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 Last Updated:  October 5, 2016

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Recreational Racing


Get Registered


• Snowboarders and skiers welcome

• Join a 10-person team

• Discounted lift tickets (race days)

• Run some gates

• 5 Races – 5 Parties
• NASTAR Races (2), open to public

• Door prizes

• See yourself improve

• Great camaraderie



• Mt. Hood Meadows

• Mt. Hood Skibowl

• Timberline


Come Join The Fun With PACRAT!

   For 30 years, PACRAT league has provided an exciting and fun opportunity to participate in recreational alpine racing on Mt. Hood. Never raced before? No problem, you will be grouped with other racers at your skill level.


   Need someone to ski with? We'll give you 9 companions for the season. Just sign up and you will be on a 10-person team. Any intermediate skier or boarder qualifies. Beginner racers contribute to the overall team score as much as advanced racers and maybe more.


The PACRAT League is separate from our club. In fact, it is the result of cooperation between several clubs. Our club has participated from the very beginning, with at least 4 to 6 teams each year. In the 2014 season, we will have 13 teams (130 racers).

    Paula in the start gate.


Contact: Racing@mthigh.org



General Description


PACRAT flyer - print it, and post it somewhere, or send it to a friend!

Watch a complete run down the race course through Bruce Kuper's helmet-cam:  PACRAT Race 4 Stadium.


Slide show presented at the Rat Attack Party:  2013 End Of Season Show.


Racer Registration                                                                   TOP

Each PACRAT race now also counts as a NASTAR race, and you can qualify for the NASTAR National Finals.

Each racer will receive a NASTAR medal (either Gold, Silver, or Bronze) at the end of the season.

To receive the benefits of both PACRAT and NASTAR, please register for both.

NASTAR registration should be accomplished online first, and then also fill out the paper version to send to your team captain.

Send all your registration forms to your team captain. One NASTAR form, and 3 PACRAT forms.

A signed NASTAR form needs to be turned in each season.




NASTAR Registration


A new Registration / Releases

form must be signed each season


For existing racers: If you have raced in NASTAR any time since 1997, you are already in the system and all you have to do is sign the NASTAR form each season.  Just find your NASTAR number by searching for your name at www.nastar.com and update it with the PACRAT info below.  Then please fill out the NASTAR Registration form shown under #4 in the PACRAT registration column.

For new racers:  Go t www.nastar.com.Click on Register to Race and fill out the online form. If you have already raced with NASTAR, use your existing record, but update it with the following info:

1) Family/Friends = your Pacrat team name – eg.: Avalanche Express, Mixed Nuts, etc.

2) Club team = "Northwest Ski Club Council"

3) Resort Team = "PACRAT". Use the scroll arrow to select  "PACRAT" for the resort team name.

4) Enter your personal password

5) Scroll down and click on the Register icon. Your confirmation will pop up, containing your:
NASTAR registration # Send  to your team captain
- Y
our NASTAR password - Keep it to yourself

Print out and save this page for easier access to your results on the NASTAR.com website.


NASTAR registration instructions  PDF | Word.

More details on all of the above. Print out these instructions to simplify your NASTAR online registration.



PACRAT Registration


Please fill out all the 4 forms

and send them to your team captain.

Read: General Instructions   PDF | Word
New updated forms; Print out these instructions to simplify filling and printing out the PACRAT registration forms.

1. Team Entry form  PDF  

Racers fill out one line and send to team.captain.
Team captains: Please fill out just one form for the whole team, save it on your computer and email it to our Racing Director: Racing@mthigh.org

2. Liability Release form   PDF

This form is needed for the ski areas. Each racer, sign on one line.

3. Insurance Waiver    PDF

This form is needed for our insurance.. Each racer, sign at the bottom.

4. NASTAR Registration form   PDF

    This form is used for our internal PACRAT records, while the online registration is used for NASTAR's records. We need your signature on this one.

Fill out and give all these forms to your team captain.

Fill out and give all these forms to your team captain.







PACRAT photos

Gary & Karen. Some serious competition! Click to enlarge.


2014 Photos on Facebook PACRAT Racing page

Race 1

Race 2 & 3

Race 4

Race 5


2013 photos

2012 photos

2011 photos

2010 photos

2009 photos

2008 photos

2007 photos



Contact:  Racing@mthigh.org




Bruce's videos: Black Diamond Thunder

Click here to see the Black Diamond Thunder collection of videos from Bruce Kuper's helmet cam.



  2013 PACRAT Awards Slide Show, summarizing the whole season.


  2010 Race 4 at Meadows



  2012 Race 4 from top of Stadium




Even if you have never dreamed of being a racer, give it a try.  It's well worth it. It will enhance your social life, and improve your carving skills! Teams are usually formed by mid-November, so apply early! See instructions below.

Contact:  Racing@mthigh.org



GS Training:  Contact: Greg Dilger - gdilger2@yahoo.com


                  Each Friday during the winter season, there will be a GS Training clinic, mostly at Mt. Hood Skibowl and/or Timberline. Meet in the lodge by 8:30. Cost is only $35 (plus a lift ticket). 
Please RSVP to Coach Greg Dilger with of the Mount Hood Adult Ski Racing Association. The location might change due to weather and snow conditions. It will be at Ski Bowl when conditions permit.  There is a third coach available this year to assist.


NOTE 1:  
All racers should contact a team captain, and sign up for a specific team. See list of team captains below. Fill out a signup form and a liability release form (see below) and mail it to your team captain, preferably before our Membership Party in November.


NOTE 2: 

                  Discounted lift tickets for PACRAT racers can be purchased by showing your racing bib.
8:45 am  -  Brief team captains' meeting in the day lodge.
9:00 am  -  Start skiing--Warm up and inspect the course.
10:00 am - Race begins for the first group of racers.
                    See the starting order that is emailed to all the team captains,
                    or ask to see a copy at the team captains' meeting in the lodge on the morning of the race.
3:00 pm   -  Apres ski party. Locations will be announced for each race.
                    Open to non-racers for a small fee to cover the food and drinks.


PACRAT Owned Timing Equipment


The PACRAT racing league now has their own timing equipment.

Less waiting for unreliable systems that they had no control over.

Below is the wireless timing system PACRATs uses: Phoenix Microgate.



Click on image on right to enlarge it.


How to find out more & join a team

1.  Click here to read more about PACRAT racing. General Description.

2.  PACRAT flyer - Print it, and post it somewhere, or send it to a friend!

3.  PACRAT Racing video - See how it's done, both the races and the aprθs-ski parties.

4.  Contact our Racing director, Racing@mthigh.org or any Team captain to get your name on a team:
Remember, each team can have a maximum of 10 people, preferably of varying abilities, so even if you are a beginner racer, or have never raced, please don't hesitate to call us. We need you!





Team Name

Team Captain


Avalanche Express

Gary Gunderson


Awesome  tAles

Alan Bean


Chilled Brewskis

Brenda Becerra


Frosted Flakes

Bruce Kuper


Mixed Nuts

Samy Fouts 


Moose On The Loose Paul Lyshaug shaugs@netzero.net

Mt. Hoodlums

Phil Mant



Chris Wiley


Schussing Shysters

McCoy Smith


The Ocho Plus Mike Peck MikePeck@TCMcorp.com

Vertigo Madness

Tom Cansler




Rules and Guidelines



PACRAT  Operations Manual PDF

All about: Eligibility, Teams, Classification, Scoring, Points chart, Handicap system, and Categories.


Class Revision Explanation PDF

Explanation of how the 7 categories (or classes) are determined, based on a person's handicap.

Pacrat Scoring System
Summary Definition of terms PDF

Explanation of terms used in the Race Results (such as Bonus points, Upstrike, Downstrike, DNS, DNF, etc.)


PACRAT Timing and Rules:  PDF

Dale Parshall explains various racing rules and procedures, such as what happens if you forget your racing bib, if your ski falls off, if you miss a gate, or if there is interference on the course.


Pacesetter Explanation:  PDF

Dale Parshall explains how the zero par times (ZPT) for our race courses are calculated.



Race Tips

Slipping the course:  PDF

Diagram showing how to correctly slip the course.


How to pick the best line through the race course.  Web page  |  PDF

Diagram showing what it means to "start your turn early" and pick a faster line.


Race Results

Go to the "Race Results" page on our own club web site.

Click here if you need Adobe Reader for PDF files.




Any racing pages website
 related issues or questions.

Contact our Racing Director,





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