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Sign Up & Pay

1.  For all payments to the club, for either membership dues, racing fee, trip payments, or for any other reason, please always use the Dough Transmittal form - PDF file.  or  Dough Transmittal form - Word document
We need this form to tell us who is paying how much and for which activity  Fill it out, and mail it or email it to:

Mountain High Snowsport Club
PO Box 2182, Portland, OR 97208



2.  PACRAT Racers need to fill out 4 additional forms. Fill and sign them digitally at:



3.  To make the payment, you can simply attach your check payable to Mountain High Snowsport Club. If you are paying for multiple things, one check for the total is all that is needed, as long as you indicate on the Dough Transmittal form what you are paying for.

 Alternatively, you can also send us credit card payments via PayPal.  You don't need to have a PayPal account. You can simply use your credit card, and PayPal is then used simply as a medium that will forward the payment to us.  PACRAT Racers need to pay both 1 and 2 below (Club membership + PACRAT dues).


To pay online for: Fill in the following:

1.   Membership Dues

      (3.5% fee already added)

Member Name(s)

2.   PACRAT Racing fee $113.85

      (3.5% fee already added)

Racer name
Team Name

3.   Trip payment

Please remember to calculate and add an additional 3.5% to your payment.

Trip Name

4.    Other payments

Please  calculate and add an additional 3.5% to your payment. After clicking on the Buy Now button, click in the "Price per item" and enter the amount you are sending there.

Purpose of Payment



NOTE: Although your link to this page is not secure, you will be taken to a PayPal page that is secure.


We add 3.5% to amounts paid by Paypal/Credit Card to recoup our cost of providing this service.

The 3.5% has already been added to the price of membership and PACRAT payments, because those payments are fixed.

For Trips and Other payments, where the amount varies, please remember to calculate and add an additional 3.5% to your payment.












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