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Ski Trips

Last updated: February 27, 2022.


Every year, we organize at least one or two weekend bus trips and one or two longer trips, as well as joining forces with other ski clubs (within the NWSCC and FWSA) to organize multi-club trips.  We also have informal day-trips to Mt. Hood ski areas.

See How to pack for bus ski trips.

Trips Calendar Color code:
Mountain High trips are in BLUE
FWSA trips are in Maroon.

Multi-club trips are higjlighted in PINK.
Click on any trip listed for more info.

  Mountain High members at Whitefish Mt. Montana   

2021/2022 Trips


For all trips, see:

Trip Cancellation Policy






* Powder Hwy.  (2020)

* Mystery trip (2017)

* Canada trip (2016)

* Crystal Mt. trip (2016)

* Montana trip (2016)

* North Idaho (2014)

* Leavenworth (2014)

* Whitewater, Red 2013

* Brundage, Tamarack

* Shasta, Ashland 2012

* Powder Mt, Utah 2012

* Leavenworth 2011

* Crystal Mt. WA 2011

* Fernie, Canada 2010

* Mystery trip, OR 2010

* Heavenly, CA 2009

* South Oregon, 2008

* White Pass, WA 2008

* Powder Mt. Utah 2007

* Mission,Stevens 2007

* Val d'Isčre (Alps, 2006)

* Idaho bus trip (2006)

* Canada ski safari 2005

* Crystal Mt., WA (2005)

* Big Mt., MT train (2005)


For more photos, see the Photos page.

All winter Weekend day-trips to Mt. Hood

All winter

Mid-week day trips to Mt. Hood

Jan. 29 - Feb. 5, 2022

2021 FWSA Ski Week in Aspen/Snowmass  Annual trip by the Far West Ski Association
Feb. 13 - 17

Schweitzer Mountain trip

3 or 4 nights.

Trip Leader: Linda McGavin

Feb. 26 -

March 5, 2022

FWSA International Adventure

- Solden, Austria

March 13 - 20 2022 Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana

4 or 5 or 7 nights.

Trip Leader: Bill King

March 21 - 27, 2021 2021 Mini Ski Week at “Zermatt Utah Resort and Spa” with Ski.com CANCELLED
Postponed till 2022
April 1 - 3 2022 NWSCC Bachelor Blast
(open to all local ski clubs)

Sept. 3 - 11, 2022 CROATIA Cruise
October 9 - 16, 2021 FAR WEST 2021 DIVE TRIP
Roatan, Honduras

January 29 - February 5, 2022

Weekend skiing

at Timberline

In past years, we've had anywhere from a dozen to about 20 ski days at Timberline and Skibowl.  We ski there as a group mainly in December and then again Spring skiing in March, April, and May.

In January and February, we are less active locally.


In the middle of winter, we are usually busy with ski trips, PACRAT races, and other events.  But, we will most likely ski together at Skibowl and Timberline every weekend in March. April and May, until Memorial Day, when all the regular ski passes (Fusion pass, Spring pass) expire.


Join in the fun! Make the effort to join us in Sandy, so we can start the day together!Mountain High club members human slalom at Mt. Hood Meadows, Oregon

More alternate transportation

Since about 2018, Timberline has been providing its own shuttle buses between Government Camp and Timberline, encouraging us to leave our cars in Government Camp.  These buses run around the clock, so you can expect them once every 30 minutes or once an hour.


Timberline's shuttle buses stop at only two places: 

1.  In the parking area just below the Ice Axe brew pub.

2. In the parking lot of the Summit ski area

The problem is that one bus stops only at the lower end of Govy while the other bus only stops at the upper end.  The same bus doe NOT pick up at both locations.

These shuttles are free for everyone who has a Timberline or Fusion Pass.

Weekend day-trips to Mt. Hood

Just for fun gatherings


Come ski with us!  Just for fun. Can you show us some new trail. a secret stash, a hidden slope?  Or can we show you something new you haven't skied before? Let's find out.


Normally, we meet at McDonald's in Sandy (left at 3rd traffic light in Sandy) around 7:30 - 7:45am. You'll find us either in the parking lot, or inside McDonald's, getting a cup of coffee. From there, we can either carpool or caravan (follow each other's cars) to the ski area.  NOTE: This carpooling is optional.  It doesn't happen every time. See what is announced ahead of time in our Forum. 


Please Join one or both of our club's Forums (Weekend and/or Mid-week). You can post messages there, see when other people are planning to go skiing, and communicate with them.


Simply click on one of the Forum buttons in our  main menu.  Then click on "Join this Group" in the upper right of the window.  Give the system your email address, so that you can then automatically receive an email whenever someone posts a message in the Forum or replies to your message.


Alternate ways to meet:  (if you miss us in Sandy)

1.  On the mountain, meet us around 9:00 am (or 8:00 am after May 15) near the ticket office, or just outside the day lodge, near the free ski check, ready to go skiing.

2.  On a 2-way radio, find us on Channel 6-19.  Just ask for "Mountain High" people!


For more info, contact Emilio, Emilio2000@earthlink.net, or 503-510-1477. 

Alternate transportation (by bus):

On some nice day (when it's not windy or rainy in Sandy), let's try using the Mt. Hood Express bus. A bus ticket costs only $2, and it saves you not only the cost of gas but also the wear and tear on your car.  We'll try to announce those days in advance.


Catch the bus on the far western end of Sandy. Even before you get to the first Sandy traffic light (near Fred Meyer), turn right at the ARCO gas station (barely visible from Hwy. 26).  Then an immediate left into the parking lot of the Mt. Hood Forest Center.  Leave your car there and walk up the few steps to Highway 26, where you will see a small stop shelter. The bus leaves there at 7:45 am, arrives at Skibowl at 8:30 am, and at Timberline at 9:00 am.


See bus schedule at: http://www.mthoodexpress.com/#!schedule-map/c1h6a


Mid-week skiers


The current group of mid-week skiers tend to be advanced skiers who enjoy powder skiing and challenging terrain (trees, bumps, ungroomed snow) at Mt. Hood Meadows.


Here are just a few of the regular mid-week skiers:


Debbie Thomas       Kay Kinyon       Walt Blomberg



George Yun          Kurt Krueger


Mid-week day-trips

to Mt. Hood ski areas.


A group of us go skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows on week days, all winter, often on Thursdays, but also whenever there is good powder, or whenever the fancy strikes! 


At Meadows, find us in the cafeteria in the South lodge near the Schuss restaurant (aka The Hamburger Place) around 8:00-8:30 a.m.(That's on the slope level, which is 2nd floor).  Left lodge as you walk up from the parking lot.   


You can connect with the mid-week group by joining our online Midweek forum page: http://groups.google.com/group/MtHigh-midweek?hl=en . Click on the Join this group link (on the upper right of the page) and follow the instructions. 


Please choose to receive all emails from the group. That way, you will be notified when the group starts making plans to go skiing.

Once you join this Forum (which is actually a Google Group), you can post messages in the midweek forum whenever you want.  Only your first message, or your first joining, needs to be approved by a group moderator..

Sometimes we use 2-way radios to connect on Channel 6, Code 19, but almost nobody in the Meadows group uses radios any more, so this is not a reliable way to connect.






Aspen, Colorado

Aspen/Snowmass, CO


January 29 - February 5, 2022
Annual ski week organized by the Far West Ski Association.

Join us for a week of skiing, partying, and racing in Aspen.

Trip package includes lodging and FWSA and Council parties.  Additional costs for lift tickets, group air/ground, and Council Challenge races. 

Details at:

Questions:  Contact Rod Robinson,
541-344-7170 Rdrobinsonskier@gmail.com.


Snow-ghost at Schweitzer Mt.



The village at Schweitzer Mt.

Tree skiing
Excellent powder and trees




  Schweitzer video 1

Schweitzer video 2 ,


Why ski Schweitzer?

Lots of terrain.  There are 10 lifts including one high-speed six-pack (named Stella), 3 high-speed quads; 2 triple chairlifts; 2 double chairlifts; 1 T-Bar, and one conveyor lift.  10% Beginner, 40% Intermediate, 35% Advanced, 15% Expert.

Open bowl and tree skiing. Long cruisers. 5 ridges, 2 enormous bowls, 92 named runs (from Australia to Siberia). With 2,400 vertical feet, and 2,900 acres, Schweitzer Mt. is bigger than Alta or Snowbird (UT), Jackson Hole (WY), Copper Mt. (CO), Northstar-at-Tahoe (CA), Deer Valley (UT), or Aspen (CO).

Trees, trees, trees! Great tree skiing. Yes, there are plenty of blue cruisers too, but Schweitzer provides some interesting glades. There are intermediate trees, advanced trees, and double-black trees. Take your
pick, but do try skiing around some of them. Don’t miss gladed areas such as: J.R. Trees, Glade-iator, Phineas Forest, and Shenanigan’s (a.k.a: the Tree Farm).

Powder! Excellent, dry snow, and plenty of it. This is what Schweitzer is most famous for.

Ghosts, ghost, ghosts! Capture some snow ghosts on your camera, and listen for the ghost of Phineas Schweitzer banging and clanging in his workshop when you board the 6-passenger express lift named after his wife, Stella.

To sign up for this trip, simply do two things:

  1.  Make your hotel room reservation.

2.  Contact Linda and let her know your situation.  Do you need lift tickets?  Do you have a season pass? When are you planning to arrive and how many days will you ski?

Mt. High  ski trip

Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho

2 or 3 days of skiing.
Travel on your own by car.
The highways to Sandpoint, Idaho, are usually clear & free of snow.


February 13 - 16 or 17, 2021 -- Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday.

2 or 3 days of skiing.

Schweitzer Mt., Idaho. offers 2,900 acres and 2,400 vertical feet, served by One high-speed six-pack; 3 high-speed quads; 2 triple chairlifts; 2 double chairlifts; 1 T-Bar.  It is famous for its powder skiing.

START DATE: Sunday, Feb. 13 – Drive to Sandpoint & check in.

Note that this trip (like the Mission Ridge trip last year) will be different from our usual ski trips - because of the virus pandemic:

  1. Everyone will be driving their own car. We will NOT have a bus.
  2. For lodging, you can select your own roommate (optional), or simply have a room to yourself. Your choice. We will not be pairing you up with a stranger.
  3. You are responsible for purchasing your own lift tickets, either day tickets or a season pass (IKON).  We are looking into group rates if we have a minimum of 15 people who do not have other passes.

SKIING AT SCHWEITZER: 2 or 3 days (your choice): Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Feb. 14, 15, 16.   

Schweitzer is on an exchange program with Mt. Hood Meadows all access passholders and Loveland Ski Area passholders, who can get 3 days free skiing midweek; or you can get 4-7 days with the Ikon Pass.  Those are currently the only passes we know will work at Schweitzer, and this trip is not on blackout dates.

Like many ski areas these days, Schweitzer will sell tickets online in advance, at some kind of discount which is not known at this time.  They have told us that the total number of skiers should not be an issue at Schweitzer on a mid-week day; there should be no crowds.

Everyone who signs up for this trip, please contact Linda McGavin and let her know the following:

  • Did you make your hotel reservations, and for how many nights (2 or 3 or more)?
  • Will you need a lift ticket, or do you have a season pass (Meadows All Access, Loveland, or Ikon)?

Remember that you are responsible for making your own hotel reservations and obtaining your own lift tickets (or a season pass), but let Linda know your plans, as we will be able to get group rates if we have 15 people or more. 

Lift tickets

While Schweitzer has not published their regular winter season ticket rates as of late September, they have told us the group prices for 15-19 people: 

Adult: $81.00 plus taxes/fees = $88.87 (age 18–64) or

College/Senior/Military: $77.00 plus taxes/fees = $84.48. 

If we do this you will have to pay Linda for your lift tickets that she arranges, as only one person can pay for those tickets.  We won’t know whether we can do this until we know how many signups we have for the trip, so don’t delay in signing up!   (We will also check to make sure that it isn’t cheaper to just buy your tickets online.)

HOTEL - Book your own room at the Hotel Ruby Sandpoint/Ponderay in Sandpoint, 477255 US-95, Ponderay, ID 83852; 208-263-5383. 

Do it online, not by phone.

Enter your promo code SKI2022 before picking a room.

Please book your hotel room early - there is no penalty for canceling up to 4:00 pm the night before your arrival. 

Good news: Group Rate – The hotel has set up a special rate for our members who book rooms for ANY TIME between October 16 and March 31!  You will book directly through the website (hotelrubysandpoint.com) using the promo code SKI2022

NOTE:  You need to enter the promo code SKI2022 before you pick a room so the rate will be applied.

For our dates, after the discount the rooms at the Hotel Ruby should have either:

  • one single queen bed for $84/night + tax = $96.60; or
  • two queen beds for $92/night + tax = $105.80.

This is one of the closest hotels to the ski area, located just 11 miles or 22 minutes away.  The hotel is only 2 miles from the parking lot where Schweitzer runs a free shuttle bus between 7 am and 5:30 pm, every half hour.  https://www.schweitzer.com/plan/shuttle-and-parking/ 

Parking on the mountain may cost big bucks if you want to park in the premium parking, which is the closest to the lifts and highest. There is a secondary parking lot near the bottom of the Musical Chairs lift which serves beginner terrain. The only issue with that is that the Musical Chairs is a slow double chairlift, but it will take you to the other lifts.

The hotel offers free parking, wireless internet, premium bedding, non-smoking rooms, an indoor swimming pool and two hot tubs, and a ski room.  Enjoy a daily, complimentary breakfast which includes waffles, cereal, mini bagels, English muffins, blueberry muffins, hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, orange juice, milk, coffee, apples, and oranges. 

The rooms have premium bedding, Wireless Internet, Mini Fridge, Microwave, Cable/Satellite TV, DVD Player, Free Toiletries, Hairdryer, Iron/Ironing board, Desk, and Alarm Clock.  Note that there are no elevators – if you need a ground floor room please be sure to ask for it. 

NOTE:  The club is not collecting any money for this trip.  We will pay the hotel individually and buy lift tickets individually.  And for transportation, we;ll drive our own cars.


Trip leader:

Linda McGavin,  mcgavinski@gmail.com , 503-652-2840.

To sign up for this trip, simply do two things:

1.  Make your hotel room reservation - online.

2.  Contact Linda and let her know your situation.  Do you need lift tickets?  Do you have a season pass? When are you planning to arrive and how many days will you ski? 




FWSA International Week

Solden, Austria

with an optional a POST-TRIP to

Lisbon and Porto, Portugal.


Feb. 26 - March 5, 2022 -- Solden, Austria trip.

A week of skiing in Austria.

Plus an option post-trip extendion to Southern Spain.

More info

on the FWSA international trips web page.


For information contact:
Debbie Stewart at FwsaIntlTrvl@prodigy.net   

 or 559-737-0882 [C]





The top of Whitefish Mountain.

View from the top

Jesus at Whitefish

At Whitefish, Jesus is looking toward Blacktail Mountain ski area.

 Mt. High ski trip
Whitefish, Montana
4 or 5 or 7 nights.  Travel by car, train, or plane.

NOTE:  This trip was full for a while
and we had a waiting list. But we've
had a few cancellations and the wait
list has now cleared. There's room for
a few more people.

March 13 - 20, 2022. Sunday - Sunday.
4, 5, or 7 nights.  We are counting nights, not days.
All lodging starts on Sunday night, March 13, regardles of your length of stay.  We'll all start together.

You can choose how many days of skiing you want at Whitefish. Just let our trip captain know how many lift tickets you will need.

On Wednesday, March 16, we will have an optional day of skiing at Blacktail Mt., about 1.5 hours away. We can carpool there. Let Bill know if you want to ski at Blacktail that day. The alternative is to stay at Whitefish.

Arrange your own – planes, trains or automobiles. If you fly, the nearest airport is  Glacier International Airport - located between Whitefish and Kalispell.

Whitefish Mountain Resort offers 3000 acres of skiing. Formerly known as Big Mountain. It has 11 chair lifts (3 express quads). It has 2,353 vertical feet and 105 named runs plus vast amounts of bowl and tree skiing.

Blacktail Mt. is somewhat smaller, but it provides some variety. On a clear day, it is visible from the top of Whitefish Mountain. Blacktail offers 1,000 acres, 1,339 vertical feet, about 20 named trails plus 5 gladed areas, served by one triple chairlift and two double chairlifts.

We will be staying at the Kandahar Lodge, a very nice on-mountain hotel with a Swiss or Austrian feel.

It has a lobby/great room with a huge wood-burning fireplace, a fine dining restaurant open only for dinner, and a small separate bar. It is true ski in, but to ski out, you have to walk about 100 yards across a road and parking lot. Or you can take the free van that will take you to the lifts or wherever you want to go (not into town, there’s a free public snow bus for that). The van only runs during the day. At night it’s about a five-minute walk to the bars and restaurants in the upper village, or to catch the snow bus into town. Kandahar Lodge has no elevator, and the rooms are on the second and third floors. There is plenty of outdoor parking, a huge hot tub, and a complimentary continental breakfast.


Bill, our trip leader, will put people needing a roommate in touch with one another, but will not be assigning roommates.

Everyone will have to find their own roommate or pay a single supplement (double room cost).

Lodging Prices:

$420/person for 6 or 7 nights (we get the 7th night free)
$350 for 5 nights
$280 for 4 nights.

We will make every effort to put those looking for a roommate in touch with each other, but we will not be assigning roommates. Everyone is responsible for finding their own roommate and everyone in the room will need to have the same arrival and departure dates.

Lift ticket prices:

NOTE: To provide maximum flexibility, lift ticket prices are listed here separately. But we did get a 20% group discount. The discounted tickets need to pre-ordered before the trip from our trip leader, Bill King. The discounted prices are:

Adult 1-day $68         Adult 2+ days $63/day
65-69 1-day $59        65-69 2+ days $54/day
70+ 1-day $21           70+ 2+ days $20/day       

2+ days tickets have a two-day grace period (2 of 4; 3 of 5; 4 of 6, etc.)

As far as we know, holders of unrestricted season passes for Mount Hood Meadows will still get 3 free days.

Reserve your spot:

Spaces are limited, so send your Dough Transmittal form along with a $150 deposit to reserve your space.
Trip leader: Bill King, willie2k@ymail.com or 360-977-7482.

See our Mt. High
Trip Cancellation Policy



Far West Mini Ski Week

at the Zermatt Resort & Spa in Utah


March, 2022.

The Zermatt Resort & Spa is located in Midway, Utah.  Participants have the option to ski/ride Deer Valley, Park City, and Sundance Resorts.  There's a lot do for non-skiers such as art classes at Sundance Resort, shopping, tubing, ice skating, snowmobiling, sleigh rides, or soaking in a 10,000-year-old Crater Hot Springs.

Skiing at:

  • Deer Valley & Park City Ski Resorts
  • 1-day lift ticket Sundance Resort

Trip details are posted at:



Contact: Gloria Raminha  garski2011@gmail.com
Trip Leader
12707 Windy Ridge Dr., Bakersfield, CA  93312
661-800-8229 [C]
661-829-5996 [H/F]


Nancy Ellis  vpnorthamericantravel@fwsa.org
VP North American Travel
P.O. Box 9681, Truckee, CA 96162
530-582-0566 or 530-414-8261

NWSCC logo

Mt. Bachelor
Mt. Bachelor
Mt. Bachelor logo
Trip open to members off all local ski clubs in the Northwest

April 1 - 3, 2022.


Everyone from all NWSCC clubs is invited to join us!

Lodging:  La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Bend

                61200 S Highway 97 Bend, OR     (See map)

All rooms include free parking, deluxe continental breakfast, high speed internet, fitness center, indoor swimming pool (slat water). It's a non-smoking hotel - pet friendly.  10 minutes from downtown Bend.  35 - 40 minutes to Mt. Bachelor.

Per person, double occupancy. Choice of a King bed or 2 Queen beds.

Sign up with your roommate of choice or pay a single supplement of $100.   We will not assign rommates for this trip.

You have the option to arrive early on Thursday night (for Friday skiing) or to stay Sunday night. We will be asking for people to sign up with a roommate of their choice or to pay a single supplement; we will not assign roommates on this trip. Sign up early to get the room of your choice, as we have a limited number of rooms and La Quinta has told us they will sell out of rooms and we may not be able to add more.

The price of $290 (PP/DO) for adults includes 2 nights’ lodging at either place, 2 continental breakfasts, and a 2 consecutive day lift pass. Prices are lower for seniors, super seniors, children and teens! 

Seniors 65-69 and teens 13-18** pay only $260!!
Super seniors 70+ and youths 6-12** pay only $230!!

Non-skiers pay only $125.

** With 2 paying adults, children stay at no extra charge – just pay group rate for lift tickets. 

Come early or stay later. Great prices available for add-ons to either end of the trip.  

See flier and signup form.

Sign Up & Pay By March 1, 2022   /   Form is on the NWSCC Website.

Questions?? - Contact: Linda McGavin at editor@nwskiers.org / www.nwskiers.org

NOTE: This is a multi-club trip open to all Northwest ski clubs. It is organized by the NW Ski Club Council.  Payments for this trip should be sent to the NWSCC; not to our club. Instead of the Dough Transmittal Form, please use the signup form mentioned above.

FWSA logo

Cruise to Alaska


June 21 - 25, 2022  -  Denali Tour

June 25 - July 2, 2022  -- Inside Passage Cruise.


Join the Denali Tour and Alaska Cruise June 21-- July 2, 2021.  Participants can sign up for the Denali Tour or Alaska Cruise or for the combined two trips.  The Denali Trip starts with two days in Fairbanks, AK, followed by two days in Denali, and ends in Anchorage for those doing this portion only.  The Inside passage Alaska Cruise starts in Whittier and travels southward with stops in Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan before docking in Vancouver, BC. 

Per Person Rates for the Alaska Inside Passage Cruise:
    $2,199.00 - Balcony Rooms/ Obstructed Views
    $2,299.00 - Balcony Rooms/ Unobstructed Views
    $2,599.00 - Junior Suites
Plus $234.00 per person port fees


  • Welcome Cocktail Party
  • $25 per cabin credit ($12.50/person)
  • Tips - $14.50 per day per person ($101.50 wk.) charged to ship card daily
  • Those who signed up for 2021 Coral Princess received the FREE premium beverage package; Free Wi-Fi;  and FREE gratuities (approximate value $900) and this carries over when you were rebooked for the 2022 Majestic Cruise.

  • 2022 Majestic Princess new signups will be informed of
  • "Special Deals" at the time of booking.

Those on the optional Denali Tour will be bused to the ship on Saturday about 5 pm

Those on the Cruise Only:
    Option 1--Fly into Anchorage Saturday and take ground transportation to ship before 8:30 PM Transfer $59.
    Option 2--Fly into Anchorage Friday, June 24, 2022, and stay at Captain Cook Hotel overnight and take 2 transfers to ship by 8:30 PM Saturday--$264 per person double occupancy.

Check payable to "FWSA"
Send check to: Nancy Ellis, P .0. Box 9681, Truckee, CA 96162

Trip information and registration on the FWSA.org website:


Contact Nancy Ellis, VP North American Travel, fwsatravelnancy@sbcglobal.net; (530) 414-8261.





  Mayan Princess Beach





Passport is required.


Find out how to apply for or renew your passport in this recently updated article on Passports.


Your Passport must be valid until March 30, 2018 (six months after your return). It is your responsibility to ensure your required travel documents are in order and with you.

FWSA Scuba Diving Trip to Roatan

7th annual scuba dive trip

with Randy Lew


October 9 - 16, 2021

Roatan,: located between the islands of Útila and Guanaja, is the largest of Honduras' Bay Islands. The island was formerly known as Ruatan and Rattan. It is approximately 77 kilometers long, and less than 8 kilometers across at its widest point.

Basic Land Package (Price per person, double occupancy)

  • Diver Land Package:  $1,534 pp Key Deluxe Room (double occupancy*)  
  • Snorkel Land Package: $1,419 pp Key Deluxe Room (double occupancy**)
  • Non-Diver Land Package: $1304 pp Key Deluxe Room (double occupancy)
  • Single Supplement Add: $257

Price Includes

  • 7 Nights at Anthony's Key Resort - Dbl. Occupancy with 3 meals daily
  • Use of paddle boards, kayaks and snorkeling
  • Day excursion to Maya Key and admission to Roatan Museum
  • Airport transfers from Roatan Airport to  resort
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Resort taxes  (gratuities are NOT included)
*In Addition, the Dive Package includes
  • 6 days of 3 tank boat dives & 2 single tank night dives
  • Buoyancy control workshop
  • Shore diving during shop hours
**In addition, the Snorkel package includes
  • 2 Snorkels daily by boat with guide and 1-night boat snorkel
  • Underwater fish ID card
  • Slide show and one Dolphin Encounter


Contact: Randy Lew, FWSA Dive Trip Leader,

P.O. Box 9237, Truckee, CA 96162, 530-304-0802.
Email: divetrips@fwsa.org 


More Info: https://www.fwsa.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=623165&module_id=413574

FWSA logo
Stone gates, Old town, Zagreb
Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes National Park
Plitvice Lakes National Park

Bol, Brach
View from promenade between the town of Bol and the Zlatni Rat beach.  Island of Brač.
Bol on the island
of Brač.
Land & Boat/Yacht Adventure Trip

September 3 - 11, 2022.  


Discover the MAGIC of CROATIA…

Visit the “Must See” sites of Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Split, Trogir, the islands of Brač, Hvar, Korčula, the “The Pearl of the Adriatic” - Dubrovnik, and much more!

You’ll be staying 3 nights in beautiful 4 Star hotels and the rest aboard the luxury 5 Star MS President yacht.

Croatia Cruise Ship

The Deluxe MS President provides a perfect platform to explore the stunning coast and islands of Croatia and Dalmatia. Built in 2012, this yacht-like cruiser boasts sleek lines, and the modern facilities expected of a Croatian cruise vessel of this standard. All en suite cabins have been perfected to give you the space and comfort required during your cruise. Located on 2 decks, each feature either twin or double beds, air-conditioning, LCD TV, safe, hair dryer and much more. The MS President boasts a large indoor restaurant-salon, comfortable seating, bar and dining facilities with an outdoor terrace. Most of the leisure time on-board is spent on the huge sun deck with its plunge pool, sun-chairs and large shaded area. To make the most of every swimming opportunity there is a platform at the rear of the ship with a ladder for easy access to the water.

Trip highlights include:

  • Lodging in 4 Star hotels and “MS President” Yacht - 5 Star
  • (Incredible value – comparable trips can cost $6500-$10,000)
  • Minimum number – 30 participants and maximum number - 40, so sign up early!
  • Round trip group air transportation from LAX
  • Ground transportation will be by airconditioned motor coach
  • Welcome reception & dinner and Farewell Dinner
  • Tentative meals: breakfast daily, 6 lunches & 4 dinners
  • Tips included - drivers, guides & tour leader, welcome and farewell dinner, wine tastings & crew tips
  • Explore Plitvice National Park – the most famous park in Croatia and a “wonder of nature”
  • Guided walking tours visiting several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Diocletian’s Palace, Trogir, the highest peak of Croatia - Vidova Gora with breathtaking views of the Adriatic, visit the Museum of Olive Oil & enjoy tastings, visit the birthplace of Marco Polo – Korčula and so much more!
  • The UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Dubrovnik with its 16th century stone-walled old town, has gained popularity and bolstered to global recognition after serving as the filming location for The Game of Thrones.

See the complete Trip flyer and itinerary for more details.

Use this Registration form to sign up for the trip.

Estimated Group Air from LAX = $1413.00pp
Air price DOES include estimated Fuel surcharges, Taxes and current Exchange Rate – subject to change.
It is highly recommended to use the FWSA Group Air Transportation.

Approximate Land Packages (not including air):
Starting at $3340.00pp - Double Occupancy*

with  $5225.00pp - Single Supplement*
*Pricing is based on a minimum of 30 participants and an exchange rate of 1 USD to .87 Euros - subject to change.

Make checks out to: Far West Ski Association (FWSA). Please reference “FWSA 2020 CROATIA Trip” on each check.

Send to:      Debbie Stewart
                    FWSA VP of Int’l Travel
                    430 S. Church St.
                    Visalia, CA 93277
Email:  FwsaIntlTrvl@prodigy.net   or

Cell:     559/737-0882                                      CST # 2036983-40


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