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Most Recent Mt. High Photos


2019 / 2020 Photos

Dec.  18, 2019:  History Happy Hour: Movies

Dec. 2019:         Early skiing on Mt. Hood

Nov.    7, 2019:  Mt. High Kickoff party

Nov. 1-3, 2019:  Ski Fever Show

Oct.  25, 2019:   Warren Miller movie + dinner





This page shows you a glimpse of what the club has done during the past year, starting in October.  Our year runs from October 1st to September 31 of the following year.


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Older photos


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See a 6-minute video highlighting almost everything the club has done in a single year. The video is now posted on our Videos page, under the title: "Mountain High Club 2011-2012".

  History Happy Hour at the Mt. Hood Museum
Vintage movie outtakes

December 28, 2019.  (Saturday)

History Happy Hour is a monthly event on the last Saturday of each month.  You can buy a beer, a glass of wine, or a soft drink at the entrance, and then enjoy a presentation.  This month, Lloyd Musser (the Museum's curator) presented several vintage ski movie outtakes.  Every shari in the room at the museum was filled. 


Lloyd operates the projector

Lloyd Musser selects the movies from his laptop to be projected onto the screen.

History Happy Hour at the Mt. Hood Museum.     (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)

History Happy Hour

Every chair in the room was filled. Not everyone is shown in this picture.  Lloyd Musser selects the movies.

History Happy Hour at the Mt. Hood Museum.     (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)



Early Skiing on Mt. Hood

January 12, 2020.

Snow was late in coming to Skibowl, which didn't open until after the new year.  But, once it came, it came in droves.  The whole Northwest has been pounded with snow for a couple of weeks, with one more week of snow in the forecast, until about January 18 or 19.
The weekend of January 11 - 12 was stormy, by not everywhere and not all the time.  Mt. Hood Meadows was closed temporarily on Saturday, due to high winds. High winds were also forecast for Sunday and Monday, with gusts of up to 80 mph.
But not at Skibowl, at least not on Sunday morning. Several of our club members stayed home because of the forecast.  But the few of us who came anyway found that there was no wind at all at Skibowl between 9 am and noon.  And highway 26 was completely free of snow, with bare pavement until about 3 miles before Skibowl.
The mountain often creates its own weather, and you can never tell how it will be until you come and see for yourself.  

Skibowl fun
This was a good day!   Emilio, Keith, Kurt, and Malcolm having fun at Skibowl.

 Mt. Hood Skibowl, Jan. 12, 2020  - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


December 15 - 31, 2019.

This season began with low snow levels, below average, and the snow came late. Some of our members hit the slope for the first time on Sunday, December 15, .... and after a period of rain and then more snow, we hit the slopes again on December 22, and then again on December 28.  Here are a few photos from different people.

Kurt and Terri
Kurt and Terri getting ready to ski at the side entrance to Timberline's day lodge.

Timberline, Dec. 28, 2019  - Photo from Marie McLean


Group photo with Kurt
Malcolm, Emilio (with short BootSkis), Marie, Terri, Clary, and Kurt.

Timberline, Dec. 28, 2019  - Photo from Kurt Wilke

Group skiing Palmer
Emilio, Terri, Marie, Malcolm, and Clary, skiing on the Palmer snowfield in December!!!!

Timberline, Dec. 28, 2019  - Photo from Kurt Wilke


Group on Palmer
Terri, Marie, Malcolm, Clary, and Kurt

Timberline, Dec. 28, 2019  - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Emilio and group
Oh, year, Emilio was there too.

Timberline, Dec. 28, 2019  - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Top of Palmer
Our group at the top of the Palmer chairlift.  Palmer is very rarelyu open at the end of December,
but this has been an unusually dry year, with only a fraction of the usual amount of snow.

Timberline, Dec. 28, 2019  - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Kurt Wilke takes group photoJohn, Emilio, Jackie, Marie, and Kurt, with Mt. Jefferson in the background

Timberline, Dec. 22, 2019  - Photo from Kurt Wilke


Marie takes group photoEmilio, Kurt, and John at the side exit of Timberline's day lodge.  

Timberline, Dec. 22, 2019  - Photo from Marie McLean


Emilio takes group photoJohn, Kurt, Jackie, and Marie at Timberline, with Mt. Jefferson in the background. 

Timberline, Dec. 22, 2019  - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Emilio in the group photo
John, Kurt, Jackie, and Marie, and the photographer.

Timberline, Dec. 22, 2019  - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Group photo Our group grows with the arrival of Itsuko.
John, Marie, Kurt, Itsuko, and Jackie

Timberline, Dec. 22, 2019  - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Lisa Miller arrivesLisa Miller arrives.
John, Marie, Kurt, and Lisa, with Mt. Hood in the background. 

Timberline, Dec. 22, 2019  - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Emilio was there too.   Emilio, John, Marie, Kurt, and Lisa, with Mt. Hood in the background.

Timberline, Dec. 22, 2019  - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Nancy takes group photoNancy takes group photo of herself, Karen, Clay, Susan and Buck, 

Timberline, Dec. 15, 2019  - Photo from Nanvy Erz


Kurt W. takes group photo  John, Jackie, Lindsey, and Itsuko on a sunny day in December, below Timberline lodge.

Timberline, Dec. 15, 2019  - Photo from Kurt Wilke



Mt. High Kickoff Party

November 7, 2019.  (Thursday)

About 50+ people attended our annual Kickoff Party. There was free pizza and salad.  Several people won door prizes, ranging from ski hats to Mountain High gift certificates for $30 - $40.  Also, as usual, people renewed their club memberships, picked up their membership cards, and signed up for trips and/or for PACRAT racing. Overall, it was a nice turnout and the room was pleasantly filled.  But 50 out of over 250 club members is only 20% of our members.  Where were the others?


Debbi addresses the room

Debbi Kor - our president - made several announcements.

Also, our trip leaders said a few words about the upcoming ski trips.

Kickoff party 2019 - Photo from Emilio Trampuz



Kickoff party 2019 - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


DDoor prizes
Debbi reads off one of the winning numbers
Kickoff party 2019 - Photo from Emilio Trampuz

Door prizes
Door prizes were laid out for everyone to see. Everyone could pick their own door prize from the ones available.

Kickoff party 2019 - Photo from Emilio Trampuz


The room

Just part of the room on the second floor of the Lucky Lab in the Multnomah Village

Kickoff party 2019 - Photo from Emilio Trampuz



 SkiFever & Snowboard Show

November 1 - 3, 2019.  (Friday - Sunday)

Our club had a booth at the SkiFever Show at the Portland Expo Center.  PACRAT racers, the NW Ski Club Council, and the Ski Patrol also had a free booth near us.

At our booth, you could renew your membership and sign up for trips, racing, and more.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped staff our booth.


SkiFever Show - Mt High booth

Marilyn, Jack, and Laurie visiting our club's booth, staffed by Steven Rice (sitting).

2019 Ski Fever Show at the Portland Expo Center.     (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


Mt. High booth - Emilio
Emilio, staffing the booth.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


Mt. High booth - groupJohn Abbot, Scott Andersen, Janis Allen, Bill King, Emilio Trampuz, and Steve Pedersen, all volunteers,
at a time when our shifts overlapped. Actually, Bill King was taking care of the NWSCC booth next to ours.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


NWSCC booth
Shawn Storey staffing the NWSCC booth, Bob Lawrence (from the PACRAT booth), and Marilyn Sigler (our club member, visiting).  2019 Ski Fever Show.       (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


PACRAT racers' booth was right next to the Mt. High booth.

Bob Lawrence, Mark Conan, and Peter Dodd.

The PACRAT racers' booth was right next to the Mountain High booth.

2019 Ski Fever Show     (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


PACRAT boothPeople visiting the PACRAT booth.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


PACRAT drawingThis young boy was asked to draw the winner of the PACRAT raffle for the K2 skis and Salomon bindings.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


Sue wins the skis
 Sue Rimkeit won the K2 Alpine touring skis and Salomon's AT bindings.

With Mark Conan and the boy who drew the winner's name.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


 US Outdoor goggles

The US Outdoor Store was selling goggles (as well as many other items).

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


 Climbing wall

A boy ascends the climbing wall.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


Dave TragethonDave Tragethon in front of the Mt. Hood Meadows booth.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


Diamond Lake ResortDiamond Lake Resort and Mt. Bailey Snowcat Skiing.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)



Hoodoo ski area's booth.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


CMH Heli skiing boothCMH Heli Skiing booth.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


Ski SwapA very large ski swap was available, with skis, boots, jackets, pants, and more.

These are just the skis, sorted by length.  2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


Rack AttackThe Rack Attack showed off car-roof ski carriers as well as cargo boxes.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


Hillcrest SportsHillcrest Sports had a large area showing off their gear at discounted prices.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


US Outdoors tentsThe US Outdoors Store also had several colorful tents on display.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


Subaru and tent

Subaru displayed several cars (Outback, Forester, Crosstrek) as well as a new way to set up a tent.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)


RegistrationIn the lobby of the Expo Center, people could register and receive some free or 2-for-1 lift tickets.

2019 Ski Fever Show      (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)



Warren Miller Movie + Dinner

October 12, 2018.  (Monday)

Sandra Smith organized this event, as she has been doing for many years now. 

About 60 people participated in the group purchase of lift tickets, and about 25 of them showed up for dinner and/or drinks before the movie.  The 2019 movie is called "Timeless".


This year was the first time that the raffle for door prizes was done online, digitally.  Instead of a paper form to fill out, an image projected on the big screen instructed people to use their smartphones to go to the Warren Miller Entertainment website, fill out the form there, and the names of the winners were almost instantly drawn from those entries and the winners were announced at the end of the intermission.


Warren Miller's "Timeless"

Warren Miller Entertainment premier of  "Timeless".   (Photo from Emilio Trampuz)



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Also, see a lot more about our club activities on our Videos page.


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2016 photos.  Ski Fair, Kickoff Party, Mt. High Display cabinet at Mt. Hood Museum, George at Whistler, Christmas Ships, Phlox Poit cabin, PACRAT race, Canada trip (Silver Star, Sun Peaks), Chocolate party, Timberline adventures, Little Zig Zag canyon, Crystal Mt. trip, Montana trip, Skibowl, Bike rides, The Dalles, Picnic, Seafood party, NWSCC, PACRAT 101, Warren Miller dinner, Prayer flags on Mt. Hood,Highway cleanup, Ski Fever Show, Debbi at NYC Marathon.

2015 photos. Ski Fair, Kickoff Party, Montana Fam trip. Whitefish trip and Fernie, PACRAT, Rat Attack, 40th anniv. picnic, Naked bike ride, Trillium Lake bike, Timothy Lake bike, Highway cleanup, Chocolate, Pizza, Seafood parties.

2014 photos. Ski Fair, Ski Show, Warren Miller, Seafood, Salmon Headwaters Cleanup, Rafting, Picnic, History bike tour, Bike to Dike, ride, Row River - Dorena Lake, Champoeg, Hy. cleanup, NWSCC 35th anniversary, FWSA Convention in Bend, Silver Falls hike, Timberline adventures, Rat Attack, Chocolate party, Ski the Glade Trail Day, Mt. Bachelor bus trip, North Idaho trip (Schweitzer, Lookout Pass, Silver Mt.) Kickoff party.

2013 photos. Hwy. cleanup, MHSP Ski Swap - Kurt Krueger, FWSA Safety Person of the Year, Picnic & Bike ride, Tunnel Falls hike, Banks-Vernonia bike ride, History bike ride, Frosted Flakes girls poster, Ramona Falls hikr, Timberline sidecountry Zig Zag, Pond skimming, Canada (Whitewater, Red. Mt.) Pizza Party, Utah trip (Powder Mt.),  Hoodoo day trip ,PACRAT Race 3 Skibowl, Cosmic tubing, Skibowl day trip, Chocolate party, Idaho trip, Mt. Hood Meadows day trip, Mt. High Kickoff Party, Ski Fair

2012 photos. Hwy. cleanup, Barlow Road Ride, Rafting, Picnic, Cycle Oregon, Timberline canyons, Newton canyon, Mt. St. Helens, Pizza party, Meadows, ISHA, Bachelor Blast, Mystery trip to Shasta & Ashland, Movie night, Utah Powder Mt., Snowbasin, PACRAT race, Chocolate party, FWSA Jackson Hole, Anthony Lakes, Bib decorating, Washington park hike, Ski Fair, Ski Show. .

2011 photos. Hikes, Golf, Rafting, Cycle Oregon, Cycle Idaho, Highway cleanup, Seafood party, Chocolate party, Life Flight, Scotty & Mer'a wedding, Movie Night, Leavenworth trip, Crystal Mt., Bib decorating party, Rat Attack.

2010 photos. Hope on the Slopes, Fernie trip, Mystery trip to Willamette Pass and Mt. Bachelor, Picnic, Rafting, Hikes, Highway cleanup, NWSCC 30th Anniversary, etc..

2009 photos, Seafood, Golf, Rafting, Ski pole rescue, Steve & Quinn's Wedding, Pond skimming, Heavenly, Crystal, Schweitzer, Bowling, Canada Safari. Hillcrest Race Night.

2008 photos Timberline new lift inauguration, 5th Canadian Ski Safari, PACRAT races, Sunny South Oregon bus trip, Mystery trip to White Pass, 1st Heavenly/Tahoe trip, Rat Attack, Pizza Party, Rafting, Seafood Spectacular at Blaise and Alice's, Salmon River canyon hike, Friend of the Forest cleanup at Meadows

2007 photos 4th Canada safari, Powder Mt., Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass, Ski the Glade Trail, Timberline new trails, Far West races at Bachelor, River Cruise.

2006 photos Next Adventure, Idaho trip, Val d'Isere, Timberline summer, Picnic

2005 photos 3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt., Crystal Mt.;

2004 photos 2nd Canada Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social;




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