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Canada Ski Safari 2005/06

Apex, Big White, Silver Star, Sun Peaks (BC)

plus: Stevens Pass and Mt. Baker (WA)


December 12-18, 2005.  Seven of us went on a road trip through Washington and British Columbia, in three separate cars: Mike and Diane in one car, Kurt and Emilio in another, and Janet, Sheridan and Julie in another. The weather was calm, mostly sunny, ... but cold, preserving the snow magnificently.


We shared the cost of gas and lodging. The total cost per person for Kurt and Emilio turned out to be  $355 for 6 days and 6 nights, including all lodging, transportation and lift tickets. That's an average of only $59 per person per day! And it was even less expensive for the women's car, because all expenses were divided by 3.  The only additional expense was for food.  For comparison, note that on any average ski trip, you will probably spend $100 - $150 per person per day.


We skied a different area each day:  Steven Pass (WA), Apex, Big White, Silver Star, Sun Peaks (British Columbia), and Mt. Baker (WA).


Jan, Julie, Kurt, Sheridan, Emilio at Skykomish, WA, on the ski safari to Canada, Dec. 2005.
Jan, Julie, Kurt, Sheridan and Emilio, on day 1 at Skykomish, WA

Sheridan and Emilio with Santa Claus at Steven Pass, WA.
Santa says Sheridan and Emilio have been good this year.


Mike, Diane, and Emilio at Big White, B.C., Canada, Dec. 2005.
Mike, Diane, and Emilio at Big White

Mike Henness at Big White, Canada.
Mike finds the new glades at Big White!


Mike Henness and Diane Zhitlovsky at Big White, Canada.
Mike and Diane playing at Big White

Mike, Julie, Kurt, and Diane at Big White, Canada, Dec. 2005.
Mike, Julie, Kurt and Diane at Big White


Nearly full moon sets over Sun Peaks early in the morning.

Mike Henness being take down in a sled by ski patrol at Sun Peaks, Canada, Dec. 2005.
In the afternoon, Mike has an accident on a bumpy black diamond


Mike Henness schlepped by ski patrol at Sun Peaks, Canada, 2005.
It was steep. That's the Sun Peaks village below.

Mike Henness with ski patrol in Sun Peaks, Canada, 2005.
Mike gives a victory sign as 3 patrollers work on him.


Kurt Krueger at Silver Star, B.C., Canada, Dec. 2005.
Kurt finds a friendly tree, among all that powder at Silver Star!

Kids remove rocks off the slopes with hockey-sticks (Silver Star).

Emilio Trampuz with Santa Claus at Mt. Baker, WA  Dec. 2005.

Emilio gets to ride the chairlift with Santa (at Mt. Baker)!


Kurt Krueger with Santa Claus at Mt. Baker ski area, WA, Dec. 2005.
Come to Santa, Kurt!  Mt. Shuksan towers in the back (at Mt. Baker)

Kurt Krueger at Mt. Baker ski area, WA, Dec. 2005
Kurt skis the canyon at Mt. Baker.


Kurt Krueger at Mt. Baker ski area, WA, Dec. 2005.
Kurt, half-way down the canyon at Mt. Baker

Kurt, Julie, Sheridan, Jan, and Emilio at Mt. Baker, WA, Dec. 2005.
Kurt, Julie, Sheridan, Janet and Emilio at Mt. Baker.


Kurt Krueger enjoying panorama at  Mt. Baker ski area, WA.

Kurt at Mt. Baker




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