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Mt. High Photos (2010/2011)

2010 / 2011 Photos


Oct. 23, 2011: Alameda Ridge hike

Oct. 15, 2011: Highway Cleanup

Oct. 8, 2011:  Seafood party

Sept. 29, 2011:  Golf

Sept. 18, 2011:  Tunnel Falls hike

Sept. 10-17, 2011: Cycle Oregon

Sept. 2-5, 2011: Idaho bike trip

Aug. 27, 2011: Picnic & bike ride

Aug. 19-22,2011 Rafting the Deschutes River

July 16, 2011: Historic Trails bike ride

July 10, 2011: Hike to Tamanawas Falls

May 28, 2011: A day at Timberline

April 30, 2011: Blossom trail + Little Zig Zag

April 30, 2011: Life Flight

April 15, 2011: PACRAT "Rat Attack" party

March 25-27,2011: Crystal Mt. trip

March 19, 2011: Mt. High Day at Meadows

Feb. 22, 2011: Movie Night at Gray Gables

Feb. 12, 2011: Chocolate Party

Jan. 27-30, 2011: Leavenworth trip

Jan. 11, 2011: Wedding of Scotty and Mer'a

Jan. 3, 2011: Bib decorating party

Dec. 9-15, 2010: Canada Ski Safari

Nov. 27, 2010: Wine Tour

Nov. 11, 2010: Kickoff Party

Nov.   8, 2010: Ski Fair

Nov.   5, 2010: Portland Ski Show

Nov.   5, 2010: Warren Miller dinner





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More photos


Photo Albums,

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Snapfish - where you can also order prints, mugs, CDs, etc..

Photobucket - where you can find a mix of still images & short videos.

Click on the words "Photo Albums" to visit either of these.


Older Photos

Ski trips. Selected trip photos.

Social events. Selected social events.

2004 photos 2nd Canada Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social;

2005 photos 3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt., Crystal Mt.;

2006 photos Next Adventure, Idaho trip, Val d'Isere, Timberline summer, Picnic & bike ride.

2007 photos 4th Canada safari, Powder Mt., Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass, Ski the Glade Trail, Timberline new trails, Far West races at Bachelor, River Cruise.

2008 photos Ski Fair, Timberline new lift inauguration, 5th Canadian Ski Safari, PACRAT races, Sunny South Oregon bus trip, Mystery trip to White Pass, 1st Heavenly/Tahoe trip, Rat Attack Awards party, Pizza Party, Rafting weekend, Seafood Spectacular at Blaise and Alice's, Salmon River canyon hike, Friend of the Forest cleanup at Meadows

2009 photos, Seafood, Golf, Rafting, Ski pole rescue, Steve & Quinn's Wedding, Pond skimming, Heavenly, Crystal, Schweitzer, Bowling, Canada Safari. Hillcrest Race Night.

2010 photos. Hope on the Slopes, Fernie trip, Mystery trip to Willaemette Pass and Mt. Bachelor, Picnic, Rafting, Hikes, Highway cleanup, NWSCC 30th Anniversary, etc..


See a 10-minute video highlighting almost everything the club has done last year. The video is now posted on our Videos page, under the title: "Mountain High 2009-2010".



Alameda Ridge hike

October 23, 2011.  (Snday)

This was an urban hike starting at the intersection of NE Sandy Blvd., Sacramento St. and 52nd Avenue. Only 8 people and a dog showed up, but they all had a good time. The hike ended with a happy hour at Gustav's Bier Stube.  You can clearly see that Halloween is in the air. See the pumpkins, skeletons, skulls, a hanging man, and buzzards on the roof.


Mt. High Highway Cleanup

October 15, 2011.  (Saturday)

This was our 4th time to clean up the 2 miles of highway our club has adopted in early 2010. It is the two miles from milepost 51 to milepost 53, just west of Government Camp. And this time, for the first time, we saw our club's name on 2 signs placed there by ODOT (Oregon Dept. of Transportation), one on each end of our 2-mile stretch of highway.


Twelve adults and 2 kids picked up 17 bags of trash, each containing about 15 pounds. That's a total of over 250 pounds of garbage, including lots of drinking cups, cans, bottles, cigarette butts, hubcaps, rubber material peeled off of tires and more!  Sounds like a lot of trash, but it is a lot less than the 33 bags of trash we collected during our first cleanup almost two years ago. 


Thanks to Debbi Kor for organizing this for the past 2 years. Photos of the highway sign are by Emilio Trampuz. Photos of our crew both on the highway and at lunch are by John A. Davis.

This sign marks the start of our 2-mile stretch of Hwy 26, at milepost 51.  This is just a few yards east of the historic marker indicating the place where Oregon pioneers tackled the steepest part of the Barlow trail on Laurel Hill


Emilio Trampuz, Debbi Kor, John A.Davis

Debbi Kor, Emilio Trampuz, Chas Westergren


Here's our very own litter crew

Lunch at the brew pub in Government Camp


Emilio Trampuz and Debbi Kor at milepost 53

at the lower end of Government Camp

Chas Westergren at milepost 53.

The brown sign in the back points to Mt. Hood Skibowl


Back at milepost 51

Another view of the sign at milepost 51.


The sign at milepost 51 with Mt. Hood in the background

Emilio's smart car, Mt. Hood, and our new sign.


Just can't get enough of that sign!

Hey, did you notice the Mt. High sign at milepost 51 ?



Mt. High Seafood Party

October 8, 2011. 

The Seafood Party is one of the 4 or 5 of the biggest parties of the year, celebrating the end of Summer and the coming of a whole new season of skiing. This year, it was held at the Multnomah Arts Center. 81 people had signed up.  The club provided the fish and shellfish, but other than that, it is a potluck, everyone bringing a salad or side dish and/or a dessert.  We started with appetizers (shellfish, quesadillas, veggies). Then came the main meal of BBQ-ed fish, garlic bread, pastas and salad. All this was washed down with plenty of wine. Finally there was dessert, and lots of it, including chocolate cake, brownies, desserts with fresh fruit on them, and more.  Yummy!  Great food and great company!  A chance to reconnect with everyone. But, note how many people it took to set it all up and then also clean up at the end.

Marsha Cosgrove, Linda McGavin, Ann Gormley

Gordy Lusk prepared the salmon and the white fish.


Lou Bailey and Gordy Lusk operated the BBQ

Kurt Krueger, out President


Gordy sells "Pray for Snow" party tickets to Robert

Linda McGavin, Ann Gormley, Sandra Kaufman


Gordy, Lou, Robert, Sandra

Alice Dagilaitis, Debbi Kor, Linda McGavin


The appetizers included sushi

Eric Sorensen gets his name tag at the door


Bobby Eddy and Marsha Cosgrove at the door

Blaise and Alice Dagilaitis with Bobby and Marsha


Scotty and Mer'a Stepan (the newlyweds)

Kurt Krueger addresses the group


Kurt Krueger greets everyone

The "Frosted Flakes" table looks at the Mystery trip flyer


Liz Dauw surprised everyone with some lively music

Liz  is quite a virtuoso on the piano!


Kurt joined Liz at the piano

Hey, this duet is fun!


Pete Troy putting away the chairs

Greg Anderson helped to sweep up




September 29, 2011. 

All Summer, a bunch of us met for golf at least once or twice a month. This was just the last of several such golf outings. This last one of the season was held at Ranch Hills golf course, 26710 S. Ranch Hills Road Mulino, OR 97042.




Tunnel Falls hike

September 18, 2011  (Sunday).                    ----  Photos by Mike Boyd  ----

Chris Brooks and Mike Boyd took us on a hike to Tunnel Falls.  This is on the Eagle Creek trail, one of Oregon's most spectacular trails.  A 12-mile round trip, with several waterfalls along the way.

Just some of the gang!

The long trek up begins


Hold on to the cable on the side of the rock!

The climb continues


A short rest

Don't fall !  There's not railing!


Somebody had to drag miles of cable up this trail.

What a magnificent sight!


Great view!

It's a long way down if you fall!


Anybody for a swim?

Hey, where is everybody?


Another waterfall.

And another!


Bruce and Linda

It's a long way down!


Chris, Bruce, and Linda

A pretty waterfall.


Finally, Tunnel Falls!

There's an actual tunnel behind the waterfall.


There's the tunnel, right behind the waterfall

Tunnel Falls


Now the long trek back!

Just some of the gang.


See more Tunnel Falls hike photos in our "Photobucket" album at:

http://s1080.photobucket.com/albums/j327/mthigh/Tunnel Falls Hike - Sept-18-2011/?albumview=slideshow&track=share_email_album_view_click



Cycle Oregon

September 10-17, 2011. 

Each year, several of our club members participate in the weeklong Cycle Oregon ride. This year, there were just 3 of them:  Stevie Viaene, Moniquea Degan, Jan Siverts Smith, and Michael Barmache.  They had a good time. See more info about Cycle Oregon at: http://www.cycleoregon.com

Jan Siverts Smith points at the 499 miles she covered!

Stevie Viaene, Moniquea Degan, and Mike Barmache


Stevie and Moniquea


A long uphill



Idaho bike trip

September 2-5, 2011 (Labor Day weekend). 

Over a dozen people exressed interest, but in the end only 6 of us went on this trip. We rode on 2 trails:

1. The Sacajawea Heritage trail, 23 miles along the Columbia River in the Tri-cities (Kennewick, Richland, Pasco).

2. The Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, 72 miles, spread out over 3 days. This perfectly paved trail stretches from the town of Mullan near the Montana border, to the town of Plummer (south of Coeur d'Alene).


We had perfect weather, a fun time, saw lots of wildlife (osprey, herons, grebes, and plenty of moose tracks). We would recommend it to everyone.  If you do it right, you can do most of it either downhill or on flat terrain. Make sure to stop in the historic town of Wallace for some food, shopping, and entertainment. Try the huckleberry ice-cream, huckleberry lemonade (hard or soft), and huckleberry martinis.

These photos have been contributed by John A. Davis and Emilio Trampuz.

The six intrepid explorers

Sacajawea (or Sacagawea)

was a guide and translator on Lewis and Clark's expedition to explore the West.


A statue of her overlooks the Columbia River at one of the trailheads to the Sacajawea Heritage trail in Kennewick, WA, near the Columbia Center Blvd.


Beware of the "goat-head" thorns along the Sacajawea bike path. They look like straw from a distance. Stay on the paved surfaces. Avoid any straw. Fortunately, there are no such thorns on the Idaho trail.


Shelly and Troy rented a tandem bike in Richland

Carl biking along the Columbia river in Kennewick, WA.


John Davis took photos with his chest-mounted camera

Emilio pulling a goat's head. The goat will get revenge!


Carl, Terry and Emilio working on Emilio's 2 flat tires.

Over half dozen of these "goathead" thorns in the tires


5 or 6 of these in the front tire, and 3 or more in rear tire

Close-up of the "goat-head" thorns


They are sharp.  Emilio had to buy new inner tubes.

Troy, Emilio, Shelly, Terry in Wallace, ID. Photo by John Davis


John Davis at the Center of the Universe.

Terry Swan enjoying the Coeur d'Alene river


Osprey on the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes

Heron on the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes


One of the many picnic tables along the trail (Medimont)

Troy, Shelly, Terry, biking through the wilderness area


Moose tracks on the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes

Emilio on the stair-step Chatcolet bridge


Shelly, Terry, Troy on the Chatcolet bridge

Shelly, Troy, and Terry riding down the Chatcolet bridge


For more Idaho bike trip photos, see our complete album at Photobucket at:


When the album's thumbnails are displayed, click on "View as a slide show".



Annual Picnic & bike ride

August 27, 2011 (Saturday). 

Our annual picnic was another success.  It was attended by over 50 people. It was hard to get a precise count, since people kept arriving even long after the food had been consumed and many people started leaving. We all had a nice chat, we checked out the ski trips planned for this winter, ... and we also got a good look at the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes in Idaho, since Emilio brought a large tri-fold display featuring a detailed map of the trail as well as several 8 x 10" photos of the trail.

Approximately 20 people participated in the bike ride along the Willamette River, which always precedes the picnic. It's a great way to see the sights and work up an apetite.

Assembling in the parking lot near Sellwood bridge

John Davis shot this with his camera attached to his chest.


The bike path took us under the I-5 bridge

A long line of bikers


Bryan Olson, Larry Bennett, John Davis, ... and more

We stopped to admire the wild geese on the grass


That's Jackie Bonillo in the center.

Bryan Olson (in red) and the rest of the group.


Stitch these two together. This is the left half.

... and this is the right half.


... and this is "muscle man" Emilio!!!

Biking past the Salmon Street fountain.


Riverfront park

Re-grouping at the OMSI submarine


Bruce and Linda McGavin in front of the submarine.

The bike path on the left and the submarine pn the right.


Scotty and Mer'a, Gordy, and Scott Lawrence.

Dan Lane


The bike path along the east side of the river

Our picnic area in Sellwood park


Steve Royce - chef extraordinaire!!!

TJohn Davis and Debbi Kor


Bryan and Steve - our two chefs!

Who is this babe with Kurt Krueger (our Prez)?


Bryan says: "She's all mine!"

Mer'a and Scotty - our newlyweds!


Gordy,  and Bill Leeper

Scotty and Mer'a


A pleasant, relaxed afternoon was had by all.

Sue, Greg, Debbi, and ...


Sue, Violet, Greg, Debbi,



See more photos in our new "Photobucket" album at:

http://s1080.photobucket.com/albums/j327/mthigh/Picnic and bike ride 2011/?albumview=slideshow&track=share_email_album_view_click



Rafting on the Deschutes River

August 19 - 22, 2011.                                     ----  Photos by Mike Boyd ----

Our annual camping and rafting trip on the Deschutes River is quite a tradition. We have been doing it for the past 6 or 7 years (or more?).  Up to 3 or 4 days of camping at Maupin with 2 days of rafting. We always return to Maupin, for both lunch and dinner. Lou Bailey always prepares a great BBQ dinner on Saturday night.

On the river, we also stop at least once or twice for some swimming.  One swim stop is in the rapids of the Deschutes river itself. The other one is at the mouth of the White River, where we hike up a bit to a place where we can let the river suck us in through a narrow gap between rocks.

Gandalf the Gray (Chas Westergren) tells the little hobbits about their mission to save Middle Earth.

Before going to Mordor, we have to test our weapons!

That's Chris Brooks testing her water gun!


Our camping area in Maupin City Park

Relaxing at lunch time


Yes, folks, this was a Mountain High club event!

Gordy and Violet


A short hike up the White River - to go swimming!




Idyllic place on White River, with 2 mermaids in the water.


Boy, this river really sucks you in!

Swim, Chris, swim!


The river shows no mercy!

Here we go again!


Hang in there, Gordy!  I'll pull you out!

Just don't wanna get my hat wet!



Two Ospreys on the prowl:

"Hey Ozzie, check out those two fellows jumping into the water.  If one of them breaks something, he's mine!"

"That's OK, Hank.  I've got my eye on the lady below!


Keep on paddling!

Row, row, row your boat!


Two natives approaching!

Rough waters ahead!


Swim for your life! 

Gordy steers his boat into the rapids.


A peaceful oasis

Here's just part of the gang - the survivors!


Relaxing before dinner




"Another perfect rafting trip. Thanks, Gordy!" - said Lynn Norbury.   Did Lynn and Dave have fun?

Judge for yourself. See their picture on the right.


See more rafting photos in our "Photobucket" album at:




Historic Trails bike ride

July 16, 2011 (Saturday). 

The original plan was to ride from the Timberline parking lot, down West Leg road, and then all the way down to Rhododendron, following old, abandoned roads and trails. But, even though it was the middle of July, there was still too much snow on West Leg Road, so we modified our starting point.  We started from a snowpark on the Barlow Trail Road, about 2 miles east of the junction between Hwy. 26 and Hwy. 35.  We visited the Pioneer woman's grave first, and then also a small Pioneer cemetery at Summit Prairie (later renamed Summit Meadows).  After that, we visited the Mt. Hood Museum in Government Camp, then rode the old abandoned original Timberline highway, then visited the Little Zig Zag river falls, and finally biked all the way to Rhododendron.


We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Still Creek Inn in Rhododendron, where people had a chance to see our new Mt. High wall calendars, as well as enticing photos of the Idaho panhandle bike trail (the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes).


Too bad that only 4 of us participated in this ride. Most people were scared away by the rain that fell in the morning, but the rain stoped at 10 minutes to 10, just in time for our bike ride to begin at 10 am

Starting point of our "History Trails" bike ride.

Terry & Brenda Becerra, and Lisa Miller


Two young deer seen near Pioneer Woman's grave

West Leg Road near Timberline, still snowed in.


Emilio's pants were clean both before and after the ride.

Even on a rainy day, with wet pavement?

That's thanks to the fenders with mudguards on the bike, of course!

Pioneer cemetery at Summit Prairie


This is where the original highway to Timberline abruptly stops, being cut off by the new and wider Hwy. 26.

Terry and Brenda Becerra, at the Little Zig Zag river falls, just a small detour from a mostly paved road.



Hike to Tamanwas Falls

July 10, 2011 (Sunday). 

About a dozen of us did this very interesting and picturesque hike just off of Hwy. 35, about 10 miles past the Mt. Hood Meadows exit and 2 miles before the Cooper Spur exit.

3 people (John Jessen, Mike Boyd, and Emilio Trampuz) are not in the photo, because they are taking pictures!

Bruce McGavin capturing the beauty of the river


The trail mostly follows the river.

Our guides: Chris Brooks and Mike Boyd


Chris and Mike

Taking a breather to re-group.


Long line of skiers/ hikers.

This must have been some rock fall!!!


Finally arriving at Tamanawas Falls

Tamanawas Falls


Misty spray rising from Tamanawas Falls

Janice resting near the falls


Tamanawas falls with enormous cave under it.

Tamanawas falls with enormous cave under it.


Tamanawas falls as seen from inside the cave.

Regrouping for the return trip


Mike Boyd with Tamanawas Falls behind him

Shall we take a different route back? Only 5 miles longer!


The alternative way back involved more uphill!!!

Finally, a feast back at the trail head.



A Day at Timberline in May

May 28, 2011 (Saturday). 

What an unusual Spring this year!  It's the end of May, and yet a foot of fresh snow fell on Timberline in the last couple of days. Even Government Camp received at least 2 or 3 inches, enough for us to be able to ski down the Glade trail all the way into the heart of town, without having to walk along the bare pavement.  Well, unfortunately, we didn't really do it, because nobody showed up! Dan Lane was the only one who came to ski, but he arrived a bit late. Since the lifts now open at 8:00 am, we needed to be there an hour earlier than normal. Emilio was alone in Government Camp at 7:15- 7:30 am, so there was no second car to leave in Govy.

Most people didn't show up probably because TV forecasters kept saying that Sunday would be the better day. But, "better" means warmer and sunnier, which isn't always good for skiing.  On this Saturday, the temperature in Government Camp was about 32ºF, while at Timberline it was a cool 28ºF.  The snow was dry and powdery, at least in the morning.  Later in the day, it did soften up and even become a bit grabby at lower elevation.

Eventually, Dan and Emilio skied Little Zig Zag canyon and some trees between Sand canyon and the Kruser trail. We carved up a lot of fresh, untouched snow.  Palmer wasn't open becausee Timberline now operates only 3 lifts at a time, and the Pucci lift was open for the Golden Rose race.

Look at the amount of snow accumulated on a street sign in Government Camp.

Huckleberry Inn covered in snow, and it's already the end of May.  Wow!  What a season!


There was plenty of snow on Blossom trail road, so we could have skied all the way to Govy

Timberline had even more fresh snow, plenty for carving up fresh tracks!


Some people may have been afraid of rain. What rain? We had blue skies! Some clouds around us too, but there was only 2 minutes of some very light snow flurries.

The Golden Rose race was set up on Pucci.

Notice just the top of Timberline lodge with its weather vane barely showing behind the ridge.


The perfect parking spot, at the top of the main parking lot. Notice the amount of snow around the car.

By 2 pm, much of the snow around the car had melted in the sun.


Blue skies at the end of the day, around 2 pm.

Around 10 am, Dan took this photo of Emilio standing at the entrance to Little Zig Zag canyon.


A close-up of Emilio at the top of Little Zig Zag canyon

The snow was deep inside the canyon.


Dan Lane just getting started in Little Zig Zag canyon

Dan Lane skiing into Little Zig Zag canyon


Dan Lane, after he had just exited Little Zig Zag canyon

Emilio Trampuz skiing alongside Little Zag Canyon.


Dan Lane leaving his signature in the fresh powder.

We stopped to take this picture when we found more untouched powder in the trees.


Emilio had marked the boundary with yellow ribbons just the previous weekend. Time to get back to the lift.

We followed the ribbons back to the Kruser trail and then down to the Jeff Flood express lift.


Dan Lane, a happy man at the end of the day.

Someone had built a snowman near the day lodge.


See all 159 photos taken that day in the Snapfish Album at:





Blossom trail & Little Zig Zag canyon

April 30, 2011 (Saturday). 

There is lots of snow all the way from Timberline to Government Camp. Timberline has received 662 inches of snow so far this season, and just a few days ago, Government Camp received a new 4 inches of snow. So, a group of 7 of us led by Emilio skied down the Blossom trail to Govy.  We intended to do it a second time, following a different route, but the snow was heavy and not easy to turn in, so we stayed within the reach of lifts for the rest of the day. We still ventured out of bounds, and skied the top part of Little Zig Zag canyon, above treeline. The west walls of the canyon had large cornices, but the east side was smooth, making for an easy entry into the canyon. 

NOTE: We registered in the Climbers' room in the Day Lodge, and we signed out at the end of the day.

Waiting at the day lodge for everyone to assemble.

Photo by Kurt Wilke.

Emilio, Beth, Allan, Chris K, Cody and Tommy.

Photo by Kurt Wilke.


Allan Paraskeva & Chris Kesting on the Blossom trail, heading toward Government Camp.

Photo by Kurt Wilke.

Beth Paraskeva, Emilio Trampuz, Chris Kesting on the shortcut between Alpine and Glade trails.

Photo by Kurt Wilke.


Allan Paraskeva & Emilio Trampuz, pointing toward "Emilio's shortcut" between Blossom and Glade trails.

Photo by Kurt Wilke.

It happens to the best of us!  Emilio fell on "Emilio's shortcut" (between Blossom and Glade trails).

Photo by Kurt Wilke.


Beth Paraskeva & Chris Kesting on the Blossom trail.

Photo by Kurt Wilke.

Tommy on the Blossom trail to Government Camp.

Photo by Kurt Wilke.


Beth Paraskeva, Kurt Wilke, Allan Paraskeva, & Tommy

in Little Zig Zag canyon

Beth Paraskeva, Kurt Wilke, Allan Paraskeva, & Tommy in Little Zig Zag canyon


Allan & Beth Paraskeva, Kurt Wilke, Tommy

Allan & Beth Paraskeva, Kurt Wilke, Tommy

skiing in Little Zag Canyon.



Kurt Wilke in Little Zig Zag canyon

Kurt Wilke in Little Zig Zag canyon

Notice the overhanging cornices on the left.



Life Flight

Did you know that you can get an annual membership in Life Flight, for just around $60?  If you get injured, regardless of whether it was in or out of bounds, Life Flight will come and fly you to safety at no cost to you, as long as you are within 150 miles of one of its bases including: Aurora, Eugene, Hillsboro, Ontario, Longview, Dallesport, Boise, McCall, Lewiston, Pocatello, and more. This covers many ski areas and skiable mountains in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. See: www.LifeFlight.org.

Life Flight helicopter at TImberline's parking lot

A Life Flight helicopter picked up an injured person


Life Flight helicopter at TImberline's parking lot

Life Flight helicopter at TImberline's parking lot




PACRAT "Rat Attack" Awards Party

April 15, 2011 (Friday).  The annual PACRAT racing awards party, the "Rat Attack", was well attended. Our recreational racing has been growing over the past several year.  Out Mountain High club has grown from having just 4 PACRAT teams in 2004 to 15 teams in 2011.  Our b est placed team was "Avalanche Express" - in 2nd place, after the "Ruttin' Rats" team from the Schnee Vogeli Club.

The party included dinner, team awards, announcement of Queen and King Rat (the two racers who improved the most during this season), and door prizes.  The evening ended with dancing to a live band.

Gary Gunderson, Sylvia Kearns, Barb Pressentin

Gary Gunderson (Vice-prez) & Barb Pressentin (Prez.)


Colleen Walter & Jack Folliard

Russ Stanton & Edit Szekersova


King & Queen Rat: John Barton & Natalie Shaffer

Frosted Flakes: Julie Moore, Nancy Pratt, Stevie Viaene


Frosted Flakes:  Kurt Krueger & Moniquea Degan

The Frosted Flakes team table (the pirates)


The "Rattitudes" team - in 3rd place

Jack Folliard gave us the statistics


"Rat Racers": David Chenault, Roman Chamine, David Schor, & Laura Whitehorn

"Schussing Shysters" team


"Infra-Rats" team

"Infra-Rats" team 


"Alpha KB" team

"Alpha KB" team


"Vertical Chaos" team

"Vertical Chaos" team


"Avalanche Express" team - 2nd place

"Ruttin' Rats" team - 1st place


Dale Parshall - "Ruttin' Rats" team captain

Scott Morrison & Liz Dauw


"Frosted Flakes" team

"Frosted Flakes" team


The dinner was delicious!

Emilio Trampuz - caught by Bruce Kuper's camera


See more Rat Attack photos in the Snapfish Album at:


NOTE: You don't need to log in. You can just view the photos as a "guest". Click on that option just below the "Log In" button.

You only need to register/log in if you intend to order some photos or gift items (photo albums, photo CDs, T-shirts, mugs).



Crystal Mt. bus trip

March 25 - 27, 2011 (Fri. - Sun.). 

Each year, some of the PACRAT racing teams gather for  an annual bib decorating party. 

Jan Siverts-Smith as graceful as ever!

Ginger (from Altair ski club), Jan,  Jin & David Chenault


Kurt Wilke

Tom, Terry & on, Emilio, Steve and Edie


Samy Fouts

Sally Niedermeyer and Lisa Ratzlaff


Rod and Becki Robinson (Altair ski club) & Gordy

Linda and Bruce McGavin in Northway area at Crystal.


Emilio in the Northway bowl.  Photo by Bruce Mcgavin.

Emilio in the Northway bowl.  Photo by Bruce Mcgavin.


A group of us in the "Bruce Bowl" at Crystal Mt.

Green Valley chairlift bottom station hut.


Darrel Richardson and Kristine Canham

Abbey Braidech and Stevie Viaene


Edit Szekersova and Russ Stanton







On this trip, in addition to exploring the Northway area, we also discovered the Boondogle trail, at the opposite end of the Crystal Mt. ski area. Lots of untracked powder!  We were told not to tell anyone!



Mt. High Fun Day at Meadows

March 19, 2011 (Saturday).   - A perfect bluebird day!

Just a fun day on the slopes of Mt. Hood Meadows, followed by a group dinner at the Huckleberry Inn.  We set up a fun obstacle course at Meadows, on the Wall Flower trail.  It included 3 elements: a banked slalom course, a series of orange cones in a straight line, followed by a maze of "snow snakes".

Only about a dozen people had fun with all this. Others were skiing that day too, but never showed up at the fun course. One person remarked that "We don't need an obstacle course to have fun."  Oh, well, that's their loss, as this sort of thing doesn't happen very often.

Dinner at Huckleberry Inn was more popular. About 30+ people showed up and had a great time. But, again, some people later said they didn't know we were going to get together for dinner.  Try not to miss things next time. Read the Mt. High news email blasts!  Check out the web site!  Read the newsletter!




Bob Burns, Tom Hiller, Dan Lane, Doug Pilcher, Kenny Brundidge

Dan Lane, Doug Pilcher, Kenny Brundidge


Drinks at Huck's: Barb Pressentin, Lynn & Dave Norbury

Beth Paraskeva, .... , Mike Barmache


Mer'a and Scott Stepan, and Bob Lawrence

Mer'a, Gordy, Scotty,  , Bob


Gordy, Dave, Lynn, Alan, Beth

Don't blame Gordy. The food was really good!


Randy Lew, Jeff & Brenda Ackerson, Mike & Dale Barmache






See a short video

of our fun obstacle course,

coming here soon!




Mt. High Movie Night at Gray Gables

February 22, 2011 (Tuesday). 

The location: Gray Gables. Fantastic!  The food: Lasagna, salad, garlic bread. Magnifique!!!

The company: About 50 wonderful people showed up and had a great time.

The movie: “The Story” was quite moving. It told several stories, about several different athletes. It got into their heads, showed us what motivated them, what makes them tick, what makes them surmount all obstacles. Highly recommended.

The mystery: Why only 1 in 6 club members showed up? Free food, free entertainment, great company, great location. What’s there not to like?

Thanks to Debbi Kor for organizing it, and thanks to Bruce Kuper for making it happen technically.

Gordy (our club president) introduces the movie

Gordy speaks, whie people enjoy their lasagna.


Dinner was on the club!

The movie was on the club!


Door prizes were on the club!

We paused the movie for a while to give out prizes.


The movie night was also a fundraiser

for the Oregon Food Bank.

Debbi Kor (Social Activities Director) and Gordon Lusk


Debbi Kor and Gordon Lusk

Robert, Sandra, Mer'a and Scott


Sandra, Mer'a and Scott

Sandra, Mer'a and Scott


A bunch of us gathered around the Food Bank bins

Overall, a great event!



Chocolate Party

February 12, 2011 (Saturday). 

This is one of our annual events, usually organized around Valentine's Day.

We had a good turnout, despite the rainy weather. 15 people brought their own desserts for the judging. There weren’t enough of us there to eat it all. Thanks to Terry and Brad Swan for hosting the party and preparing the appetiizers. Thanks to Debbi Kor for organizing the party. And thanks to everyone who brought a dessert. Congratulations to the winners of the 3 chocolate contests.

The only mystery is why - with so much free chocolate to be had - fewer than 1 in 6 club members showed up. If you missed the event, remember it is an annual party. There’s always next year. And remember that we are looking for more people to volunteer to host such informal gatherings.

Alice, Linda, Dick, and Gerry

Loni, Elaine, Lisa, and Wally


Edie, Lina and Terry preparing the table

Harry Scribner makes final preparations


Harry says: "Ladies, line up here for the chocolate kisses"

Elaine Bock, Lisa Scribner, Lisa Ratzlaff, & Larry Bennett


Just some of the 15 desserts

Gerry and Patty Ignatowski


Sue Tjernlund and Bill Leeper

Alice Dagilaitis and Dick Bonillo


Debbi Kor leads us into a game, with. Steve Royce & Eddie Matinelli

Our hosts: Brad and Terry Swan


The 3 judges: Loni, Emilio and Sue Tjernlund

Stevie Viaene wins prize for the Lightest dessert


Kurt Krieger and Chris Moon win for most Creative

Most creative dessert winners: Kurt and Chris


Elaine Bock won the Most Chocolaty prize.

One final look at the desserts!




Leavenworth bus trip

January 27-30, 2011 (Thurs.-Sun.). 

48 of us were on the bus, and several other couples drove up in their own cars. We skied 3 ski areas in 3 days. We started at Snoqualmie/Alpental, which was rainy and foggy,. The second day, at Mission Ridge, it was colder and we received an inch or two of fresh snow overnight. The third day, at Stevens Pass, there was 4 inches of fresh snow overnight, and it was good, dry snow. Despite some fog, we had loads of fun. In Leavenworth, we stayed at the Obertal Inn, and had a group dinner on Saturday at the King Ludwig’s restaurant, with live German folk music, dancing, and great food! Jackie Bonillo said: “If anyone didn’t have a good time it was their own fault. Good people, good food, fun skiing even with Mother Nature challenging everyone the first day.”

See video of the Leavenworth trip at: http://vimeo.com/19771861

Assembling at departure: Kurt, Gerry, Cori & Peter

Kurt Wilke, Gerry Ignatowski, Peter & Cori Wiessner


Linda McGavin (our trip leader) & Jim (our bus driver)

Our "Experience Oregon" bus


Mary Lee Nichols

Bruce McGavin with Peter & Cori Wiessner


Bruce, Peter, Cori, Gerry, and Gordy

Rebecca Darr and Suzanne Horvath


Richard, Abbey, Shelly, Emilio, Suzanne, Jan

Richard, Abbey, Troy, Shelly, Emilio, Suzanne, Jan


Richard Horner

Abbey, Rebecca, Linda, Gordy, and Gerry.


Abbey, Rebbecca, Jan, Linda, and Gordy

Bruce McGavin with Peter & Cori Wiessner


Kurt Wilke, Bruce McG, Peter & Cori.

Jackie Bonillo tells a joke on the bus.


Jackie Bonillo

Diane Zhitlovsky and Mike Henness


Kathy talks about safety on the slopes

Gordon Lusk, Debbie Thomas, and Joy Schmieg


Mary Lee Nichols at Mission Ridge

Tom Rodrigues and Richard Horner at Mission Ridge


Bruce Kuper at Mission Ridge

The bomber wing at Mission Ridge


Lou Smieja, Elaine Bock, Jan Siverts-Smith

Jerry Barnes and Larry Bennett at Mission Ridge, WA


Mike Hansen, Mary Lee Nichols, and Jim

The waitress at King Ludwig's approaching Loni Sanders


Jim Trindle and Deirdre Larence

Diane Zhitlovsky, Patty Ignatowski, Suzy Richards, Tony Martinez


Bill Maltby, Wally Taylor, and Mike Henness

Jim and Deirdre whip it up!


Deirdre and Jim

Carol, Joy, Gordy, Jackie, Dick, Scott, Mariya, Lisa, Lou, Elaine, and Jerry


 Lisa, Lou, Elaine, and Jerry

Joy, Gordy, Jackie and Dick


Cori Wiessner, Loni Sanders, Bruce Kuper

One of the band members, doing the Chicken Dance.


The band playing old German favorite flok songs.

Troy, Shelly, Kurt, and Rebecca eying the platter


Joy Schmieg and Gordon Lusk

Gordy celebrating birthday with cake.


Gordy celebrates birthday

Jerry Barnes and Elaine Bock (Photo: Deirdre Lawrence)


Elaine Bock & Emilio Trampuz (photo: Deirdre Lawrence)

Jim Trindle  (Photo: Deirdre Lawrence)


See video of the Leavenworth trip at: http://vimeo.com/19771861



Scotty and Mer'a got Married!

January 11, 2011 (Tuesday). 

Our club members Scott Stepan and Mer'a Mueller got married on the Ridge Run at Heavenly, at an altitude of 10,040 feet, on 1/11/11 at 1:11 pm.  Congratulations and best wishes!

Mer'a Mueller and
Scott Stepan at Lake Tahoe

Mer'a and Scott at the top of Heavenly, Lake Tahoe.


Scott Stepan and Mer'a Mueller

Scott and Mer'a



Bib Decorating Party

January 3, 2011 (Monday). 

Each year, some of the PACRAT racing teams gather for  an annual bib decorating party.  The Mt. Hoodlums team decided to try it this year, for the very first time.  It was more fun than expected.  We started off with some pizza and salad.  Then we covered the table with a sheet of platic (to protect it), and brought out our paints, markers, and glitters.

You can be the judge of our efforts!  This was also a great way to get to know some of the new members of our team.

Phil, Scott, Valerie, Erin, and Chas.

Yes, Emilio was there too!


Everybody having fun yet?

Emilio's rat has gold glitter for fur. Flames look like lava!


Chas' rat is smokin'.  Check out those clouds of smoke!

Erin has multi-colored flames!  And smoke too!


Valerie has a pink rat, and awesome flames!

Valerie is amused!


Phil added the word "Hoodlums", and mountains too!

Scott has even better mountains!


Phil adds his name to his creation.

Erin and Chas admiring their artwork.

Now, we are ready to start racing!


Canada Ski Safari

December 9-16, 2010. 

This was the 8th annual Ski Safari to Canada. Nine of us carpooled in 4 cars and skied 5 or 6 ski areas in as many days.  In British Columbia, we skied at Big White, Silver Star, Revelstoke, and Sun Peaks, plus one or two other ski areas in the State of Washington on the way to and from Canada. We had plenty of snow everywhere, and the farther we went, the better the snow got. Almost a foot of fresh snow at Silver Star, then another couple of inches of really light and dry powder at Sun Peaks.


The first day of the trip, everyone did something different.

Randy Lew and Kay Kinyon had left a day early, to ski at Stevens Pass and Apex.


Tom Rodrigues and Kurt Krueger skied at Mt. Baker.

Ron Jones, Kurt Mezger, Tom Arnold, Humaira Falkenberg, and Emilio Trampuz skied Mission Ridge.


At the end of the day, we all got together at Big White, where we had rented a condo for 2 nights.


Tom Rodrigues at Mt. Baker

Kurt Krueger fixing chocolate candy for the trip

Kurt Krueger at Mt. Baker


Humaira at the site of the World War II bomber crash

Humaira, Emilio, Ron, and Tom next to the bomber wing.


Humaira, Emilio, Ron, and Tom next to the bomber wing.

"Let's go skiing!" says Tom.


Ron and Kurt Mezger at Mission Ridge

Humaira Falkenberg at Mission Ridge


Ron Jones and Kurt Mezger at Mission Ridge, enjoying a drink at the end of the day.

Ron, Kurt, Humaira, and Emilio, relaxing at the end of the day.  Great clam chowder!


First dinner at the condo at Big White was prepared by Tom Arnold, who brought his own pasta sauce.

Kurt Mezger, Ron Jones, and Kurt Krueger at Big White.


Humaira and Emilio at Big White

Kurt Krueger and Humaira on the chairlift at Big White.


Ron Jones & Tom Arnold at lunch in the Big White village

Ron Jones in the ski-through village at Big White


Kurt Krueger and Tom Rodrigues at Big White

Kurt Krueger and Tom Rodrigues


Kay Kinyon and Emilio Trampuz

Kay Kinyon at Big White.


Ron Jones (in the distance) and Emilio Trampuz

Humaira Falkenberg at Big White.


Our second dinner at Big White was Swiss fondue, prepared by Kurt Mezger.

Almost a foot of fresh snow awaited us at Silver Star, so very little of it was groomed. A few runs were still closed until the snow settled.


Silver Star's ski-through village.

The ticket office at Silver Star


The gondola at Revelstoke.

The "Kill the Banker" run is under the gondola.

Humaira at the top of Revelstoke.

The Columbia River is under the clouds below.


Tom Arnold at the top of Revelstoke.

Emilio Trampuz at the top of Revelstoke.


Humaira at Revelstoke

Trail signs at top of Revelstoke.


Tom Arnold at Revelstoke

Emilio Trampuz on the "Ripper Connector"


Tom Arnold at the top of the Ripper chair at Revelstoke.

The slopes above are skiable with a short hike from the top of the Stokes chair.

Tom Arnold examining the covers used to protect the magic carpet from snowfall during the night.


Kay Kinyon in the Revelstoke parking lot.

Don't look now, Ethel!  Tom's changing!


Kay Kinyon, chuckles at Tom changing.

Kay Kinyon demonstrating his charming smile!


A skiable street at Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks lodge at Sun Peaks


Tom and Emilio in a camera duel at Sun Peaks.

A couple of inches of dry powder followed by a sunny day.

We spotted a deer near the bottom of the Crystal chair.

The lift operator says they often see deer there.


A deer at Sun Peaks, looking at us.

A last look before jumping into the deep snow.


Tom Arnold at the top of the Intimidator trail at Sun Peaks.

Tom Arnold at The Intimidator - an ungroomed trail.


Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold skiing "The Intimidator" trail


Tom Arnold on the Intimidator trail

Mt. Tod, one of the 3 peaks at Sun Peaks, at sunset.


Sun Peaks: Mt. Tod and Sundance Mt., as seen from the chair at Mt. Morrisey

Sunset at the top of Mt. Morrisey, at Sun Peaks.


Sunset behind the trees at the start of the "Back in Time" trail at Mt. Morrisey.

The front side of the Sun Peaks Lodge,

with sunset in the distance.


Tom Arnold and Emilio Trampuz back at the car.

Look at all the new snow!

Tom Arnold clearing the snow from the windshield.


Kurt Mezger inside the Sun Peaks lodge

Ron Jones at the Sun Peaks Lodge.


Humaira at the Sun Peaks Lodge

Kay Kinyon at Sun Peaks Lodge.


Randy Lew at the Sun Peaks Lodge

At Sun Peaks, we finished off the last of the chocolate candy Kurt Krueger had cooked up for the trip! Yum!



Wine Tour 2010

November 27, 2010 (Saturday). 

A small group of six Mt. Higher's showed up for our 9th annual sojourn through the Oregon Wine Country this past Thanksgiving. In spite of the cold weather and snowy conditions that we met, we did our best to try some of the local wineries in Hood River. The participants were: Steve and Edie Royce, Jonathan and Susan Sweeney, Bill Johnson and Debbi Kor.

We began at Cathedral Ridge Winery, sampling some truly wonderful wines. From there, we made our way to Pheasant Valley, tasting superb wines and then local cheeses and other Italian tidbits offered up by our hosts at Marchesi Vineyards.


We made our way along the snowy roads to Phelps Creek, where we picnic'd in front of a roaring fire, on a fine white wine from Phelps Creek, and a variety of goodies we each brought.


Lastly, we headed into Hood River Proper to "Get Naked" at the Naked Winery, tasting some yummy reds and whites, make a few purchases, and put the end on a wonderful day. Thanks to those who came along, and I invite those who didn't, to join us next year.  -- Debbi Kor

The whole group at Phelps Creek.


At Phelps Creek, by the fireplace.

We "got naked" at the Naked Winery!



Kickoff Party 2010

November 11, 2010 (Thursday). 

Our biggest party of the year was attended by about 200 people.This was the second time that we held our annual Membership Party at the Gray Gables Estate in Milwaukie. Thanks to Debbi Kor for organizing all the food and door prizes. Also, thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the setup, registration, information, and cleanup. This was an opportunity to meet other members, sign up for trips, join a racing team, or participate in a ski swap.

Russ Stanton, Gary Gunderson, Brenda Ackerson

Gary Gunderson talks about the new timing system


Information table: Emilio Trampuz answers questions

Registration table: Gordon Lusk, Cal Eddy, Elaine Bock, Julie Yang and Jeannie Nyquist.


Registration table.

Flyers at the information table


Ski swap: Valerie Lyons tries on a ski jacket. There were also skis, one-piece suits, and more.

Valerie, hamming it up at the ski swap corner.


Gordon Lusk, our club President

Debbi Kor and Gordon Lusk hand out door prizes.


Gordy give out door prize to Bill Matarazzi.

The room was full, but most people had a place to sit


View of the podium

Barb Pressentin (PACRAT President) and Gary Gunderson (PACRAT Vice-president)


Gary Gunderson talks about NASTAR racing

Gary Gunderson talks about the new wireless timing.


Gordon Lusk, Barb Pressentin, and Gary Gunderson

Taking questions from the audience.


Lynn Norbury, an inquisitive PACRAT team captain

Just one of the happy tables.


Notice the sign on the wall. All the answers can be found on our web site.

Randy Lew (FWSA President) addresses the crowd.


Haley Hanseler, a promising young racer being sponsored by the FWSA, with help from Mountain High.

Randy Lew and Gordon Lusk


Gordon Lusk, Mountain High President

Debbi Kor and Gordon Lusk and a few more door prizes.


Bruce Parshall wins a door prize!

Susan Anderson wins a door prize.


Sandra Bush wins a gift certificate.

Deirdre Lawrence and Patty Ignatowski



Ski Fair


November 8, 2010 (Monday). 

The Ski Fair was held at the Airport Holiday Inn on Columbia Blvd. for the second year in a row.


Our Mt. High booth was one of the most well attended booths, except for the Mt. Hood Meadows booth, which had an incredibly long line for the $330 deal for a 10-time pass. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to staff our booth.


Terry Swan talking to Erin Kline


Our booth, with Terry Swan and Chuck Westergren..

Our booth


Our booth

Long line for the Mt. Hood Meadows booth.


The long line for the Meadows 10-time pass for $330.

A couple of teenagers in the Meadows line..


The Mt. Hood Skibowl booth.

The front part of the line at the Meadows booth.


New Phoenix Microgate timing in the PACRAT booth

David Schor, Randy Lew, and Gary Gunderson.


Mt. High booth

Mt. High booth


Gordy and Elaine counting the money from club dues.

Gordy cleaned out the bank, to take it to our Treasurer.



Portland Ski Fever & Snowboard Show


November 5, 2010 (Friday). 

The annual Portland Ski Show at the Expo Center.

Kurt Krueger and Emilio Trampuz


Hope on the Slopes booth

Mt. Hood Ski Patrol booth.


Mary Olhausen, Gary Stevenson, and Nancy Chinn at the Oregon Cancer Ski Out booth.

Mary Olhausen at the Timberline booth.


Kurt Krueger at the NWSCC booth

Barb Pressentin and Rich Rizk at the NWSCC booth.



Warren Miller dinner & movie night


November 5, 2010 (Friday). 

65 of us went to see the latest Warren Miller movie called "Wintervention", the 61st film in a series. Everyone attending the show received 4 2-for-1 lift ticket vouchers, plus a coupon for the Mountain Shop on Broadway and 7th. .


About 50 people came to dinner at the Trees Restaurant, in the PacWest building on Madison and 5th before the movie. 


Dinner was good. The movie was, ... well, the usual mix of crazy, impossible stunts, jumps off of cliffs, and the like.






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