a Picasa Album.

Each participant received a copy of a document listing several interesting facets of Mt. Hood's history.

See a video clip of the old Skiway aerial tramway from Government Camp to Timberline, 1951 - 1956.

The ride started at Timberline's parking lot

We unveiled our club's flag.


Starting down West Leg Road, right under the relatively new Jeff Flood Express chairlift.

The "rendezvous" point, where three trails meet: JoJaMi, Mustang Sally, and Pete's Plunder.


The Cascade Ski Club (oldest in Oregon) owns a lodge in Government Camp.

Richard Rizk (past President of the Cascade Ski Club) gave us a tour of the lodge.


Rich Rizk (in the ash gray T-shirt), showing us the youth and exercise room in the basement of the Cascade Lodge.

Farzin and Sandy enjoying cookies and lemonade, offered to us by Jean Korte, the new Cascade Lodge manager.


Some of us posed in front of the trophies in the living room

The old highway is now blocked to motorized traffic.


Emilio pointing at the new highway, which cuts right through the old highway. We are on a cliff above it.


The old highway continues on the other side of the new Highway 26.  That's where Laurel Hill is, the steepest part of the original Barlow Trail.



The Mountain High Snowsport Club has recently adopted this 2-mile stretch of Highway 26, from the 51 mile marker, just a little around the corner from where Emilio is pointing, all the way to the 53 mile marker, just past the exit to the Government Camp business loop,


Intrepid cyclists standing at the ledge over Highway 26.

Man and nature have almost blocked access to the ramp.


The ramp connects the old highway with the new one.

It's still somewhat steep and slippery.


Old Mt. Hood highway, still paved, but full of obstacles.

Just a narrow path is all that remains of the old highway.


We found a Salamander. Was he playing dead, or did someone accidentally ran him over?

At the historic Laurel Hill, the steepest part of the Barlow Trail, we descended down some steps..


Yes, there are bats here, but not the flying kind!

This is actually a tunnel for horses, under the old highway.


A short side-trip to Little Zig Zag falls.

Ann seems to be enjoying this ride! See her smile!


Yeah! This is a fun place!

The Little Zig Zag falls


Part of our group at Little Zig Zag falls.

Is this Bigfoot?  No.  Just Chuck Westergren.


A zippy ride down road 35, paralleling Highway 26

This is like a stroll through a large park!


Lunch at the Still Creek Inn, in Rhododendron. Just two of our 3 or 4 tables.  Nobody was wet!!!

Their soup of the day was delicious! Some of us had seconds, or even thirds!


See more photos, and larger ones, in a Picasa Album.

See a document listing some of the more interesting snippets of Mt. Hood's history.

See a video clip of the old Skiway aerial tramway from Government Camp to Timberline, 1951 - 1956.


Cycle Oregon

Sept 11- 18, 2010.  A week-long bicycle ride through Oregon, attracting about 2,200 bicycle riders, and adding up to a total of between 425 and 500 miles, depending on options. 

Our club was represented by the following

members of "Team Mt. High":

Stevie Viaene,

Janet Siverts-Smith,

Mike Barmache,

Moniquea Degan and

Rich Horner.


They carried our club's flag and posted it prominently above their tents.

Jan, Rich, and Stevie. That's our club's flag up there!


Stevie Viaene,  Richard Horner, Moniquea Degan

Team Mt. High: Moniquea, Stevie, Jan, Mike, and Rich.


Stevie Viaene

Stevie at the top of Rattlesnake Summit, elevation 3,965'


Stevie: "Well, I made it this far!"  Look at that road below!

Rich.  The sign warns about cyclists ahead.


Stevie Viaene,  Richard Horner, Moniquea Degan

Stevie, Rich, Moniquea


Where is everybody?

Richard Horner


Moniquea Degan

Cowboy night!


Check out this chest, baby!

A cool river!  Let's jump in!


Spout Springs ski area in Eastern Oregon

At the summit of the Blue Mountains, elevation 5,158 ft.




Rafting weekend on the Deschutes River

August 19-22, 2010 (Thursday-Sunday).  Some 70 or 80 people participated.  We camped in the Maupin City Park, and rafted most of Friday and all of Saturday. Our guide was Louis Kovacs. Saturday night, we had a delicious BBQ prepared by Lou Bailey and his lovely wife Kathy.  They also had helpers, as you can see on that photo of Cal Eddy and Gordon Lusk chopping up those ribs. The weather was perfect for being on the water. Everybody had a good time.

Thanks to Elaine Bock for the first 7 photos (a sequence of her raft flipping over). That was the "photo of the day".

Thanks to Bruce Kuper for all the other rafting photos, as well as some video clips.

Thanks to Gordon Lusk for about 100 photos posted in our Snapfish Albums.

Ginny Santorufo was on the oars, Jack Clifton with hat, Elaine Bock with orange bill cap, Beth Paraskeva with white visor, Alan Paraskeva with blue bandana, Colleen Hankins (blonde) and Pat Savage (dark hair).

We entered Boxcar just a little too close to the "pillow". .


The point of no return!

It was scary being flipped ...


... and caught under the raft!

Eventually, we were all able to pop out


We were then picked up by other Mt. High rafts. Phew!!!

Elsebeth Frank and Dave Norbury


Bruce Kuper at the oars

Lynn Norbury and Bruce Kuper


A peaceful moment. Just drifting along.

Violet Anderson at the oars of this raft.


Friday night campfire, without a campfire.

Breakfast the next morning..


A water-gun battle erupts.

Hey, the inflatable canoe is fun too!


Saw a rather large Osprey, perched on a tree.

Just cooling off with a beer!


Comparing notes

Kathy and Lou Bailey, preparing a lovely BBQ meal


Cal Eddy and Gordy Lusk, the assistant cooks!

OK, let's sit down and enjoy the meal.


Scotty, a lady friend, Darrel, and Kristine

Dinner was just yummy!


Louis Kovacs (in the middle) was the main guide on this trip, since Gordy was still getting adjusted to his new hip.

Spirits were high!

Coleen Hankins, Pat Savage, and Terry Swan


Lynn Norbury rides her husband Dave pretty hard!!!

"Giddy up horsey! Don't let me use my whip!"

Louis Kovacs getting huggable!

Or, is that a chiropractic adjustment?


Wow! Those bottles went down fast!

Trout trilogy


Dinner is served!


Thanks for joining us!


Let's do it again next summer!


See more photos (170 images), and 14 short video clips from Bruce Kuper at

Mt_High_2010_Rafting_Photos   or:



More rafting photos from Gordon Lusk are in the Snapfish Albums at:




Bike Ride & Picnic

August 15, 2010 (Sunday).  This has become an annual event. We started the day by cycling along the western bank of the Willamette River, from Sellwood bridge all the way to the Steel bridge.  We crossed the Steel bridge and then biked back down along the eastern bank fo the Willamette. By this time, we had developed a healthy appetite!

The picnic was attended by about 50+ people. The club provided a variety of sausages (plain, spicy, smoked, etc.), and people brought stuff for a potluck.  There were delicious salads, beans, fruits and deserts. 

The next winter season trips were announced for the first time, and some flyers distributed.

Thanks to Bruce Kuper for the following photos.  Only the first two (of the bike ride) are from Emilio's camera.

The whole group at the Steel bridge.

Biking past OMSI


Just getting started. Not everyone is here yet.

Lots of goodies on the table, and more on the next table!.


Emilio making a few announcements

Memorabilia & photo albums from the old Plaza and Edge Set clubs were on display..


Marv and Patty

Can you recognize the lady talking to Terry & Moniquea?


More people kept coming!

We had nice shade from the hot sun!


See more photos of the Mt High 2010 Picnic: (32 Images from Bruce Kuper) at:




Highway Cleanup

June 19, 2010 (Saturday).  Our club adopted 2 miles of Highway 26 just west of Government Camp (mileposts 51 - 53). This was our first cleanup day. 14 of us filled up 33 garbage bags in about 2 hours!  Then we cleaned up, had some lunch, and exchanged stories about what we had found. Violet found a $20 bill.  Debbi found a purse with some pieces of ID in it. She managed to track down the owner and found out the purse had been stolen some 6 years ago while the owner and her girlfriends were snowboarding at Mt. Hood Meadows!

The 14 participants were: Lonny Schiller, Jim Karsten, Violet & Greg Anderson, Kurt Krueger, Chuck Westergren, Terry White, Debbi Kor, Gordon Lusk, Cal Eddy, Larry Bennett, Sandra Pointer, Sandi Dykstra, Emilio Trampuz

Just getting started, at Skibowl.

Emilio found a bunch of stuff in just the first 20 minutes..


Violet found a $20 bill, soggy wet, but still good!

Lunch at the Mt. Hood Brew Pub was good..


Debbi examines the purse she found.

Hey, there's some ID here!


A drivers license, a dental appointment card, ....

Heading home at the end of the day.


Wyeast climb & ski

June. 2010.  Bruce Ellison and John Geller decided to hike up Mt. Hood, on the Mt. Hood Meadows side, after the ski season was over, to get in some fresh turns. They skinned up, and skied down about 5,000 vertical feet. Quite by accident, they met up with Bruce McGavin and Mike Ferrell, so it was a foursome expedition.  They enjoyed a mix of ice, spring corn, and heavy slush on the way down.  Story by Bruce Ellison published in the July/August issue of "Lift Lines" (issue #115-116).  Photos by Bruce McGavin. .

Bruce McGavin (far back) & Bruce Ellison (foreground)

Mike Ferrell, John Geller, Bruce McGavin


Bruce Ellison climbing the ridge separating the Superbowl from White River canyon.

John Geller, high up in the clouds.


Bruce Ellison and John Geller

Wow!  What coordination!

Mike Ferrell (in front), Bruce Ellison, John Geller.

"You can almost see the curvature of the Earth!!!!"




May. 2010.  Thanks to Cal Eddy and Terry Swan, our club has a vibrant golf program during the summer months. Each month, there is at least one round of 9-holes mid-week, and 18 holes on a weekend. For more information, see our calendar of events, or contact Cal Eddy at baebaw@ccwebster.net, 503-805-8606, or  Terry Swan at swans761@juno.com,  503-729-3435.

Mountain High golfers
Mountain High golfers

Mt. High golfers at Sandelie golf course

Some of our golfers at Sandelie golf course, May 2010.



Fernie trip

Mar. 21-27, 2010.  A 6-day/6-night bus trip. We spent 4 nights in Fernie (British Columbia, Canada).  We spent 3 days skiing at Fernie and 1 day at Kimberley.  To break the long drive up, we stopped for an additional day of skiing at Silver Mountain, Idaho, where we got some fresh powder.  It was snowy and foggy there, so we didn't take any pictures at Silver Mt.  In Canada, most of the days were sunny.  On the last day of the trip, we stopped at Bluewood, Washington, where we were surprised by the best snow of the whole trip. Almost a foot of fresh snow had fallen the night before. There were 20 of us on the bus, plus an additional 4 people (Violet and Greg with their two kids) flew in and joined us just for the 4 days at Fernie/Kimberley. The bus ride was comfortavble, since we had a 48-passenger bus, so everyone could spread out an use 2 seats each.  Thanks to Bruce McGavin, Stevie Viaene, Violet Anderson and Emilio Trampuz for the photos presented here and in our Snapfish Albums.

Just part of our group at Fernie

Mike Henness and Diane Zhitlovsky at Fernie.


Fernie had an "Alpine" look and feel. See the fresh tracks!

Mike turns around Kay and others in a "Human slalom".


Emilio Trampuz at Fernie

Gerry and Patty at the top of Lizard Bowl (1 of 5 bowls)


Diane and Mike at Fernie

Diane and Mike got entangled! How did that happen?!!!


Dave and Lynn Norbury with the town of Fernie

Dave and Lynn Norbury at Fernie


Part of our group.  Town of Fernie in the background.

Violet Anderson with Fernie in the background.


Curie Bowl, another of the 5 bowls at Fernie.

Lunch at the base of Fernie.


Kay Kinyon at Fernie

Stevie Viaene at Fernie


Linda found Linda's Run at Fernie!

"Those are our tracks," says Linda


This bunch hiked up to get fresh tracks.

Bruce McGavin cuts some fresh tracks.


Lynn Norbury in virgin snow above the lifts at Fernie

Linda McGavin gets some fresh tracks at Fernie.


Bruce McGavin skiing around small trees at Fernie

Lynn Norbury finds her way through the brush at Fernie


Dave, Lynn, and Bruce during lunch break at Fernie

Ken, Bruce and Foxie near the bottom of Kimberley.


Everyone had fun on the bus. Tom raises a toast to that!

Linda had so much fun in the Champagne glades at Bluewood, Washington. She didn't want to leave!


Kay got his "Ego" bruised at Bluewood. Just kidding!

Stevie found her sign at Bluewood.


See more photos (and/or order prints or digital photos on CD) in our Snapfish Photo Albums

(NOTE: You can now view the photos without signing in!  At Snapfish, just click on "View photos as a guest".)



Hope on the Slopes

Mar. 19-20, 2010 (Friday-Saturday).  The second annual Hope on the Slopes 24-hour ski-a-thon at Mt. Hood Skibowl surpassed the first one in every way. The number of participants almost doubled to 180 (organized in 16 teams), and the total amount raised for the American Cancer Society was over $50,000.  The participants skied a total of over 3 million vertical feet in a 24 hour period. The torchlight parade was set to music this time. Due to a low snow year, most of the skiing was done in the Upper Bowl, but Reynolds run was perfectly skiable too, all the way to the bottom. The torchlight parade came down on Lower Reynolds.  Many of our Mt. High club members participated, on the Mt. Hoodlums team, on Team Tuna, and on Team Ragnar (a joint team with members of the Cascade ski club).

A ceremony honoring cancer survivors, at the HOPE sign

Emilio led the torchlight parade with abt. 30 torchbearers


Elaine Bock and Brigi (from Hungary) - on team Ragnar

Rich Horner and Colin Brandt - Mt. Hoodlums team


David Schor and the Walkfast band was one of the bands providing live music during the whole 24 hours.

Bonnie Ell of the American Cancer Society distributed blankets to the cancer survivors who participated.


Aaron Anderson broke his thumb but kept skiing all night

Many people dedicated the whole event or a particular run to a specific person they know.  The HOPE sign was built by several volunteers, and it glowed at night.


Team "Cranes for Kendall" carrying photos of Kendall, a co-worker and cancer patient who inspired them.

Team Tuna - raised the most money $10,802. for the American Cancer Society. Their team captain alone, Charlie Ritchie, raised $2,973.


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums

(NOTE: You can now view the photos without signing in!  At Snapfish, just click on "View photos as a guest".)


Also, two videos are available on our Videos page. The shorter one shows just the torchlight ceremony (4.5 mins.). The longer one (16 minutes) shows the whole event, including the torchlight parade, interviews with several participants, and the closing ceremony. This is well worth seeing. Share this video with your friends to inspire them to participate next year!



Pizza Party

Feb. 23, 2010.  Another great quarterly Pizza Party.  What other club will feed you so much pizza, chocolate, sandwiches, and other goodies throughout the year?  Our pizza parties are a great way to mingle with other club members and hear what is new, and what events and trips are being planned for the near future.

Jan, Patty, Alice, Ron & Terry

Valerie, Liz, Elaine and Jerry


Scott, ..., Sandi, Gordy, Sandra and Robert

Elisabeth picks a door prize, with Linda and Bob watching


Sandra picks her door prize and hugs Linda.

Gordy (our Prez) speaks in front of our new banner




Whitefish trip

Feb. 17-21, 2010.  A great 3 day/4-night trip to Whitefish, Montana (formerly known as Big Mountain, MT).  The train arrived in Whitefish on a beautiful clear morning. Checked in, ate breakfast and headed for the mountain. No fresh snow, but clear and sunny. (The preceding week, the mountain was socked in most of the time.) Several new members joined this group and other members reconnected. Overall, a very pleasant trip with great company! Thanks to Debbi, Jan, Terry and Lana for the photos.

Scott Firstenberg, Mariya Pustovit, Ron Best, Lana Rulien, Terry Best, Mary Olhausen, Terry Swan, Debbi Kor, Rebecca Darr, and Jan Siverts-Smith

Ron, Terry, Lana, and Jan


Terry and Lana at Whitefish

Terry and Lana with Whitefish lake in the background.


Terry and Lana having lunch at the Hellroaring saloon.

Debbi, Terry, Jan, and Lana at dinner.


Breakfast: Scott, Mariya, Rebecca, Lana, Terry Swan, Ron & Terry Best.

Jan at the top of Whitefish.


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums

(NOTE: You can now view the photos without signing in!  At Snapfish, just click on "View photos as a guest".)



Chocolate Party

Feb. 13, 2010 (Saturday).  Our annual Valentine's Day Chocolate Party was perfect. Just the right number of people showed up to comfortably fill up Debbi's place. Thanks to Debbi Kor for hosting the party. Also, a big thanks to all who brought chocolate desserts and participated in the contest.


Liz and Mary - candid shot

Liz and Mary - clowning around!


Mary with John and Sylvia, who brought their medals, to put themselves in the Olympic spirit.

The room as seen in the mirror. We watched some of the Olympic Games from Whistler on TV.


The dessert table, just before the tasting and  judging.

There were 6 entries.

Debbi Kor awards Valerie Lyons the prize for the most Chocolaty dessert, her Chocolate Tart. See her recipe.


Linda McGavin won the Lightest but still decadent category.

John and Sylvia won for the most creative dessert.


Liz, Harry and Gerry at the snacks table.

Blaise says to Bruce: "Man, you should've been there!"

Susan Anderson wins the award for the best dressed!

Meeow!!! Rrrrroar!!!


Patty, Alice and Cindy clink glasses!

This was an interesting discussion!


Group shot of some of our ladies!

Harry Scribner demonstrates how the luge is done!



Greg and Violet at Whistler

Feb. 11, 2010 (Thursday).  Greg and Violet Anderson sent us this description and photos after witnessing some pre-Olympic training at Whistler.  Violet says:  "Training runs for the Menís Downhill began yesterday. A video that Greg took of Bode Miller is attached. Bode ran 16th and Ted Ligety ran 35th. 42 Men out of 89 from 29 countries got a training run before the cloud ceiling dropped and visibility went to less than 30 meters. (Weíre in Canada, eh. We talk meters and Celsius.)  Didier Cuche from Switzerland was fast man with a time of 1:53. This is one long course.


Itís pretty exciting to be around all these great skiers and to see them up close. Whistler is vacant. The skier count Sunday was 2,000. They are typically at 20,000 a day. Closing the parking lots and making road travel limited has really kept people away. Great for us! No lines anywhere and front row on the course.  -- Violet

Downhill course at Whistler

(Photos by Violet Anderson)


Click on any of these 3 photos to enlarge them.

Click here for a short YouTube video of Bode Miller.

The starting gate for the Olympians




PACRAT Race 2 at Meadows

Feb. 7, 2010 (Sunday).  A good race on the Stadium course at Mount Hood Meadows. This was the day of the Super Bowl, so there was no party after the race.  All of these photos were contributed by Aaron Anderson.

Bruce Parshall, flexing his biceps in the starting gate

(Photo by Aaron Anderson)

Chris Wiley - Rattitudes team captain

(Photo by Aaron Anderson)


Armin Dahms and Frank Hadella -- Rattitudes team

(Photo by Aaron Anderson)

Jack Folliard and Barb Parshall

(Photo by Aaron Anderson)


Dual race courses (red and blue)

(Photo by Aaron Anderson)

The guy on the lower left is just practicing.

(Photo by Aaron Anderson)


Tom Rodrigues waiting his turn

Gordon Lusk and Jeannie Nyquist


Beth and Alan Paraskeva

Gary Gunderson - Avalanche Express team captain


Phil Mant with helmet cam

Barb Parshall   (Santa's little helper!)


Tired warriors

Dual race courses (blue and red)


The finish line is way down there!

Bruce Parshall


Racers ready?   3 - 2 - 1 - Go!!!

Jill Parshall at the top of the course.


A visit to Clark Canyon, Feb.

(after the avalanche)


After the race, while some people rushed home to watch the Super Bowl game, a few of us went to ski Clark Canyon, where there had been an avalanche a few days earlier. A huge avalanche had descended down Clark Canyon and pushed the snow to within 100 yards of the bottom of the Heather chairlift. By the time we skied it, most of the snow had been cleared away or pushed aside by snow-moving machinery.


We were surprised at how little snow was there. Plenty to ski on, but the waterfall we saw is normally totally covered up by this time of year.


NOTE: About a month later, on March 23, 2010, a snowboarder was found dead in the waterfall area, having fallen into the water. He was wearing a helmet, but that didn't help him.

Chuck Westergren in Clack Canyon at Meadows


Chuck in Clark Canyon, with Mt. Hood in the background

Waterfall at the end of Clark Canyon.



Whistler Cabin trip

Jan. 24 - 30, 2010.  This trip has a few devoted repeat customers every January. The number is limited to just 13 people that can fit in the cabin. George Yun shared some of his photos from the trip. He apologizes that some of the photos show only landscapes, or maybe just the tips of his skis. He says:

"That's because I was skiing solo a lot ...no one wants to ski with me. "  Hmmm! Could that be because George tends to ski too fast or terrain too steep for most people's comfort? Anyway, thanks, George, for sharing these pics!

At the edge of a precipice. Steep drop into "The Cirque"

"Couloir Extreme" entrance in flat light.


A hidden corner of Whistler. Untracked powder at 2 pm!

Dropping into all that powder!


George falling from the "Peak-to-Peak" gondola. Those are tall trees below!  Actually, the gondola floor is glass!

George says: "My proudest moment - I made three Aussie girls lay down for me!"


Ron and JJ at CBX

 George experiencing a typical Whistler whiteout!

Ron huffin' and puffin' to entrance to Blackcomb glacier



JJ says: "I am going to hit that!"




OK, so George wasn't always skiing alone!


Bill Leeper (the trip organizer) and George at the cabin.

Chuck either skied too much, or had too much navy rum!



Hope on the Slopes Kick-Off Party

Jan. 21, 2010 (Thursday).  The Kickoff event for Hope on the slopes was held at Hillcrest Ski and Sports in Gresham. Over 20 people signed up for the Torchlight parade (to be held on Friday, March 19, at Mt. Hood Skibowl). Numerous bands signed up to provide live music for almost all 24 hours of the event.  People signed up for teams. Great night!

Bonnie Ell witing for a new door-prize number to be drawn

Chris Bilbao from NW Channel 32 videotaping


Colin Brandt wins one of the door prizes

Hope on the Slopes banner at Hillcrest Ski & Sports.


Paul Podett and Pat Stevens (Mt. Hood Ski Patrol)

Paul Podett (on left) and Pat Stevens (smiling)


Bonnie Ell being interviewed for NW Channel 32




The only photo we have of a blustery and windy day at Mt. Hood Meadows, Sunday, Jan. 24, when our PACRAT race got cancelled because of the timing mechanism.

Kurt Krueger got all iced up at Meadows

on Sunday, Jan. 24.  Race got cancelled.



Mt. High Mystery trip

Jan. 15-18, 2010 (Fri.-Mon.).  The Mystery trip consisted of one day at Willamette Pass and 2 days at Mt. Bachelor. Some people thought we might go there but did not offer that as their guess, simply because they couldn't believe that only $309 would be enough for us to afford 2 days at Mt. Bachelor and 2 nights in Bend, plus Willamette Pass and a night in Oackridge, and still have enough left over for a bountiful Pizza dinner with salad, soft drinks and even beer, ... all included!  Wow! 

The weather cooperated beautifully. Despite the fact that it rained hard on Friday night, when we left Portland, it never rained during the trip.  Instead, we had 2 inches of fresh snow at Willamette Pass, and over 4 inches of fresh the next day at Mt. Bachelor.  Everyone had a great time. At least one person said this was their best club trip ever.


We did experience two injuries. Julie Yang fell and had a concussion, the first day at Mt. Bachelor.  The second day at Bachelor, Bruce Kuper fell and broke his collar-bone, but was able to ride the bus back with us, and he even showed some of his helmet-cam video during the ride home. 


By the way, both Julie and Bruce were wearing helmets. This shows that a helmet will not prevent you from suffering a concussion or breaking your collar bone.

Jack Folliard reads jokes from his smart phone.

Diane Zhitlovsky tells us a joke and then cracks up!!!.


Group photo at Willamette Pass, on day one.

Willamette Pass, with Odell Lake in the background.


Bruce Kuper and Loni Sanders

at Willamette Pass

By chance, we ran into David Schor who had no idea we would be skiing at Willamette Pass that day!


Kurt Krueger, David Schor, Loni Sanders & Bruce Kuper

(Photo: Emilio Trampuz)

Loni Sanders and Bruce Kuper at Willamette Pass

(Photo: Rich Horner)


Getting ready in the Willamette Pass parking lot

(Photo: Moniquea Degan)

Lunch at Willamette Pass

(Photo: Moniquea Degan)


Moniquea Degan at Willamette Pass.

(Photo: Rich Horner)

Emilio Trampuz at Mt. Bachelor

at the bottom of the Pine Marten express lift

(Photo: Rich Horner)


Ed Palmer at Mt. Bachelor (Photo: Bruce McGavin)

Phil Mant at Mt. Bachelor (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Terry Swan and Richard Horner on the bus

(Photo: Rich Horner)

Jan Siverts-Smith and Rich Horner

(Photo: Rich Horner)


Mike Henness and Diane Zhitlovsky on the bus.

(Photo: Rich Horner)

Hot tub at the Fairfield Inn, Bend.  ("The Bay of Pigs")

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)


Gordon Lusk, Lisa Ratzlaff, Deirdre Lawrence

at the Fairfield Inn, Bend, waiting for the pizza.

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)

Elaine Bock and Abbey Braidech

on pizza night

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)


Steve Royce and Edie Martinelli

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)

Sandra Pointer, Jack Folliard and Sandi Dykstra

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)


Richard Horner plays the Mt. High Mystery Tour song.

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)

Diane Zhitlovsky, Moniquea Degan and Stevie Viaene dance to Rich's tune.   (Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)


Dean Roberts, Lisa Scribner, Lisa Ratzlaff

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)

Group photo at the Fairfield Inn

Gerry, Mike, Kurt, Lisa S., Deirdre, Wally

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)


Liz Dauw, Dean Roberts, Kurt Krueger, Lisa Scribner, Deirdre Lawrence, Wally Taylor, Jim Trindle and Mike Henness.                       (Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)

Kurt Krueger in the trees, a bit too deep.

Hey, if you don't fall, you are not trying hard enough!

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)


Bruce McGavin and Jerry Barnes

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)

Phil Mant and Deirdre Lawrence

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)


Diane Zhitlovsky and Lisa Scribner

Abbey Braidech, Gordon Lusk, and Sandi Dykstra


Deirdre Lawrence, Jim Trindle, Lisa Scribner

Kay Kinyon and Kurt Krueger


Linda McGavin with 2 bottles of "Yard Sale Ale"

brewed by or very own Kurt Krueger.

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)

Patty Ignatowski and Diane Zhitlovsky

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)


Deirdre Lawrence on the bus.

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)

Jack Folliard, with a Lager too many!!!!

(Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)


Mike Henness solving the vanity license plates puzzle,

and Deirdre Lawrence.  (Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)

Gerry Ignatowski and Lisa Scribner at Willamette Pass, with Odell Lake.        (Photo: Harry & Lisa Scribner)


Emilio wants to ge left, Kay prefers going right!

at Mt. Bachelor    (Photo: Moniquea Degan)

This was actually taken a week after the trip!

Rich, Diane, Mike.  (Photo: Moniquea Degan)



Wally & Bill showed up a week later too!

(Photo: Rich Horner)

Moniquea, Patty, Diane, Wally, Bill, Rich at Mt. Bachelor

(Photo: Rich Horner)


A view of the 3 Sisters, from Mt. Bachelor, on a sunny day.

(Photo: Rich Horner)


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums

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PACRAT Race #1 at Timberline

Jan. 10, 2010 (Sunday).  The day was direr and colder than the Training day the day before, so the snow was a lot harder and icier than the previous day. The race was held on the Pucci main run.

It started off quite sunny.

Dual race courses, as usual.


Valerie Lyons finishes with a big smile!

Doug, Dean, Valerie, Emilio


Sandra Kaufman and Susan Anderson

Cyndy Lovejoy


Gary Olsen and Cyndy Lovejoy

That's the spirit at the starting gate!


Rat Racers:  Randy Goode, Greg Maxwell-Muir, David Schor

Susan Anderson and Valerie Lyons neck-and-neck


Susan Anderson explodes with joy at the finish line

Cyndy Lovejoy aims at the gate


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums

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PACRAT Party #1 at the Mt. Hood Museum

Jan. 10, 2010 (Sunday).  After the race at Timberline, we drove down to the Mt. Hood Museum and Cultural Center in Government Camp, for the apres-ski party, with food served by Lou's Q barbeque, as well as drinks and plenty of door prizes.

Diane Hicks, Colleen Walter, and Jack Folliard.

Diane Hicks and Colleen Walter at the sign-in table.


Diane Hicks and Colleen Walter

Barb Parshall celebrates the new NWSCC banner


Baked beans, BBQ chicken & burgers. Come and get it!

Beer and wine served here!


Dexter Hill of Hillcrest Ski & Sports

Our Racing Director, Bruce Ellison

and his lovely wife Cynthia


Brigi and Lisa Ratzlaff

Elaine Bock and Dean Roberts


Sandra Kaufman and Lou Bailey

Susan Anderson and Mary Coleman


Gary Olsen, Doug Pilcher

Lou get amorous!


Valerie Lyons

Lynn and Dave Norbury


Future Olympian?

Future Olympian with mom and dad.



Beth Paraskeva and Farzin Ghezel


The fast guys:  Aaron Anderson, Bruce Ellison, Farzin Ghezel, and Gordon Lusk

Two other really fast people: 

Violet Anderson and Dale Parshall


Gary Stevenson and Barb Parshall

Barb Parshall and Dale Parshall


Elaine Bock and Sally Niedermeyer

Diane Hicks, the PACRAT Parties organizer


The ski poles were just one of many door prizes

Congratulations, buddy!


Julie Moore wins something small.

(Good things come in small packages!)

Julie Moore (dark blue) and Julie Rasmussen (light blue)


Frosted Flakes: Moniquea Degan, Kurt Krueger,

and Jan Siverts-Smith

Bob Lawrence, Valerie Lyons and Samy Fouts


Gary Gunderson, Dennis Skog, Aaron Anderson

Samy Fouts  (Mixed Nuts team captain)


Aaron Anderson draws the next lucky number

Julie Moore (on the Frosted Flakes team)


Barb Parshall and Gail O'Neill winning Mt. Bachelor ticket.

Elaine Bock, Sally Niedermeyer, Gail O'Neill


Frosted Flakes:  Kay Kinyon and Stevie Viaene

Susan Anderson, Bruce Parshall, Valerie Lyons,

and Bob Lawrence


Julie Rasmussen and Jack Folliard

Jack Folliard (former PACRAT Chairperson)


Dexter Hill, Moniquea Degan, Julie Rasmussen, and Diane Hicks

Farzin Ghezel wins some "Huck Bucks", good for anything at Huckleberry Inn in Government Camp


Dale Parshall

Hey, Dale, get you hand off of me!!!


Oh, no, that was Barb Parshall's hand!



Susan, Kurt, and Kay

Doug Pilcher and Lonnie Schiller


Jill Trulsen (Mixed Nuts) & Gail O'Neill (Drooling Moose)

Doug Pilcher admiring the view from Timberline's Kruser trail, with Mt. Jefferson in the background.


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums

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Mt. High Training Day at Timberline

Jan. 9, 2010 (Saturday).  Timberline ski area. This was the first of two Ski Improvement Days planned for this season. The training was paid for by the club.  People only had to buy individual lift tickets, which our club provided by purchasing tickets in bulk for only $42 per ticket. We trained on the "Uncle Jon's Band" and "Pete's Plunder" trail. Our coach was Shawn Darris, sdarris@timberlinelodge.com.  The training was well attended by at least two dozen club members.  The weather was warm and the snow a bit soft, but providing the perfect "bite", so it was easy to hold an edge.


Doug Pilcher attacks the gate

Kristine Canham in perfect control


Scotty Stepan really bends his skis! Wow!

Gary Gunderson, one of our fastest racers.


Sandra Kaufman, graceful as ever

Cyndy Lovejoy, cautions but steady


David Schor shows us how it's done!!!

After the training, we enjoyed the views of Mt. Jefferson

This is Doug Pilcher on the Kruser trail.


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums

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Canada Ski Safari

December 1-6, 2009 (Tuesday - Sunday). 

This was the 7th annual Ski Safari to Canada. The first one was in December 2003 (and Emilio did one on his own a year before that too.)  This time, we did the basic 5-day tour, visiting most of the usual places.  We did it clockwise this time, starting with Mt. Baker, then Sun Peaks, Silver Star, and Big White.  Mission Ridge would have been the last stop, but there wasn't a lot of snow yet, so White Pass was an alternative stop on the way home.  Meanwhile, Emilio took off a little further east, to visit Whitewater ski area, which turned out to be a surprise -- It's an advanced skier's playground, with lot of trees! 


Mt. Baker

(About 1 hr. 15 mins. from Bellingham, WA)

Emilio taking a photo of Moniquea Degan at Mt. Baker, early morning, amid s
pectacular scenery.


Moniquea Degan at Mt. Baker, early morning.

Spectacular scenery, with jagged peaks all around us.

Moniquea skied on her K2 "Mt. Baker" skis!


Kurt's photo of Mt. Shuksan, at Mt. Baker, early morning.



Richard, Moniquea, Kurt and Emilio

on the first chairlift ride on Chair 8, at Mt. Baker.

A wonderful, sunny day ahead of us!


Moniquea, Kurt, and Rich admire the view.

A close-up of Moniquea, Kurt and Rich.


Emilio, Moniquea, Richard, at the canyon at Mt. Baker.

The narrow but skiable canyon at Mt. Baker.


Emilio, Kurt, Moniquea, and Rich. 

Mt. Shuksan in the background.

Kurt and Emilio having lunch at Mt. Baker


Rich Horner and Kurt Krueger, at the top of Chair 6.

Kurt and Emilio having lunch at Mt. Baker


Emilio Trampuz & Moniquea Degan, at the top of Chair 6.

Emilio in front of Mt. Shuksan.


Sun Peaks

About 45 minutes from Kamloops, British Columbia

"The Sticks" on Mt. Morrissey, at Sun Peaks.

Kurt, Rich, and Moniquea, skiing "The Sticks".


So many different ways to get through these trees, planted on a groomed trail called "The Sticks".

Kurt on double-black "Spin Cycle". Rich & Moniquea below him. Yes, Moniquea is the tiny dot below Rich.


Emilio demonstrates where Mike had an accident about 3 years earlier, on Spin Cycle, at Sun Peaks.


Moniquea and Emilio near the top of Spin Cycle at Mt. Morrissey, Sun Peaks.

This is an ungroomed double-black trail with some moguls already starting to form, but the snow was good this time.


Rich, Kurt and Moniquea on the "Blue Line" under the Crystal chair, on Mt. Tod at Sun Peaks.

Kurt and Emilio in a camera shoot-out.


OK, Rich is tired of this filming. Let's ski!

We took the Hat Trick run, recommended by Linda McGavin, in honor of Gene (the Hat) Hatfield.


Rich and Emilio touching hats on the Hat Trick trail.

Emilio on the Hat Trick trail at Sun Peaks.


Richard Horner shows us he can fly!

The Three Bears trail at sunset. A great tree run!


Kurt, Rich, and Moniquea in the Three Bears glades.

Kurt, packing his stuff at Sun Peaks.


Moniquea had a good time at Sun Peaks.

Moniquea says: "OK, let's go to Silver Star now!"



Silver Star

About 25 minutes from Vernon, British Columbia

A nice little "Wild West" town, with pastel colored houses.

Moniquea reads the map, while Emilio smiles. Great day!


It snowed all day at Silver Star.

We are at Paradise Camp, a lunch spot on the mountain.


We had to try "Three Wise Men" in honor of Ed Palmer.

Are these 3 guys wise or foolish?


It sure looks good at the top, but it gets much steeper!!!

Rich watches as Moniquea does some yoga stretches!


OK, now the other leg. Hold it! Let me take a picture!

OK, now back to the first leg.


Richard must be saying something funny here.

This is lunch at Long John's Pub at Silver Star.

Who, me?  I am innocent.  Honest!!!!



Big White

About an hour from Kelowna, British Columbia

Kurt Krueger and Richard Horner at the bottom of Ridge Rocket Express, at Big White.

Rich, Kurt, and Moniquea, stretching out a bit at the top of the Bullet Express.


Moniquea, will you really jump this rock?

Kurt, Moniquea & Rich, exiting the trees at Big White.



We found lots of fresh snow at Big White.





Stay tuned for a bit of video from Big White,

showing us skiing some easy glades.


Moniquea and Richard in Leavenworth (Kurt's photo)


Kurt's photo of Emilio at Sun Peaks.

Emilio, drawing a map during lunch at Big White.



About 20 minutes south of Nelson, British Columbia

Everything you see at Whitewater is skiable. All those trees on the opposite hill are mostly skiable.

It's an advanced skier's paradise.

The scenery at Whitewater is spectacular, reminiscent of the Alps. The upper slopes are out of bounds, but people do climb up there.


Can you see 2 skiers in these trees?  One red, one blue.

Near the top of the more advanced of the two hills.


These are "Kootenay Flats" on the easier, sunnier side.

Great views from "Racer's Line", a groomed trail.


A short video from this year's Canada Ski Safari will soon be posted on our web site. Stay tuned.



Membership Party 2009

November 19, 2009 (Thursday). 

This year, for the first time, we held our annual Membership Party at the Gray Gables Estate. Everyone was impressed with the elegant surroundings.  Approximately 200 people attended, probably more than any other membership party in recent years. The food was excellent, and nobody had any complaints about the beer and wine (purchased individually).

Bob Raemer, Diane Adkin, and Debbie Thomas

David Schor, Doug Pilcher, and Phil Mant


Diane Zhitlovsky answers questions at the info table.

The main room was packed.


Another look at the room.

Gordy call a lucky winner!


Debbi Kor picks another winner.  Gordy announces.

Linda Coxen won a sweatshirt.


Another excited table. Will we win next?

We don't care if we win. We are happy already!


Another happy couple. Ron and Terri Best are the best!

Is this the "Frosted Flakes" team table?


The pretty ladies' table!

Randy Lew, President FWSA, speaks abt. the Far West Ski Association


Sandra Busch, Alex Smith, and some new faces.

Let's watch an animated discussion!  It was fun!


I mean, ... Really!

The moguls were this big!!!


The next item is the SportTube - the best way to carry skis.

The SportTube expands to any length.


Ann Gormley, winner of the SportTube

Samy Fouts wins a $100 gift certificate


But, wait, we need to check your ticket number!

The garden outside was all decorated and lit up


A water fountain near the entrance.

Linda McGavin was pleased with the whole evening.



Ski Fair

November 9, 2009 (Monday). 

The Ski Fair was held at a new location this year. Instead of the Mondarch Hotel, this time, we were at the Holiday Inn on Columbia Blvd., near Portland airport.

Our club's booth at the Ski Fair

Kurt and Elaine staffing the booth


Bob Snelling renewing his membership.

Emilio and Debbi at the NWSCC booth.


Bonnie Ell and Brock Hannibal.

Aaron Anderson and Bonnie Ell.



Warren Miller dinner & movie night

October 23, 2009 (Friday). 

Over 70 of us went to see the latest Warren Miller movie called "Dynasty", the 60th film in a series. Everyone attending the show received 6 free lift ticket vouchers, plus 3 coupons for local ski stores.


Over 60 people came to dinner before the movie.  A few showed up unannounced, and a few didn't come at all, so we don't have the exact count. But, everyone had a good time.


Thanks to Elaine Bock for setting up the welcoming table, where people could pick up their membership card (just recently received from the printer), and also sign up for trips or for a race team.


Susan Anderson, Randy Kew, Elaine Bock

The welcoming table.














NOTE: See larger versions of these photos in our Snapfish Photo Albums.


Hike to Cape Falcon


October 18, 2009 (Sunday). 


This was an easy 6 mile hike, with a 300í elevation gain. Located south of Seaside, on the Oregon coast.


Thanks to Elisabeth Fonatine and Chas Westergren for leading this hike, researching it ahead of time, and also providing for a "happy hour at the end of the hike.





Elisabeth on a pre-hike exploring trip.

Chas scouting out the route







At Cape Falcon






Happy hour back at the parking lot



Timberline Lodge's New Entranceway

October 4, 2009 (Saturday). 

A new entranceway to Timberline Lodge has been officially opened this weekend.

It has transparent walls, and set at a much steeper angle than the previous round tube, so the snow will hopefully slide off of it rather than accumulate on it.. It has an almost cathedral-like effect. At night, when it is lit up, it's supposed to resemble an igloo.

Thanks to Henry Bendinelli, President of the Mt. Hood Ski Kats club, for these photos.


The new look, inspired by an igloo

A view from the inside.


Gathering in front of the new entrance.

Celebrating with champagne and treats


Jeannie Coyle examining the interior.

A crowd of Timberline supporters.



Mt. High Seafood Party

September 26, 2009 (Saturday). 

One of our largest in-home parties so far, with over 70 participants. Most people brought food, tons of it, including delicious desserts.  The main course, ie. the seafood (salmon, cod, shellfish) was provided by Peter Troy and Ann Gormley, fresh from Alaska. See their web site: www.petersburgfishingadventures.com.


Thanks to Gordon Lusk's efforts, we now have a new club banner, displayed here for the first time.

Thanks to Violet and Greg Anderson for hosting the party.  And thanks to Debbi Kor, Linda McGavin, and all the volunteers to helped prepare the food.


We apologize for not being able to identify everyone in the photos.  There were several new faces at this party. If you can identify yourself, or your un-named friends, please let Emilio know ASAP, at Emilio2000@earthlink.net. or 1-503-378-0171.


Our new banner!  Quinn & Steve Shaw,  Violet (our host), Moniquea Degan.

Linda McGavin, one of our "cooks"


Doug Pilcher, Quinn & Steve Shaw, Larry Benett, Lynn Norbury

Quinn and Steve Shaw, our newlyweds!


Sandy, Scott Stepan, Larry Bennett, Gordon Lusk and Sandi Dykstra

Marv Wakefield & Janice Jessen



Doug Pilcher & Chas Westergren

Violet Anderson & Sally Niedermeyer


Elisabeth Fontaine, Terry & Ron Best.

Kurt Krueger, Chris Moon, Ron, Cori, Steve,

Lynn Norbury, Randy Lew


Ron Best, Cori Wiessner, Lynn Norbury, Marv Wakefield

Brenda Ackerson, Sandra Kaufman, William Leeper


Blaise Dagilaitis, Lynn Kovacs,

Steve Shaw, Bruce Parshall

Lynn Kovacs, Bruce Parshall,, Louis Kovacs, Terry White.



NW Ski Club Council's 30th Anniversary


September 19, 2009.  What a Celebration!  Several great guest speakers, a wonderful ski-inspired dance by the Jefferson Dancers, a great silent auction, and the food was great too.


Unfortunately, we were not prepared to record everything. It was a spur of the moment decision, and we ran out of memory on the camera's flash card (SD memory card). Still, we managed to preserve the following for posterity:


* 18 of the best photos are here;  more photos in our Snapfish Albums.

* A video of the SKIA dance by the Jefferson Dancers. See the Videos page.

* A video of about 75% of Phil Mahre's story (before the camera ran out of memory).


All the proceeds of the evening were donated to the Mt. Hood Museum and Cultural Center in Government Camp, Oregon, which is preserving even more memories!


Jeff Lokting, Holly & Phil Mahre, Mary Olhausen

John Orefice and Debbi Kor


The NWSCC table, one of the many exhibits

Sheri & Dale Parshall with Phil Mahre


John Reinhardt (Cabernet Ski Club) and Sheri Parshall (Skiynete Ski Club)

The Cabernet and Skiyente ski clubs get close and friendly!


Emilio Trampuz (without a beard) & John

"Don't you dare kiss me!" says Emilio.

Debbi Kor and Linda McGavin

Debbi created the table centerpieces.


Sheri Parshall
speaking about the NWSCC and it's 30 year history.


Linda receives a bouquet of flowers, as the only one of the original founders of the NWSCC that is still active among us.


Jefferson Dancers performing the Skia dance

Jefferson Dancers performing the Skia dance


Kevin Hansen, speaking about the challenges and triumphs of a skier's life after a broken neck.

"Hey, we are survivors"

Kevin Hansen



Sheri & Debbi auctioning off the #1 Yellow Chair from Mt. Hood Meadows.


Dale Parshall and Randy Free auctioning off a Heather Canyon chair from Mt. Hood Meadows.


Richard Rizk talks about the development of the new NWSCC logo

Sheri Parshall unveils the new logo for everyone to see.


Phil Mahre is presented with a painting of Mt. Hood

Holly & Phil Mahre with Sheri Parshall and Jeff Lokting


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish Photo Albums

(NOTE: You can now view the photos without logging in!!!)

Also, go to our Videos page to see 2 video clips: of Phil Mahre and the Jefferson Dancers performing "Skia".


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