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Mt. High Events

 Last updated: May 15, 2019
Latest news in the left column,
Click on underlined events in the Calendar on the right or
scroll down for details of upcoming events.

Weather forecast for Government Camp on the right.
See bottom of this page for ski area reports.




May Lift Lines  - Mt. High Newsletter

Skiers GuideFar West Skiers' Guide

Click on the image here to see this very colorful magazine. Learn all about past and upcoming Far West events, the annual Convention, winter trips, and more. See what other clubs and councils are doing..


Click on each 2-page spread to thumb through the rest of the pages.

Ski Trips surveyWe need your opinions.

Please participate in this 14-question survey about our club's ski trips.  Tell us your trip preferences and help us to shape future club trips. We set up an online survey using Survey Gizmo.  If you get a privacy or security warning, that is simply due to your own security settings, which might be too strict.  Feel free to ignore any such alert for this survey.  But, if you feel uneasy about the online version, feel free to fill out the same survey by printing the Word document or PDF file and mailing it to us.   THANKS!


Our club provides numerous activities in the following categories.   

a)  Day trips to Mt. Hood ski areas – currently on TRIPS page,

b)  Ski trips to other ski areas in the West  -- see TRIPS page.

c)  Recreational racing – RACING pages.

d)  Social events, parties, etc. – on the HOME page.

e)  Summer activities (Biking, Hiking, Rafting, Picnic, etc.) – usually on our HOME page.

To fully understand what our club does, please see a whole year of past photos on the PHOTOS page.

Let's ski together!   Join for an informal fun day on the slopes! Our weekend skiers tend to go to Timberline and/or Skibowl.  Our mid-week skiers usually go to Meadows on Thursdays or whenever there is some fresh powder. How to connect with us?

  1. See the weekend & mid-week entries on our TRIPS page.

  2. Click on our two FORUM buttons in the menu and see who is going skiing and when. Participate in the discussions!

  3. See our Facebook page, where all our members can post their own messages and often invite others to come ski with them. Start by clicking on the Facebook button in our main menu.

  4. On the mountain,

    if you have a 2-way radio, tune it to channel 6-19.

Mt. Hood Meadows At Meadows, find us in the cafeteria in the South lodge near the Schuss restaurant (aka The Hamburger Place) around 8:00-8:30 a.m.(That's on the slope level, which is 2nd floor).  Left lodge as you walk up from the parking lot. See more in our Mid-week day trips at: http://www.mthigh.org/Trips.htm#Mid-week_day-trips

Timberline At Timberline, we usually meet on the ground floor of the day lodge,  Meet inside if the weather is bad, or more likely meet outside, by the free ski check around 9:00 am.  We usually wait until at least 9 am for the Mt. Hood Express bus to arrive.  Be there in full gear, ready to push off as soon as we are all there. See more about our weekend day trips at: http://www.mthigh.org/Trips.htm#Weekend_day-trips

Mt. Hood Express bus service

We have always encouraged carpooling from Sandy, and that is still an option. But, now you can take the new Mt. Hood Express bus instead. For only $2 (or just $1.50 if you prepay for 20 tickets), you can ride the bus from Sandy to Skibowl, Government Camp, or Timberline. Catch the bus right on Hwy. 26, at a park and ride bus stop half way between Champion Way and 362nd (which is the Fred Meyer traffic light in Sandy). Turn into Champion Way to park at the Information Center.  The most convenient bus starts at 7:45 am and arrives at Skibowl at 8:32 and at Timberline at 9 am. Click here for the complete schedule.


Also note that Timberline runs its own hourly shuttle between Government Camp (stopping at the Mt. Hood Brewing Co., at Collins Lake Resort, and at the Chevron station at the top end of Govy). This shuttle runs only on weekends and holidays. Approximately once an hour to make the full round trip.


Powder Alliance.  Unlimited skiing at Timberline and Mt. Hood Skibowl + 3 free tickets at each of 17 other ski areas, for a total of 51 free ski days
Not valid on Saturdays.
Those 71 and over pay only $50.
All prices will increase after Nov. 5 and 26.. See more at: www.powderalliance.com  and on the Facebook page:


Barlow Road field trip photos are now posted on our PHOTOS page. A video will also soon be added there.


Season Passes compared.  Compare the cost and benefits of various lift ticket passes. This was first published in Lift Lines. It is now on our Articles page.


Mt. High Cookbook available.

A great gift.


Debbi Kor put together a Club Cookbook, full of recipes contributed by many of our club members. You can purchase the book at any of our social events and ski trips, or

Contact Debbi at: ijustwannarun1@comcast.net


Man and Woman of the Year.

Our 2019 man and woman of the year are: Kurt Krueger and Karen Michels. Congratulations!   See our Awards page for a list of past men and women of the year and other awards. Please send us your nominations for Man & Woman of the Year for 2020 (by October or early November).

Kurt Krueger         Karen Michels

Kurt Krueger            Karen Michels


Ski Areas page - new & improved

The best way to get info about ski areas. The updated page contains almost all the ski areas in the West, 170 of them. It's the easiest way to get info for a trip. Just click on whatever ski resort you want.

Also find info on heli-skiing. 

Also available on our Ski Areas page is an Excel Spreadsheet continaing a list of all the ski area in Norrh America.  You can use it to track the places you have skied.


Mid-Week skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows

A group of us skis more or less regularly mid-week at Mt. Hood Meadows. Come join us.  See details below.


Weekend skiing at Timberline

A group of us skis more or less regularly on weekends att Timberline Come join us.  See details below.



New Video about our club 

See the new video about what our club has been up to lately. Included is a funny snow report about the upcoming Whitefish Mt. trip.


Membership renewal.  Please renew your club membership in the Fall (September, October, or early November). This is also the best time to sign up for a ski trip with the club. It is best to renew in person at the annual Ski Fair or at our annual Kickoff Party. If you do it by mail, simply print print the Dough Transmittal form and mail it in. You can find it on our Membership page and on the Forms & Docs page.



Join a PACRAT team 

 Teams are being formed in October and November, and many teams need a few new team-mates.


Camaraderie, fun, racing, après ski parties and more!


Check it all out on our Racing page and on the PACRATs web site.   Contact:  Racing@mthigh.org



Member Benefits updated - 20% off at the Taco Shoppe  Thanks to Kevin Bastin, owner of the Taco Shoppe and a Mountain High club member, we have now been offered 20% off of any item on the menu (not just the burritos). But only 10% discount during the summer months.

The Taco Shoppe is located in Government Camp, across the street from the Huckleberry Inn (but a house or two up the road), or just downhill from the Mount Hood Museum. See details on our Membership Benefits page and on our Bulletin Board page.  Click here for see their full menu.

January is Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month

Introduce a new person to the sport by having them take a lesson from a certified ski instructor, and you could win a prize


Powder Alliance adventure blog

Emilio went on a 4,000 miles road trip to ski as many Powder Alliance ski areas as possible. Lots of driving. But the skiing is free for anyone with a Fusion Pass. He will try to keep a diary marking his progress. Check out his “Ski Delights” blog at: http://skidelights.blogspot.com/

Also see the trip video: https://youtu.be/q3C6tltD--M




Ski pole Inclinometers -

Attach this simple device to your ski pole and use it to measure the slope steepness.









Color code:  This color code is valid until you use the links. The viewed links will then change color, due to your browser's settings, but the dates will still remain the original color.

Blue: Mountain High club events   
Maroon: NWSCC, FWSA, or multi-club events
Black: General events



Every Saturday: Weekend skiing at Timberline

May 25 (Sat.):     History Happy Hour
     Ever wild - Mt. Adams

May28 (Tues.):    Mt. High Board Meeting

May 30 (Thur.):   Mt. High Social & Elections 
and early trip signups



June 13 - 16:      Far West Convention

June 19 (Wed.): NWSCC / PACRAT social and elections 

June 22 - 23:      Ride the Willapa biking/camping 

June 29 (Sat):    Mt. High Highway Cleanup

June 29 (Sat.):   Social History Happy Hour 


July ??:   Hiking, biking, yet TBA. Stay tuned 



Aug. ??:    Hiking, biking, yet TBA. Stay tuned

Aug. 31 (Sat.):    Barlow Road - Mt. Hood area ruts and sites - Presented by Lloyd Musser.


Sept. 1 (Sun.):    Barlow Road Wagon Trail bike ride

See more event details in the next section below.




Club membership has steadily increased from 2002 - 2011, and has stabilized around 300 since then. Current membership as of September 2015 = 304.


Mt. High Board meetings 

Last Monday of the month, we meet at the Round Table Pizza  10070 SW Barbur Blvd., Portland (near the corner of Capitol Hwy.) to plan future club events, trips.  If you'd like to get a bit more involved with the club, please come and join us. This is a working and planning  meeting, but it's open to all. Social gathering: 6:00 pm, and the meeting starts at: 6:30 pm.


NWSCC meetings


Representatives of local ski clubs gather to coordinate activities, plan joint events and trips. Sometimes, there's a guest speaker. These meetings are open to all.

Time: Socializing starts at 6 pm. Meeting starts at 6:30 pm..

Dates: Meetings are held quarterly on the 3rd Wednesday in October, December, March and June.

Location: At various locations around the Portland metro area. See the NWSCC web site for details. 


Searching for the Perfect Ski Watch

Check out some of the features available on watches these days: Altimeter, Compass, Clinometer, Barometer, Stop-watch, and more. And water resistant to 200 meters. Sadly, not all in one watch. Read this article.


Oregon Skiing & Boarding Blog

A blog set up by Drew Jackson, the weatherman at KPTV-12, writing about snow conditions from a skier's perspective. This has been added to both our Blogs and Links pages.


Vision for the 21st Century

A whole new vision of enhancing both safety and fun on the slopes. Read all about it (click on the "Vision" button. Get involved. Write to the ski areas. Write to ski magazines. Refer them to our website: www.mthigh.org/Vision.htm.


Trips Survey Results

Thanks to the 60 people who completed the online survey. See the results summarized in the July issue of "Lift Lines", or see the complete results here:


Mt Hood List - A great new site!

Go to MtHoodList.com to post your own message, to find a carpool to Mt. Hood, to find buddies for a Meadows 4x4,  or any other Mt. Hood related activity.


Check out this content on our site!

   a) Blogs eg.: David Schor's adventures

   b) Videos (our recent trips and racing)

   c) Skis for sale on our Bulletin Board!


Send us your photos/stories!
What did you do this past winter? Where  did you ski? Where were you 20 or 30 years ago?  How did you learn to ski?  Any spectacular falls?  Any embarrassing moments? Send in your personal short stories or reminiscences.  Please add a photo of yourself or the people in your story. Digital photos are most welcome. Printed photos will be scanned in and returned to you.  Contact Emilio.


Free $kiing corner.

Free or half-priced lift tickets.


In the Forum, post your questions, requests, offers, or help provide answers.


Bulletin Board vs. Forum

For plain text announcements or questions, feel free to post your own message in the Forum.

For more elaborate, announcements, including graphics, photos, etc. please email them to us at webmaster@mthigh.org and we'll post it on the Bulletin Board.


We Want You!

We know you have something to contribute to the club.  Organize a party, a hike. a game of cards, a visit to the theater, or just a TGIF. Take your favorite activity and invite other club members to join you. Just let us know what you could do for the club. Or, better yet, come to our monthly planning meeting, any last Monday of the month, at the Round Table Pizza.


2-way Radios on the slopes!

Connect with other club members on the slopes. Simply get on the radio channel 6-19, and call for Mountain High members. That is Channel 6, Privacy code 19. There is a permanent note about this on our TRIPS page.


Free Antivirus

Say goodbye to your paid antivirus. Avast! is totally free and performs even better in tests. Download it and try it yourself: http://www.avast.com/en-us/get/6SK2Jprm


NW Sk/Ride Challenge

The Challenge continues each winter season. It is not a competition for the most ski areas visited.  Instead, everyone who visits at least 7 ski areas in the Northwest will be entered into a drawing for a prize.


Just save your lift tickets or receipts from the ski areas and mail them to the NWSCC:  The address is on the form. Click here for the Entry Form and Rules in Word or PDF.


Skiing the Northwest can be quite an adventure. See David Schor's blog: http://skiwashington.blogspot.com, and Emilio's journal on our "Articles" page, at:


Video about our club

Short 5 minute summary of what our club is al about. Must see! At: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woXVvae4Iww



Web site & Newsletter

At the 2014 FWSA Convention in June, we won

1st place for Web site.

1st place for Newsletter.

1st place for Outstanding Club.

See more on our Awards page.



Proof that Straight skis were always Shaped.

Straight skis were never really straight. See proof in this video.


Boots & More Performance LLC

with Greg Coulter

Greg Coulter has left Hillcrest Sports to focus on Boots and More. He has been involved with the ski industry for 25+ years and has chosen to go his own direction.

Boots and More is service only.  Boot fitting, and ski & snowboard tuning and repair. It also sells insoles and liners as well as boot accessories.

The big difference between Greg Coulter and everyone else is that he will pick up and drop off the customers equipment.

Contact Greg via email; gcoulter40@gmail.com,  or phone 503-917-9360.

Visit the Boots and More Facebook page and Like it. 

Also, see the BAM Performance website to find out more.

ShredHood.org is a web site devoted to everything Mt. Hood. It contains the latest news, classifieds, racing, new school, old school, videos, slides, events, resources.
The web site was started by Ben Jacklet, a local journalist.
Check it out: http://shredhood.org/

Express Rental & Service shop in Rhododendron

John Hanson (formerly of the Ski Chalet) is helping Skibowl with a new project in Rhododendron: an Express Rental & Service outlet with retail as well. He says:
"One of our target customers is the high school/ club racer looking to maintain a competitive advantage. Racers can drop their skis off after training nights and pick them up ready to go on race day. We are currently set up to do edge tunes and hot waxes."

Hours are:  Mon-Tue: 8-5,  Wed-Fri: 8-9pm,

                 Sat:  7-6pm   and   Sun: 8-6pm.

Next season, they plan to stock race accessories as well.
Stop by anytime. The location is  on the right hand side of Hwy 26 in Rhododendron across from the Village Market.

Phone 844-200-RENT (7368).



Note: Trips and Racing events have their own pages.

The events listed below are events other than ski trips and races.

Mt. High members at Stevens Pass


Mt. High members on Mt. Hood




Our club provides numerous activities in the following categories.  Most of them have their own separate pages on our web site:


a)  Day trips to Mt. Hood ski areas  (both weekend and mid-week) – currently on the TRIPS page..

b)  Ski trips to other ski areas in the West  -- see TRIPS page.

c)  Recreational racing – RACING pages.

d)  Social events, parties, etc. – on the HOME page.

e)  Summer activities (Biking, Hiking, Rafting, Picnic, etc.) – usually on our HOME page.


Our Home page is mainly a calendar of events and a place to post social events that don't have their own separate pages, such as Trips and Racing events do.


To get a better view of what our club does, please check the ABOUT US page and the PHOTOS page, which shows almost everything we did in the past year(s). Each season, we start to build a new Photos page, so if you are checking us out at the beginning of the season, check out one of the previous year's Photos page, which will be more complete.



The Mt. Hood Cultural Museum preserves and showcases the rich history of Mount Hood through interpretive exhibits and educational programming. The museum features six galleries that highlight the history of the mountain’s early exploration, winter sports, settlement and natural history.


The museum, the Mt. Hood Information Center and the Museum Gift Shop are open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The museum is closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Admission is free.

Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum
ph: 503-272-3301, info@mthoodmuseum.org 

History Happy Hour

at the Mt. Hood Museum & Cultural Center


Last Saturday of each month, 2019  

A series of entertaining and informative evenings at the Mt. Hood Cultural Center in Government Camp.

Doors open: 6:30 pm.

Presentation starts: 7:00 pm.


Be entertained and learn something new.

Admission is free. Donations are welcome.

Beer, Wine, and soft drinks available for purchase.


Location:  Mt. Hood Museum & Cultural Center

Government Camp, Oregon. Across the street from Huckleberry Inn and about 2 houses up the road. Right next to the Taco Shoppe.


Social History Happy Hour events take place the last Saturday of the month at the museum. Topics range from Mount Hood photography to ski fashion to volcanic activity on the mountain.


2019 Schedule

Jan. 26        Flying Buses and other Mt. Hood oddities
Learn the interesting history of the short lived Skiway tram. Local investors used a city bus and cable logging techniques, to fashion an aerial tram from Government Camp to Timberline Lodge. It only operated in 1951 and 1952, but the flying bus was a sight to see and a fright to ride.

Feb. 23       The Best of Mt. Hood Photography
This event is a rare opportunity to view the best photographs in the museum's extensive collection of Mount Hood related photographs. Archivist Brittney Cardarella and Curator Lloyd Musser will share their favorite photographs from the collections of Hal Lidell, Jock Pribnow, Helen Gerding, Bill Keil, Dale Crockatt and other photographers.

March 30     Ski Fashion Show, vintage to 2020 
Annual vintage skiwear style show with models from Skiyente Ski Club.  Follow the ski fashion trends from 1930's to the 2000's with clothing from the museum collection. Narrated by Sandi Shaub. The new fashions for 2020 presented by Hillcrest Ski & Sports.

April 27        Mt. Hood Hikes - Tips & Recommendations

May 25         "Ever Wild" Book Lecture
   Presented by Darryl Lloyd, author.
   Photographer and author Darryl Lloyd shares his adventures, stories and personal views of Washington’s Mount Adams. Darryl Lloyd at the top of Mt. AdamsLloyd is the author of “Ever Wild: A Lifetime on Mount Adams,” which chronicles through photography and stories his seven decades on the mountain. He is considered the foremost authority on the Northern Cascade peak. His book mixes adventure memoir with human history, geography, geology, botany, and a vital call for protection.

Growing up on a ranch at the mountain’s base, Lloyd devoted his life to learning the mountain, observing the ebb and flow of its glaciers, photographing the play of light, wandering lush meadows and old-growth forests, hiking boulder-strewn slopes and scaling icefalls.

For nearly 50 years, Darryl Lloyd has brought the mountain to people through talks and slide shows attracting thousands, and his writings and stunning photography have appeared extensively in print. With his brother Darvel, Lloyd founded the non-profit Friends of Mount Adams in 2004, promoting protection, scientific research, and stewardship of the mountain.

Lloyd holds a master of marine affairs degree from the University of Rhode Island, and lives in Hood River.

June 29        History of Steiner Cabins
    Presented by Lloyd Musser.

July 27         A look back at Forest Fire Lookouts
    Presented by Lloyd Musser.

August 10    Steinter Cabins Tour, 9 am - 4 pm.

August 31    Barlow Road - Mt. Hood area ruts and sites
    Presented by Lloyd Musser.

Sept. 28        Mt. Hood Trivia
    Presented by Lloyd Musser.

October 26   Subject TBA

Nov.  30        -- No Social Hour this month --

Dec.  28        Vintage Ski Movie Outtakes

For more information about the lecture series, please call the museum at 503-272-3301.






Mt. High
Monthly meeting

Usually on the last Monday of the month.

Mountain High

Monthly Board meeting

May 28, 2019.
(Monday) - Usually the last Monday of the month. 


6:00 pm - social gathering;

6:30 pm - formal meeting. 

Location: Round Table Pizza, 10070 SW Barbur Blvd., near Capitol Hwy. (by McDonald’s).


This is an organizational and planning meeting, attended mainly by Board members, trip leaders, activity organizers etc., but it is open to all.  Anyone wanting to get more involved with the club is welcome.





Sandra, Elisabeth, and Larry



Early Signups

Normally, up till now, we have waited with trip signups until July 1st, for our new fiscal year.

But this time, we are making an exception! We will announce and open up our trips signups a month earlier, on May 30th.

One day only, at this annual Social and Elections night, you will also be able to sign up early for our ski trips!

So, bring a check for a trip deposit!



(Quarterly meeting & elections) 


May 30, 2019 (Thursday)

          6:30 - 9:00 pm


Location: Lucky Labrador Public House,

                 7675 SW Capitol Hwy., Portland.      See Google Map.


Food will be on the club. Just buy your own drink.


Everybody is invited! Come meet other club members, check out what’s new.


   * Socialize, mingle with other club members.
   * Free food (on the club), but buy your own drink.
   * Participate in electing our club officers.

   * Early bird TRIPS signups!


ELECTIONS: We will hold our annual club elections on this day, for President, Vice-presdient, Secretary and Treasurer. You can nominate someone and/or vote either by mail or email by sending your vote to info@mthigh.org, or vote in person this Thursday evening. Please send in your nominations right away to info@mthig.org.


If you are interested in joining the Mountain High Snowsports Club Board of Directors, there are four positions that we will be voting on:


President:           - No candidate yet -

Vice-President:   William (Bill) King (incumbent)

Secretary:           - No candidate yet -

Treasurer:           Nancy Pratt   (incumbent)


We are still open for nominations.  If anyone else wants to run, please notify our elections coordinator and past club president: Kurt Krueger at telek2@frontier.com  or  503-625-1492.


We have several appointed positions on our Board now: Social Activities Director, Trip Leaders, Newsletter Editor and Race Coordinator for Mt. High.  We especially need a Social Activities Director and Trip leaders.

Please let us know if you are interested in running for one of these 4 main Board positions, or for our vacant position as Activities Director, or possibly an additional Trip Leader.


If you would like to be a “Board Member at Large”, talk with Debbi Kor (our club president) about what you may have in mind.


Please RSVP if you are planning to come. 

RSVP by May 21 to Karen Michels at: skiklynn@gmail.com


Ballots will be available at the door. 
If you are unable to make the meeting,  please fill out this Word document ballot or the PDF file version, and email it to Kurt Krueger at telek2@frontier.com. Due date for mailed or emailed ballots is May 27. 

It's also possible to mail it to our PO Box 2182, Portland, OR 97208,, but please make sure it arrives by May 27th.





PACRAT elections will also be held at the same meeting. The following are elected positions for the PACRAT Board:

* President:          Peter Dodd (incumbent)
* Vice President: Geoff Mihalko (incumbent)
* Secretary:          Dan Lane (incumbent)
* Treasurer:         Virginia Collison (incumbent)

* Sponsorship Director: Meg Spillman  (incumbent)

* Membership Director: Mary Askew

* Party Director:   Ulla Brunette (incumbent)

* Race Director:   Greg Dilger (incumbent)

* Results Director: Dale Parshall (incumbent)

* Rat Patrol Director: Mark Conan (incumbent)
* Director-at-Large: Bob Lawrence 

* Past President: Andy Hobart

(All other Board positions are assigned by the President).
Also on the Board, but NOT elected, is the Immediate Past President. Appointed Positions are Director at Large - Chief Rat Patrol and Director at Large - General.


If you are interested in running for a PACRAT Board position for 2019-2020, please contact Peter Dodd at  president@pacrats.org. Please provide information on what position you would like to run for and why you are interested in doing so. He will be assembling the ballot. You will need to be at the meeting to say a few words about why you'd like to run and what you plan to do, or have someone else show up and speak on your behalf.  .

Who votes in PACRAT Elections? The clubs must decide on who gets to vote for the club. Usually it is the Team Captains, but in cases where there are more teams than votes available, only the number of votes designated for that club may be cast. ALL team captains CAN be there to caucus, but each club can only cast the proper number of votes:

* Mountain High = 5 votes
* Cascade = 3 votes
* Skiyente = 2 votes
* Schnee Vogeli = 2 votes
* Bergfreunde = 1 vote

Combined meeting & Elections



June 19, 2019 (Wednesday) - 6:00 pm.


A multi-club meeting, attended by representatives of several local ski clubs.. At least one representative from each club should attend. But also, the meeting is open to all club members.

Pizza will be provided; beverages no host.


Location: The Buffalo Gap, 6835 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97219


The focus of this meeting is ELECTIONS; both for NWSCC and PACRAT. Come learn the latest about what NWSCC is doing!

Join the leadership of the Council – serving on the board of directors is a great way to get involved in club, council and Far West Ski Association activities.  The board is made up of members from different clubs in NWSCC—bringing a variety of style and experience to the Council.  

All officer positions are open for one-year terms.  The following officers will be voted upon at the June meeting:
President:  Head of the Council Executive Board; represents NWSCC at Far West Ski Association board meetings and at National Ski Council Federation meetings.

Vice President:  Assumes duties of the president when needed and handles other duties as assigned.

Treasurer: Responsibility for Council financials.  Experience with bookkeeping software and GAAP necessary.

Secretary: Records Council minutes and correspondence as needed; keeps corporate records.

At-Large Director (two positions):  Duties as assigned by the President.  [Other directors will be appointed by the elected Board to fill the slate.]
Time involved:  Quarterly Council meetings; a monthly board meeting; other duties as assigned or as you volunteer to work on.   
If interested, please contact President@nwskiers.org for more information or to put your name on the ballot.  We need your input and support, and want YOU to consider serving on the Board!  

See the NWSCC bylaws (click HERE) for complete job descriptions.




Click here to see a map of the

route from Chehalis to Pe Ell.

What kind of bike?

Almost any kind of bike is OK, except those racing road bikes with thin tires.  The thicker tires, the better, because most of the trail consists of finely crushed gravel.

Are the roads closed to vehicle traffic?
Most of this ride will be on a trail that is closed to motorized use. We do cross a state highway and several county roads that remain open. We will have volunteers on hand to ensure everyone’s safety, including flaggers at the State Route 6 crossing at milepost 3. We ask that all riders use courtesy and pay close attention when it comes to interacting with drivers on roads.

How do I get my bags to my campout location?
Through a valued partnership with UPS, volunteers with UPS will load and unload your tents and luggage. Please pack lightly as you are allowed to bring one tent, sleeping bag/blanket, pillow, and one bag up to 20 pounds per rider. Fill out luggage tags color-coordinated with your destination at the check-in table, bring your luggage to the signed drop zone, and from there UPS will transport your luggage to your campout location. UPS will also bring back your luggage to the start/finish point the next day.

How hilly is the route?
The Willapa Hills Trail is a former railroad, and has been converted to a rail-to-trail with minimal elevation grades of 2 to 3 percent in varying spots. The only hills with measurable incline is at Doty, about 18 miles into the ride; and Pluvius, from mile 26 to 28. However, those inclines are gradual and easily rideable by people with any degree of ability.

Is there a capacity for the event?
Yes and no. Our camp locations have a limited number of campsites, but the number of people who can ride the trail is virtually unlimited. Rainbow Falls is limited to 250 campers, Willapa Hills Farm can handle 200, and the Bikepackers Special is open to 24 people.

What are the costs?

Adult Ride & Rainbow Falls Campout = $25

Dinner & breakfast at Rainbow Falls  = $15

Adult Ride & Willapa Hills Farm Camp = $30

Dinner & breakfast at Willapa Hills   = $15

Adult Ride - Saturday Only               = $20

Note: the campout fee doesn't include dinner or breakfast. That is an additional option. But each riding fee includes: an event T-shirt, all amenities and refreshments at checkpoints along the route, and entry to each Tour de Farms stop.

All proceeds from this event will go directly toward the work that needs to be done to extend this trail closer to the Pacific Ocean. There is a bridge that needs to be repaired, and perhaps some day the whole trail might be paved too.


Ride the Willapa bike ride

1 or 2 days from Chehalis to Pe Ell and beyond

with optional camping, dinner, and breakfast


June 22 - 23, 2019 (Saturday - Sunday). 

Back for its fourth year, Ride the Willapa is an all-ages and all-levels bike ride in the Chehalis River Valley of southwest Washington state. Providing a beautiful break from city life, Ride the Willapa brings people of all ages and abilities to the verdant Chehalis River Valley for a leisurely-paced bike ride on the Willapa Hills Trail, Washington state's newest rails-to-trails project.

Check in between 7 and 10 am, June 22, at the Veterans Memorial Museum in Chehalis,


This is not our club's event, but several of our members are eager to participate.  Everyone has to register for the ride and/or reserve their spot for the optional camping all on their own.  But, maybe we can coordinate with each other and ride as a group.

If you prefer to do this just as a single day bike ride (on Saturday), let's coordinate and carpool between Chehalis and Pe Ell, which is 22 miles one way.  If we carpool and leave some cars at both ends, then we don't  have to ride the same bike trial twice (there and back).

At the end of the ride, we can have lunch in Pe Ell. After that, we'll carpool back to Chehalis. 

The other option is to sign up for a camping spot and also the optional dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. 

Just remember that, whichever options you choose, you have to sign up on your own, directly at the "Ride the Willapa" website:  http://ridethewillapa.com/event-details/ 

The number of camping spots is limited, so hurry to sign up if you want to do the whole weekend.  But the number of day tickets is unlimited, if you want to do just the one day (Saturday).

Route Options

All rides start from the eastern terminus of the  the Willapa Hills Trail in historic Chehalis (west of I-5).  From there, you can ride as far as you wish and at your own pace.  There will be bathrooms (porta-potties) and aid stations along the way.  The options are:


Rainbow Falls Ramble (32 miles total)
This is the most popular option on the ride, especially for families with kids or novice riders just looking to enjoy the trail and the amenities and camping at Rainbow Falls State Park. It’s 16 miles one way and 16 back, and with the trail being virtually level grade the entire way, you can just relax and enjoy the ride without having to worry about much of anything.

Pedal to Pe Ell (45 miles total)

Make your way just a bit further than Rainbow Falls State Park and check out the Town of Pe Ell, complete with restaurants, a general store, coffee shop, and more. On the way, you’ll want to check out Willapa Hills Cheese and Jones Creek Brewing, which both are valued partners of Ride the Willapa and always welcome trail users.

Rock On to Rock Creek (56 miles total)
Explore the newest segment of the Willapa Hills Trail and venture into Pacific County for the first time at a Ride the Willapa event. A gentle ascent takes you to milepost 28 and the final crossing over Rock Creek, and our final checkpoint of the ride. The gravel ends here, and this option is perfect for people who want to explore the longest continuous stretch of completed trail along the Willapa.

Serious Riders Only (62 miles total)
Six more total miles — three out and three back — will take you to the Pluvius Hills, a relatively untouched area of trail that sees more wildlife than people traverse its length. Home to the steepest grade on the trail, this area is for mountain bikes and fat-tire bikes only as it is completely unimproved. The scenery more than makes up for the trail surface, though…this segment begs to be visited and enjoyed!

Feel free to sign up for any of these options.

The Mountain High Option  --  See Google Map

Some of us are planning to do it as a day ride from Chehalis to Pe Ell only, which is just 22 miles. If you choose this option, we can have lunch in Pe Ell,  but don't sign up for dinner or breakfast, which is really just for the campers.

For this option to work, we need to carpool between Chehalis and Pe Ell.  So, please contact one of our coordinators so we can plan this ahead.

We'll need to leave all our bikes in Chehalis, with someone to guard them, and then take all our cars to Pe Ell, and finally we all pack into just one or two cars to take us back to Chehalis.

It takes about 1.5 hours to drive from Portland to Chehalis.

It takes about 30 minutes to drive from Chehalis to Pe Ell.


Mt. High coordinators: 

Kurt Wilke,    kurt.wilke1844@gmail.com

John Davis,      hikedance@gmail.com

Emilio Trampuz,  Emilio2000@earthlink.net





Road sign just 2 miles before Government Camp.


Gathering in Skibowl's parking lot

Mt. High

Highway Cleanup

Our 14th cleanup.

June 29 , 2019

Saturday, 10am 


Our club has adopted a 2-mile section of Highway 26, mileposts 51-53.  We have been keeping it clean since 2010.


We'll meet in Mt. Hood Skibowl's parking lot at 10 am sharp. We'll do some good work for  2 hours.

Click on the map to enlarge.        

12:00 (noon) - approximately. The club will cover the cost of lunch either at the Brew Pub or at The Taco Shoppe in Government Camp. Let's replenish our energy and enjoy each other's company.    


Those who plan to help, need to go on-line with the State Highway Department, and just review the "rules of the road" so to speak. We used to have to watch a video, but that is no longer required. Now, you just need to read through the rules and instructions, and we can deal with the rest ourselves. Just go to:


and scroll down to the "Specific Requirements".  The "Applicant" is our club, and the Participants are all who show up on the day of the event.


Debbi will have the waivers we all need to sign on the day of the event.


RSVP to Debbi Kor at: ijustwannarun1@comcast.net or call 503-314-7078.






Learn a little more about some Mt. Hood trivia, including a map showing part of this tour in this PDF file posted in our History section.




Cascade Lodge


Mt. Hood Museum




Share this PDF file flyer with everyone.



Directions to Zig Zag Inn.

(Click on the image to enlarge it)






This event is completely free,

except for the optional lodging + dinner + breakfast package at the Cascade Lodge, which is only $50..


On Saturday, during the History Happy Hour presentation at the Mt. Hood Museum, donations to the Museum will be very welcome!

Mt. High club, Mt. Hood Museum, & Cascade Ski Club

Barlow Road - Mt. Hood area ruts & sites

Barlow Pass to Rhododendron

The event is free.

Optional lodging, dinner, and breakfast just $50.


August 31, 2019

 Saturday: 7:00:pm -- Barlow Road presentation at the Museum

 Sunday:   9:30 am -- Cyclists meet in Rhododendron

                10:00 am -- All meet at the Mt. Hood Museum in Govy.



Where exactly is the Oregon trail around Mt. Hood? How did the Oregon pioneers travel? What did they eat and drink? See the original wagon ruts.


The Mt. Hood Museum and Cultural Center is organizing this event as part of the celebration of the 176th anniversary of the Oregon Trail. The migration started in 1943.


Saturday evening, at 7:00 pm, Lloyd Musser, curator of the Mt. Hood Museum, will give a presentation with slides about the history of the Oregon Trail and of the Barlow Road, the first passage around Mt. Hood.

Sunday morning, starting at 10 am, there will be a field trip to visit all the historic sites. Participants can join any of 3 groups of people:
     a) Carpooling and hiking; - led by Lloyd Musser.
     b) Riding on road bikes - led by Emilio Trampuz
     c) Riding on mountain bikes - led by Lisa Miller.
All three groups will synchronize their movement and meet at all the important sites.


Carpooling/Hiking. There are just a few spots left in 2 cars with designated drivers for the hikers who will carpool. Once those spots are taken, the only other option for hikers is to drive their own cars, which might not work perfectly at a couple of places, including Laurel Hill, where the plan is for the hikers to be dropped off at the top of the hill and then - after hiking - picked p at the bottom of the hill.


Everyone with a bicycle should meet at the Zig Zag Inn in Zig Zag just a few minutes before 9:30 am


Zig Zag Inn is located on youre right just before the start of Lolo Pass Road. Turn into the parking lot before the Inn but then conntinue driving along a dirt road behind the Inn, circling to the back of the building and positioning your car in a single file facing toward highway 26. 

Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Once we are all there, we will leave a few cars there and then carpool first to the Museum in Government Camp, and then to Barlow Pass (about 5 more miles further east), where we will start the ride. At the end of the ride, we can have lunch and/or drinks at the Zig Zag Inn.


Bring a water bottle.  Bring a sandwich or some fruit, or at least an energy bar for a short lunch stop at Summit Meadows.


The whole ride will probably take about 4 hours or more, with frequent stops along the way.

This event is open to the general public, so bring a friend. It’s a unique opportunity to find out more about how the original Oregon pioneers came to Oregon.


On Sunday morning, the bike riders will meet at the Zig Zag Inn a few miinutes before 9:30 am.  They will leave some of their cars there and carpool in the other cars  to the Museum in Government Camp for the official event start at 10 am.  From there, we will all move on to Barlow Pass for the start of the field trip.


 At the end of the day, we'll gather at the Zig Zag Inn for some lunch or a drink.  Those who left their cars in Zig Zag will then give a ride to the drivers of the cars left at Barlow Pass..


This is a unique and historical ride, somewhat similar to what we have done in past years, but this time much more in depth.  Lloyd Musser will show us details and places we have not visited before. And Lisa Miller has recently discovered a part of the wagon route we didn't know about before.   Here are some highlights:


1. See the original Barlow Trail and even ruts left by the wagons...

2. See the Pioneer Woman's grave.

3. See the Pioneer Cemetery at Summit Prairie and hear the voice of Perry Vickers - who is buried there. Oh, yes, we'll hear him!

4. See exactly where and how the pioneers passed through what is today Government Camp and Skibowl.  The route is not where you might think it is..

5. See Laurel Hill, the steepest part of the historic Barlow Trail, so steep the pioneers had to lower their wagons with ropes, and tie trees to the back of the wagon to act as a brake. This hill is as steep as a double-black diamond ski trail, and yet the pioneers managed to get down it with their wagons!  Many have seen this steep chute from below, but let's experience it from above, the way the pioneers saw it.

6. Visit a tunnel built for horses.

7. See the Pioneers' Bridle Path trail.

8. See the tollgate replica at one of the several locations where toll was collected from pioneers arriving in Oregon. Many of the pioneers were outraged to have to pay for the privilege of traveling down "the worst road that ever was passed by wagons!"


Some of this may seem familiar. We've done something similar before. But, there will be lots of new stuff to see and experience this time.


Please contact the Mt. Hood Museum and/or Emilio, and let them know you are coming.  This is especially important if you are planning to carpool and hike. We need to make sure we will have enough cars for everyone.


Share this PDF file flyer with everyone.





Make it easy on yourself.  Instead of driving home after Saturday's presentation, stay the night at the Cascade Lodge in Government Camp. Even better, have dinner there before the evening presentation, and also breakfast on Sunday morning. 


The whole package: lodging, dinner and breakfast, costs just $50.  (NOTE: You need to bring your own sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag.)




Contact Emilio at Emilio2000@earthlink.net.or 503-510-1477, and let him know the following:

1.  Are you coming to the Saturday evening presentation only, or only to Sunday's field trip, ... or both?

2.  Are you staying the night at the Cascade Lodge?

3.  Will you hike/carpool, or use a road bike or mountain bike?

4.  If biking, do you have either:

     a)  A trailer to help transport bikes in the morning, .... or

     b)  A larger van or car that can transport the drivers of the other cars back up to Barlow Pass at the end of the day? ... or

     c)  Can you take on at least one passenger and one bike (other than your own) from Zig Zag to Barlow Pass in the morning?


Either way, everyone with a bike needs to stop at the Zig Zag Inn at or before 9:30 am.




For more info about this event, contact Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum, at 503-272-3301, info@mthoodmuseum.org  .


For info about the bike ride, contact Emilio, 503-510-1477, or Emilio2000@earthlink.net.

For lodging, dinner and breakfast at the Cascade Lodge, please RSVP by contacting Jon Waldum, President@cascadeskiclub.org , 503-577-2097. We need to know how many people to expect for dinner and breakfast.



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